The Program

Nina had been locked up in the tiny room for three days straight, with a chastity belt fitted with a short 5 inch dildo inside of her. For the period during ‘orientation’, a daily meal consisting only of vegetables and rice laden with drugs had been her diet to keep her horny and alive. For all new comers to the secret grooming whorehouse, what she went through was considered the easiest mode.

Sold to the brothel by her boyfriend, she was dying to get an orgasm from the teasing, only to be ignored in the soundproof room. In the morning of the fourth day, the door finally opened to the fresh air she had been missing out on.

Man: ‘Are you ready?’
Nina: ‘Yes yes, please take it off me. I want to cum.’

She obediently changed her bedsheets to new ones brought by the man and laid on top, watching him lock her limbs before he undid the belt. The dildo came off her at last but she could not move with the restraints on, patiently waiting for them to let her get off.

A few minutes of texting on the man’s phone, a guy in his twenties entered. Nina could see the penis cage clearly and that look on the guy’s face was in agony. Jordan too, was a forced sex worker and he had ended the initiation process at the same time as Nina.

Man: ‘You two will spend a day together, I will come again during lunch.’

The door cocked shut and Nina asked him to go over. She fiddled on the lock of his cage and could not do anything to ease his pain. Apart from helping him, what she really wanted was for him to get her off.

Nina: ‘What’s your name?’
Jordan: ‘I’m Jordan. From Singapore.’
Nina: ‘I’m from Russia. Nina. How long have you been locked up?’
Jordan: ‘Three days. Your vagina.. They fed you the drugs too?’

He had noticed the redness of it along with the constant leaking of juices, as though she had been in a sexual mood since. In that metal cage around his dick, the hard on was almost deep red in colour and was pressing against the metal grills tightly.

Nina: ‘I think we are in the same boat now. Can you help masturbate me? I need to cum really badly.’

The tears in her eyes swelled up till it rolled down her cheeks, and Jordon went over to her, using his fingers to rub her clit. The relieve came so softly and gentle that she wished it would last longer. The massage quickly sent her body trembling as an orgasm came, unlike the usual long period of teasing she needed. Then again, her body was just looking forward to this.

A couple of minutes later, she let off a soft moan as her hips shook violently, squirting fluids over the bed. Jordan had then left her bed and gone to a corner, clutching his dick as his hard on grew bigger. At that instant, the little flap on the door opened and a voice came through, asking for his dick. A pair of hands entered and unlocked his cage, freeing his manhood from torture. Their lunch came at the same time and it was a pair of round white pill, unseen before.

Nonetheless, they swallowed the pills together and felt fuller, with a growing sexual urge. In no time, Jordan had gone between her legs and adjusted the under-bed leg straps higher, to raise her knees so she would widen them. Nina had only one sex experience but the energy from Jordan soon infected her raging hormones.

His dick thrust into her causing a sharp pain and the continuous pounding soon eased the pain. Before they knew what was happening, he was already ramming hard and deep into her, jolting erotic pleasure through her brain. She came easily from his pounding and was in a semi-trance state, moaning for him to keep going.

Jordan couldn’t control his body at all and pumped harder, only to go into a berserk mode when his load poured generously into her pussy. Still hornified, Nina’s demand to keep fucking her was unneeded, for he was still full of life and thrusting. A beep sound came from her cuffs and her arms and legs freed themselves. Very quickly, Jordon flipped her into doggie and took her rear really hard.

As she lost hold of herself, she got addicted to the intense orgasms that would not be possible without the drugs. Drifting in and out of consciousness, Nina simply begged him to keep fucking her for as long as he could. Between lunch and dinner, he was inside of her 90% of the time and when he was not doing her, she would be riding him.

Dinner was served at the exact time they ate everyday in isolation and this time, it was two burgers, with a plastic cup of thick, honey like substance. The voice through the hole ordered him to apply it over his dick and he followed the instructions. Right after gobbling down the burgers, he dipped his rod into it and sat on the bed, panting from the light-headed feeling going through his head.

In under a minute, Nina’s eyes started rolling white and an animalistic nature took over. She crawled on her fours like a dog until her nose was right in front of his dick. Her mouth took the whole thing in without hesitation and sucked on it, cleaning the honey off it. And when he saw his dick sucked dry, she was still going at it, gagging deep throat at his rod hungrily.

Jordan fell onto his back as the girl got fiercer, shoving her face in his groin. Although he had been feeling pitiful for her, her mouth was doing such a good job that he just enjoyed himself at the expense of her. After ten minutes of non-stop mouth fuck, his hips jerked uncontrollably and the tiny load exited from his pee hole, right into the lips that was waiting for it.

As soon as she tasted the cum, Nina came back to her senses and saw what she had been feasting on.

Nina: ‘What just happened?’
Jordan: ‘They asked me to apply that cup of liquid on my dick. And you just went out of control for it. How are you feeling?’
Nina: ‘I don’t know. It felt like I came non-stop for the last fifteen minutes.’

Jordan couldn’t bear to tell her the truth and hugged her in the bed, until they both fell asleep. That night, a hand reached through the food hole and sprayed something into the air, causing them to awaken. Once again, like sex-starved kids, they were humping through the night, filling the room with orgasms and ejaclulate, marking their success going through the ‘freshmen orientation’.

The next day, Nina woke up to find herself in a hospital bed, a needle through her arm to a machine. And beside her, was Jordan, soundly asleep unharmed, also plugged in the machine between the two beds.

Man: ‘How are you feeling?’
Nina: ‘Good? What happened?’
Man: ‘Nothing. Congratulation,’
Nina: ‘For?’

The man got up from his seat as the white painted door opened, with a man in suit standing outside. In the silence, she could hear their composed but happy sounding conversation.

Man (speaking calmly): ‘We have successfully replicated the ‘Inception’ program. Subjects showed no signs of physical damage, but with 100% psycho reconfiguration success.’

Jordan woke up shortly after and found the familiar girl next to him, confused at what he just went through.

Nina: ‘I think our nightmare has just begun.’

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