Married People

‘Hi, I’m Alvin.’

The mother of one was shaking when she saw the well-groomed man, taking his seat opposite her. Like what he had asked her to wear, she went to the restaurant in a spag top and flare skirt, panty-less and braless but with nipple stickers on. He could totally make out the full bosoms of her chest and was smiling gladly when he knew she listened.

They had a candlelit dinner and finished off with the signature tiramisu, before he walked her to his car that was parked some distance away. Jolene knew what she had signed up for especially when they found each other on a dating site, both married, and having kids of their own.

As he drove off to a different place for their tryst, she had began lifting her skirt above her waist, showing him the moist pussy that had been waiting all night. After she was done, his zipper went down while he focused on the road, leaving her to bend over the gearbox to take his cock in her mouth.

For a housewife whom had not gotten any sex in a long time, she kept her lips tightly pressed for every of her strokes up and down. That thick cock was twitching so wildly along with his manly groans, spreading the scent of saliva and pre-cum all over the car. For the occasional treat, she went deep throat for a few seconds to hear him gasp, before lifting her head away with the excess saliva.

‘We’re here.’

The engine went into dormant state once the car was parked, and it was his turn to reach for her pussy that was almost dripping on his car seat.

‘To the back?’

He asked out of politeness, but she made him go over first. With his pants dropped to his knees, he waited for Jolene to climb to the back and she just straddled on top of him. The eagerness was almost exploding out of her when she grabbed his dick and raised her hips a little. Slowly, she sat over his raw cock and clenched his shoulders to accommodate that thickness her husband never had.

‘Gosh. You’re tight.’

‘I’m small size to begin with.’

She placed both her feet on the seat and remained in a squatting position, while he jerked his hips up and down to get things started. How could a fully grown man be able to take a pussy five years younger? His agonising expressions were turning her on even more as she took over the ride when he stopped for a break.

‘Hey hey. Let’s try another position.’

He slid himself from behind and opened the door, stepping out into the sparsely occupied multi-storey carpark. He got her into doggy in the car while his naked butt remained outside. Locating her pussy in a flash, he sank his meat back into her and made her moans audible from afar. The hard butt slaps echoed around their little corner.

The slight thrill of being ‘half’ in public got her really wet and she was getting tighter without realising. He too, was moving so fast her mind was fading to a blank. The deepest, longest strokes came when she suddenly collapsed on the seat, chest grinding against the leather as her glut muscles shivered wildly in front of him.

Her vagina closed in on his cock for the orgasm, which also triggered his load to happen right inside her. He shoved his dick in for the last time and stayed motionless as everything flowed like a ruptured dam. The involuntary contractions of her vagina squeezed his cum out of their joined genitals, dripping safely onto the floor.

When he pulled it out of her, she crawled back into the car and Alvin followed suit. They took their time to clean up before he drove her to a safe distance for the walk home. Of course, not before they plan another date to make up for lost time.

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