Night to Forget

Stuck to her mesmerising gaze, Paul’s mind had turned itself off when all he wanted to do was to check if Rachael had fallen asleep, only to see her eyes watering to the stars above. The choice to embark on a unguided trip to a lesser known location caught them by surprise when the beach front resort turned off all the lights among those unoccupied apartments, giving them the freedom to roam anywhere in the dark at their own risk.

At the end of the boardwalk, the newly wed couple laid peacefully on the polished wood, staring at the gorgeous display of stars acknowledging their existence. After all, how many of us gets to enjoy a moment of silence, let alone having a night all to oneself without the first world problem of an always-on internet connection.

Out there, there was nothing else except the sea, and each other.

‘Baby.. ‘

He rotated onto his side to admire the graceful contours of her unique sharp nose, and an alluring thin, pink lips. How they ended up this far, was a mystery he has yet to figure out. Having a girlfriend that was always hit on, approached to be an escort, her confidence and determination gave him a sense of security he couldn’t understand how.

‘You are just going to look at my lips?’

She placed a hand on his cheek and brought him nearer, gently stamping his lips on hers. When she opened slightly to take him nearer, her tongue approached to moisten their contact, swiping around till he did the same to her. She had willingly let him use her as a bolster on the decently clean deck, his knee somewhat pushing against her groin that she spread wide for.

As it was late at night, they just went out in their swimwear, though she had a knitted coverup for her bikini outfit. He quickly moved his hand under the top and untied the knot behind her halter top, freeing her breasts for him to feel the softness.

Sweet moans began playing into his ears as he executed his ‘massage’ on her, kneading them lightly while playing with those pointy nipples. He did not know what she saw in him that made her so glued, but it was strong, whatever it was. She reached over blindly to his bulge and held that little ‘hill’ in her fingers, squeezing that tip hard to hear him groan and shiver next to her.

‘Hey.. ‘

‘Getting sensitive?’

‘Duh.. ‘

Rachael gave him a wink and raised both her feet into the air, stripping her bottoms off in his astonished face. Not only he had never done it outdoors, he certainly did not expect her to be so open. She caught his stoned hand and led him between her legs, pushing a finger into those wet folds to further surprise him. For the whole time they were together, he was always the one initiating, not because she was shy, but because he didn’t want her to appear desperate. If there has to be a horny fucker in their relationship, he would gladly take the title.

Despite the shock Paul was in, his fingers were moving on their own across the wet slit, spreading ‘love’ all over her clit to help with the fondling he was about to start on. Using his fingertips, he joined them into a group and started to tickle. The electrifying jolts got her shaking on the planks and her knees were opening and closing on their own, trying their best to get accustomed to the random movements which he knew she would never be able to.

Her hand on his pants dived into the shorts and did not wait for him to take them off before attacking his cock, pumping it up and down only to make him go faster.

‘Shit.. how do I stop you?!’

‘That’s for you to figure out.’

She suddenly grabbed his shaft and planted her thumb over his little head, rubbing like the toilet paper game on iOS to reach the ‘end’. Paul completely lost his mind when she did that and was finally thrashing around to her handjob. He lost his rhythm instantly and proceed to slide two of his fingers into her pussy, splitting that pelvic bone apart with her unprepared vagina that was suddenly intruded by those thick, coarse sticks.

It was her turn to lose grip of his member, followed by a hard slam back onto the platform. He had gained control over her with his deep thrusts, also due to the slight curve he made inside her. For the first time, he managed to ‘scoop’ viscous liquid out of her pussy and into the waters, right over the deck. Her mind was flashing like a broken traffic light, psychedelic lines spinning in huge waves, broadcasting the audio feed through the painful sounding moans.

He went all out despite his aching fingers to drive her crazy, before the lights went out and her head dropped back loudly on the solid planks. The violent fingering slowed down to a stop before he pulled those sticky fingers out of her, getting a break to recover from the hurting knuckles.

Beyond all that, there was nothing more beautiful than seeing his cutie lie breathless, under the calming moonlight that did not overwhelm the shining stars sharing the same sky. A smile stretched across his face and down he went to his relaxed state, holding her cold hand with his loving one.

‘So.. you’re not going to do me here?’

‘Can we do it in the room?’

‘I’m going to sleep once I go back. So.. ‘

‘Fine! You just asked for it.’

He got up in a fit of excitement and held her ankles high, spinning her around to let her hair hang over the edge of the deck, still safely elevated from the sharks, if any. His knees knocked loudly under her bum and her knees were pushed to her chest with his elbows. His hips auto-docked his cock outside her pussy and, a single jab, send her whining in a hoarse voice to the ocean.

The strokes tore through her recovering vaginal walls and filled her sexual urges to the brim, if there was ever such a limit. He pounded her eyes white within a few seconds, leaving her with little sanity to do any dirty talks. The earlier symptoms of uncontrollable juices started splashing at his balls again, going totally wild once he used his thumb to work her swollen clit.

Paul spent a few more minutes in the intense missionary before he yankd his dick out of her disappointed body. He swiftly folded her legs to one side and picked her hips up, swapping positions in their record time.

This time, he hugged her from behind while he let his enraged cock slip inside her, plumping up her ass to go really deep. Thrusting against her back, the gentle curve of his manhood triggered another set of pleasure that sent her rocking back and forth on him, almost turning the doggy into a reversed cowgirl if not for his strong calves.

Their combined effort moving in the opposite direction blew their known limits off the charts. The enclosing tightness he was penetrating soon got the better of him after another orgasm went off, making it his turn to beg for mercy.

The moment he froze his movements in confusion, she slammed her ass down his cock and accidentally unleashed the white angels, forcing him to hold her down and making his last thrust.

There are no words to describe how complete, blissful she was when the love travelled up her vagina. It promptly set off another wave of soothing orgasm that milked him for a few more times, before he shrunk out of her.

The exhausted boy just laid quietly while Rachael sat up fully awakened, losing herself once again to the overcrowding sky of stars which her eyes had adjusted to. They spent the rest of the night back in their room, barely saying a word as they exchanged kisses to sleep.

To lose oneself in lust, to someone you love, without restraints for passionate sex. Let the demons in us, meet.

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