No Matter Where

‘I’m sorry I don’t have a better spot than this.’

The sweet sixteen year old sat on the stairs of her condo in her shirt and skirt, stripping her panties off her legs in front of her date ten years older than her. Besides the unexpected date at a posh restuarant, he was giving off a vibe she found worthy to sacrifice anything for, just to keep him thinking about her.

Just as she was done unzipping his pants to take his cock out, he stopped her approaching mouth and laid her slowly on the steps. He took two steps away from her and went down on his knees, opening her knees wide enough to fit his head into.

‘Hey. You have done enough for me tonight.’

‘Except something to let me remember you by, right?’

She felt his fingers split the sticky labia apart and then followed by his tongue, that licked her up and down across her sensitive clit that was too desperate to get some attention from him. Kelly did not hold back her moans when he started tasting her sweet juices, letting him on the kinky side of her he had earned from the whole evening of mind-blowing gentlemanliness.

He did not let her hands go anywhere near the both of them, placing those lips of his around her pussy to suck and tease till she was in shivers. There was no telling how much she was enjoying it especially when a man isn’t afraid to get dirty, somewhat matching her growing need to get a pair of hands on her body.

When he increased his tempo flicking on her limp clit, she slapped her palms across her thighs to hold them open while an orgasm caused an extra load of fluid to gush out from her gap. The awkward expression on her was missed when he decided to lick everything up, and swallowing loud enough for her to hear his willingness to please.

Finally, after he left her breathless on the quiet stairwell, he took his seat next to her with a smile she did not see for the whole night. To come face to face with a man who would please before getting pleased, was totally mesmerising to her.

Next was her turn, to sit between his legs and give that elongated manhood a few strokes before she felt it twitch strongly in her hand. As a matter of fact, he did not expect to go this far with someone on the first date, and he was secretly eager to see what she could do with that erection.

When she started kissing the sides, he was already groaning from the surprise he never received from anyone before. The gasp came when she cupped her lips over the swollen little head, glowing with redness and vigour for someone his age – and size. Her head wasted no time to sink all the way down and held its place for a few seconds to really push him overboard.

‘Can you stop there?’

‘What’s wrong?’

He asked her to stand up climb over his legs, where his dick was pointed upwards right at her groin.

‘Sit on my lap.’

Having no other way to straighten her legs on the stairs, she went down in a squat over his dick and felt it pierce right through her urges. That thing of his was even bigger inside her and she was getting all the spasms trying to fit him nicely.

He had hugged her in a position that left her ass away from him but was sufficient to thrust, going in deep and thick into her small pussy. The pleasure she was getting, kept her leaking over his shaft into his zipper. When her ass accidentally tapped his groin, a soggy pair of undies landed on her inner thighs. That was how wet she was.

As the night faded away to his strenuous jabs, he was slowly down from the load building up in his balls, partly due to her tightness that was constricting on his cock.

‘You haven’t came yet right?’

‘I did! Once.’

She took over the bouncing and slammed her body on his, driving his cock so deeply for a few strokes before he suddenly held her down. The painful look on his face was priceless when she knew she had him in her hands. His cum came out squirting into her pussy in tight embrace, channeling all her energy to milk him dry. The noises he made when he came was so cute that she couldn’t resist riding him for a while more.

When he finally raised her off his dick, he was already soft and the load inside her almost dripped if not for her squeezing it close. She wore her panties back and left it hang loose under her groin before relaxing, having him watch the slimy white liquid flow out of her before she slipped her panties on.

‘So will you want to see me again?’

‘Yes. Tomorrow if you are free.’

So, their next date was set and they went for a simpler dinner around her place. Then to the same floor for their before-home activity.

Ten years, will you?

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