#33 Kyler Quinn

Like its counterpart, America (and probably Europe) does have an almost unlimited amount of porn and every once in a while, there will be one that catches my attention. Like my preference for JAV, I tend to favour non-hardcore, playful and natural acting. 

Kyler Quinn

For the lack of a better title, the clip above is actually named ‘Kyler Quinn Returns & Gets A Rough Throat Bulging Face Fuck & Cum Down Throat’, produced by Clips4Sale. Though the screenshots doesn’t show her face (bear with me), I led with that particular film because I honestly thought it was well made, like well-shot, being not too ‘professionally’ done.

As for the second clip, it is aptly named Desert Fox, produced by PetiteHDPorn, featuring the same actress Kyler Quinn in it. While things began with a personal, masturbating scene, a male lead soon joined in and like you have expected, sex. Comparing this to the first film, you are able to see her clearer with panoramic, pan-out shots, showing her full glory, but there isn’t really ‘progress’ or plot.

Above is another clear frontal shots of her, though I have not watched that one yet. Made by StepSiblingsCaught, it is titled Sister Caught on Camera. No verdict on how I find it.

There were many other sets she worked on, but addressing the particular genre of ‘incest role play’, both the Japanese and American porn industry haven’t seem to have grasped the concept very well (yet). In general, plots are too inviting, and guilt-free, which would be quite the opposite in reality. Not that I can come up with a better idea.

Rating: I think she appears pretty down to earth, doing her ‘best’ in both films above, though i can’t say that for her other works I have not viewed. She is in some ways, soothing to admire, or otherwise, too gorgeous for porn.

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