But Nicole

‘Hey kor kor, is May home yet?’

‘Nope. I think she will only be back at 3pm.’

‘Then can I wait for her here?’

‘Sure. Water?’

My sister’s friend who lived nearby came for her but she had stayed in school for consultation. The 17 year old Nicole came over in a halter bra and tank dress, loose enough for me to peep right through the huge gaps. Still, being her so called ‘kor’, I couldn’t bring myself to have any dirty thoughts about her.

After I came out of my computer room to check on her, she was no longer in the living room and was in my sister’s room. I wasn’t exactly surprised since they were very close, until she appeared with a vibrator in her hand looking shocked at me.

‘Uh. I just need to wash this.’

‘You’re not using her toys are you?’

‘Sigh. Can you don’t tell her about it? I don’t mean to use her stuff.’

She caught my hand and led me back into my room, sitting on the bed in an unnerving mood. I could tell why she was so worried, but sex toys are meant to be personal. It’s not just washing that needed to be done to sanitise it.

‘Can I keep that back in her room for you?’


I put the toy away back into my sister’s drawer and went back to Nicole, who was making herself comfortable against the headboard. I crawled to her side and she opened her arm to let me sit next to her, while pulling up her shirt to show me the blue panties she wore.

‘Do you know how to please a girl?’

‘Of course. I’m ten years older than you.’

‘Can you do it to me?’

‘Our age gap.. ‘

‘I don’t really mind.’

She adjusted her hair to one side and pulled the elastic waistband of her panties open, except that I didn’t just put my hand inside. Instead, I went to her feet and removed her panties entirely, faced with a trimmed pussy that had soft, fine hair. The excitement lit her face up immediately and she laid flat on the bed, opening her legs to my advances going under her groin.

‘What are you going to do first?’


I placed my belly on the bed and gave her pussy a swipe of my tongue, coincidentally collecting some juices that had lined that gorgeous slit. Her chest rose and fell while I continued to eat her out, kissing that clit before giving it a long stroke up and down. My lips took that sensitive spot for a nibble till she was moaning loudly, driving me crazy tasting the extra juices leaking out of her.

After a while of intense oral sex, I went to her side and used my fingers, to enter that tight hole she was about to fill with that dildo earlier. The moment she started calling my name, I knew it felt better than the vibrating toy, able to go in and out deeply where it totally blew her mind.

The loose shorts I wore around the house greeted her hand when she stuck one inside, fumbling for my dick that was more than glad to receive some attention.

‘How many girls have you fucked?’


‘So you know how to have sex?’


I knew what she was hinting at when she bit her lips, hurrying me to lie on top of her with my cock head position at her pussy. I took my time to push my cock into her wet pussy, watching her every groan and twitch as her virginity was lost to the throbbing rod. There wasn’t any blood since she had been fingering herself all the time, and the seal around my shaft, was barely manageable once I got my full length inside.

‘You’re tight.’

‘I know right. That’s why I couldn’t get more than two fingers in. You are about three fingers wide.’

So, that was my purpose. Was I going to just be her sex toy? I perched myself up by straightening my arms, raising my hips high enough before I let go and slammed it right into her. Her breathless pants came as soon as I started to pound her senseless, raping that virgin with all that was worth. We couldn’t hear anything else besides our heavy breathing, and some name callings when she climaxed over my balls.

‘Fuck yeah. This is better than anything!’


My door swung open while I was lying flat on her with my dick buried deep, to see my sister frozen in shock to see her best friend fucking her brother. Nicole just wrapped her legs around my back and forced me to continue, unable to stop this addictive sex we were doing.

While my hips resumed thrusting into that friend of my sister, she closed the door behind her and stood in the corner watching us. Nicole’s face was on her the whole time I rammed mindlessly, part guilty and part pleasurable. Her mouth began to open wider as an orgasm approached, till she suddenly bit her lips and groaned into the room.

‘Are you cumming too?’

‘No. I think I’m done here.’

‘No you’re not. Lie down on the bed.’

I rolled over to an empty side and watched her turn to me to carry out a handjob. Nicole added some saliva as lube and just pumped me till I was cumming, which did not take long after what her pussy did to me. When I blew my load over her hand in front of my sister, Nicole was just in smiles and even went down on my dick like a melting ice cream to lick up everything dribbling from the sides.

Once we were done, Nicole wore her clothes back and I threw my blanket over my legs, partly embarrassed yet curious about what would my sister say.

‘Let’s go into your room.’

The two girls disappeared from my room and closed their door so I couldn’t hear anything. That night, after Nicole left, my sister, May, came into my room after lights out.

‘Nicole said you’re good with your mouth.’

‘Uh huh.’

‘Can you do it to me too? But you can’t tell her.’

Well, what do you think I did?

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