Katlyn’s Bruise

‘So you’re sending me to here?’

‘I guess so.’

Katlyn walked ahead of me along the corridor to her flat right at the end, still shaking her butt underneath that oversized t-shirt I had spent most of dinner trying to figure out what she was wearing under. The sight of the loose shorts did send my mind wandering for a bit but there was no denying the hard on in my shorts when her sling bag accidentally raised her shirt too high, revealing her butt cheeks for a peek.

When she walked past the stair landing midway, I just ran up to her and pulled her into the stairwell, leading her two floors higher. The confused girl was already putting up a fight when I pinned her against the wall where a window faced the kitchen-laundry-hanging side of the flat. Having enough of her teasing body language, I gave in to my urges and decided to take whatever she could offer.

The first thing I did was to raise her shirt over her boobs, to grab that firm B cups in my hands. Each time her voice got too loud, I would squeeze them hard to let her know I was not just playing with her. Well, I was, in a way, playing but with an objective in mind. Katlyn learned how to keep quiet after a while and I was left to enjoy the softness of those perky tits, pinching her nipples randomly to hear the sensual moans of unwillingness trying not to enjoy the process.

Once both her nipples were hard, I slipped one hand into her shorts and realised there wasn’t any underwear. What a slut! The gap between her legs were warmly moist when I touched it but it quickly got wet once I rubbed her clit fast, bringing the both of us to our knees as she tried to spread her legs wider.

The response from her was so mixed I had no idea if she wanted it or not. It was only when I wriggled my finger into her pussy did she moan a ‘yes’ for me, as if I finally got one thing right. Great, so she actually wanted it. We were soon falling to our butts as she leaned back on me, enjoying or suffering from the boob massage and clit rub.

After both my hands grew tired of just pleasing her, I shoved her back forward into doggy and pulled her shorts down to her knees in one swift move. She instantly reached for her shorts to wear them back but I was even quicker to kneel on them.


Her struggle to break away from the rape that was going to happen became real, that I had to land a slap across her ass to warn her. Running my fingers up her pussy from behind her, I concluded that she was wet enough – for my cock. My berms came down in a flash and my cock was making its way through her vagina along with a bit of fight from her.

When I finally reached the deepest spot I could do, she had given up resisting and was finding her balance on her hands. I held her waist tightly and plunged my cock into her, executing the hardest and deepest thrusts I had ever done in the wrongness I had no turning back from. It was all straight up violent sex from then on, ramming my cock so fast into that tightening pussy of hers.

Instead of detecting any resistance from her, all I could hear was her muffled moans she was trying to control. Did she want to be fucked but not made it known? Wouldn’t I be satisfying her fantasies instead of ruining her? Whatever it was, anything in the positive light was making this rape less damaging.

As time past, her juices were causing squishy noises and I was about to lose my control over my orgasm as well. Do I care if she came? Not at all. I held her back down close to her ground and jerked my hips at her, making rapid, shallow jabs to really push my dick head into overdrive.

A few minutes later, I was at my wits end and was about to blow my load when she suddenly started trembling in small vibrations. I slid my cock right in and felt her pussy squeezing me tight, aiding my cum that was pouring out into her like no tomorrow. Her body was instinctively slamming backwards on me to get her own orgasm and she just exploded with a moan that scared the hell out of me.

For that one moment, I could sense our bodies connected in harmony, both overwhelmed but the climax of the night. Since I came before her, I was done earlier and pulled my flaccid cock out, leaving droplets of organic syrup between her legs. Out of convenience, I wore her shorts back for her before helping her up, sending her to her doorstep and making my escape.

When I got home, the app we met on loaded a few unread messages from her. It was all about how I didn’t do enough a good job and left her horny on her own at her house. Well, I guess I could make it up another time.

Or just sneak into her room to continue where I abruptly ended.

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