As the roads started to quieten down, Ellis and Ryan made their way to the tennis court above where more BBQ pits were, except that it was darker, and less people walking past. He was quick to lower his shorts once they found a nice spot in front of the bushes, hugging his girl standing between his opened legs.

Ellis naturally raised her shirt and bra for him to work on her nipples and did not hold her moans back once he started. Sucking on her pokey tits, she held his head closer and let him chew on those soft boobs, changing sides whenever one got too sore.

His hand had gone up her legs under her skirt to fondle those lacy panties, the ones he requested her to wear for occasions like these. They soon got wet after some teasing outside her underwear, and there was no resistance when he pulled it off her legs. Returning to her bare pussy now, he could easily drag his fingers between the wet slit, smearing juices from her vagina across her clit.

‘Yes.. rub there.’

She started climbing over his lap as he moved his fingers left and right, crushing that soft little nub into a pulp. The moment she stopped twerking above his groin, was also the time she let herself slowly down over his erection.

‘You are not going to even touch it?’

‘I am! With little Ellis.’

She spread her labia wide for his penetrating cock, ripping the neglected slot apart as his shaft pried her open. Very carefully, the tip entered her and never stopped moving till she was fully seated on his thighs. Her eyes felt really heavy to open in the sense of bliss, but there was little she could do except to move.

Just before she wanted to start riding, he held her waist firmly and thrust upwards. A gasp caused her to lose her breath and he went on to jab his dick into her repeatedly. Her moans came out soft and gentle, as how he liked her to sound. Going against the tightness in her pussy, he felt himself growing harder as she hugged him in her arms.

‘Fuck me till I cum!’

She began bouncing up and down in his breathless state and forced him to slow her down. The whole outdoor sex thing was getting intense by the seconds and strokes she laid down on him, driving him crazily out of control. She had found the perfect tempo to fuck him in and his raw cock was just desperately trying to last longer.

‘Shit.. I think I’m gonna cum!’

‘Me too!’

She placed her feet on the bench and hopped on top, accidentally squeezing him so hard he lost control of his orgasm. The first loud groan from him came along with his first load, pumping so hard into her pussy to trigger her orgasm. Feeling his hands squeeze her breasts so painfully, she came equally hard and just slammed her hips down for the rest of his cum to enter.

The couple sat there in embrace while he twitched uncontrollably to his continuous ejaculation, till he was completely drained. The flushed-face girl dismounted him to sit beside and she went on to ‘scoop’ out that thick cum he deposited in her.

‘So much.’

‘Eh! Why you take it out?’

‘So I can do this.’

She brushed her cum-covered fingers against her tongue and swallowed it before him, shocking him to get his water bottle out. Ellis was smiling through her drink and it all became better when he kissed her passionately. To have her love cum inside, and then watched her swallow his love, was the greatest feeling for them both.

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