Korea Import

*knock knock*

‘Hey. Awake?’

‘Yeah. Why?’

Sook came into my room and closed the door behind her, leaving me in complete darkness before I felt her presence climbing onto my bed. The 21 year old Korean student just moved in a week ago and that seven days with her was filled with suggestive thoughts when she strutted around the house in tight shirts, tank tops, loose shorts, and even a few times in her panties.

My parents had offered the daughter of their colleague a low rent to see through her studies, but there was something about her that night that scared me a little. I felt her butt sitting down on my lap after she weigh the mattress down, a warm cameltoe grinding my groin till I had a painful erection going on.

As my eyes readjusted to the temporary blindness when she opened the door, she was right on time when she fell over my chest, hands pinning my wrists above my head. Lips then began pecking down my neck, going to my bare chest to my nipples.

The slight odour of alcohol shone some light on what was happening but she was hitting me on all the right spot to make me weak. Her kiss-like suckle got me moaning and she continued pecking over my belly, before she slid her ass to my calves. Cold air from the air-conditioner blew into my boxers when she pulled it open, and just proceeded to take my cock in her mouth.


Sook sank her lips across my shaft to the base and held her position for a few seconds, draining all the air from my lungs before she lifted her mouth slowly up to let air back into my head. I couldn’t do anything to her then but could sense the slight wriggle on my ankle, using that part of me to pleasure herself while at it.


Her hair flicked across my hips and I could tell she was staring me right in the eyes. Her knees got off the bed and the impression that she was stripping her panties off became real when she glided my cock under her raw pussy. Yes, she was shaved.

She shifted herself to my abs and gently slid herself backwards, taking my dick into her pussy in an unhurried pace. The feeling was so warm and wet once I got my full length inside her, reminding me of how much I missed being wanted.

Sook then went on to ride me wildly as if to make up for some lost emotions, moaning crazily in the tiny piece of privacy we owned. I simply let her did what she wanted till I couldn’t take her increasing tightness anymore.

‘You’re too tight Sook! I can’t last much longer!’

She brought her feet to the sides of my hips and bounced really hard on my pelvis, giving her all till I was groaning in agony. That was it. I was at my own mercy and let time be the relieve to my exploding balls that pumped all its load into her when she didn’t want to stop.

The hyped up girl was going non-stop with cum leaking out of our genitals, lasting for a full minute before she collapsed on me panting and savouring her own orgasm that shook her gently in my arms.

We laid there after she was done and that master bedroom I lived in became ours. As for the coming days, we took turns to make meals for each other depending on our schedule, but never did we went a night without passionate love making around the house.

Gradually, I realised, that she had been video calling her boyfriend back in Korea and having cyber sex. I AM the result of the long distance sex that they had been trying to do to satisfy their needs – but to no avail.

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