(He asked) ‘What are you doing at my place?’

‘I just want to apologise in person for breaking up with you.’

‘You don’t have to. It’s over.’

(She suggested) ‘Can we talk in your room?’

Alicia lead the way into her ex’s room and sat in her usual corner of the bed, looking serious and lost at the same time. Ryan pulled his blanket over himself waiting for her to tell him what she wanted to, making her miss the scent of his sheets when she saw him took a sniff from it.

(She said) ‘I missed you.’

‘So? I don’t get it. I’m not going to get emo all over again.’

‘No! I’m not trying to make you feel bad.’

She peeled her cardigan off and let his eyes settle on her lean shoulders, thin shoulder straps highlighting the collarbones protruding out above her push-up bust. The romper she wore was fitting her figure perfectly and he just couldn’t resist imagining if she wore matching panties with that red bra straps slipping off her arms.

‘Are you done? I want to sleep now.’

‘Let’s sleep together again? Like in the past.’

Alicia crawled to the part of his bed against the wall and laid peacefully on his pillow, breasts drooping to one side as she turned to him. He took his place in front of her and gently pulled her bra straps off her elbows, and let her do the rest of the work stripping her bra off.

His hands instantly found their way to her cups the moment she flung her bra to the foot of the bed, allowing him to pull her top down to warm her cold nipples that had been thinking about him more often than she should. She still remembered how hard he could get just from playing with her boobs, and that unforgettable scent of his cock..

All it took was a little more teasing on her nipples to get her hand into his shorts, fumbling around that thick tool which was making her thoughts go wild. After he was done playing with her tits, he shifted to the centre of the bed and removed his shorts completely, holding her hair and nudging her a little to get his hint across.

Being together for two years, she knew what he wanted and sat between his legs, stroking that cock right next to her small face with imaginary sex already happening. She wasted no more time and took his cock into her hungry mouth, sucking first on the tip, and slowly sliding her lips lower and lower as saliva lubricated the way.

She would have one hand caressing his balls as he fidgeted randomly on the bed, to her tongue flicks around all his sensitive spots. The journey back to their old days were relived in a flash when she bobbed her head up and down fast, keeping him at the edge for a more intense orgasm later.

(She whispered) ‘is that good?’

‘I missed that a lot.’

Upon hearing that, she fell back into his arms and let him guide her under his body, legs spreading naturally around his waist. The strong hips lowered itself along with the throbbing meat penetrating into her vagina, splitting those long neglected walls a good scrub between with those grooves and kinks lining his shaft.

Everything they had done before, kinky or not, resurfaced in their heads as his hips thrust, filling her up with the love he had given but rejected. The warmth of her pussy reminded him of the woman he loved inside out, of her body and of the comfort of their beds.

She was moaning for him the whole time, responding appropriately to each of his strokes that felt so different yet similar in depth and speed. His cock was being massaged by the involuntary squeezes happening, tipping him over the edge as the sex intensified in each others’ arms.

The five full minutes of mindless pounding soon brought her to her first orgasm, at the same time as his. The tightening tunnel of love around his shaft, both of them knew it was their time – again.

‘Gonna cum now.’

Ryan spoke in the calmest tone ever and jutted his hips harder, while she dug her nails into his back pinning her down. The gentle waves began flooding her pussy with his thick cum, fulfilling her sexual needs knowing he still had her in his mind. Her orgasm drifted into the picture during the last few squirts, making him moan like a girl when it got extra sensitive everywhere.

The two ex-lovers stayed motionless as their fluids mixed into a slimy blend, which they were given a treat to when she scooped a huge blob out of her vagina. She then stuck her stained fingers into her mouth and licked them clean, for a few times till she couldn’t get anymore out.

Like back to their past, they got dressed and left his house for dinner, skipping her bra so he could bask in envious, lecherous eyes while she held his arms walking around the neighbourhood.

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