No Return

As rarely as Jason would see his boss in the office, it was even more of a surprise when he came up to him after most of the staff left for lunch.

(Boss speaking) ‘Jason, can you fly tonight?’

‘Fly? To where?’

‘Jarkata. Everything else has been arranged.’

‘Umm.. I still have some work that’s.. ‘

‘Leave that. Can you fly or not?’


‘Good. Everything you need, including spending allowance, is inside. Follow the instructions closely. Try not to deviate. You are to report directly to me once you return. Got it?’


‘Go now. Pack up and go home. The flight is at 5pm.’

A few more seconds were spent dumbfounded until his boss knocked on his desk impatiently, shocking him into a frenzied state in which he gathered his belongings in. With just a little over five hours to get his ass on the plane, he took the fastest mode of transport for all his trips leading up to the flight.

At 4.30pm, he finally had time to catch his breath, and to take a look at the rest of the contents in the envelope, which so far he only opened it for the boarding pass.

In it, there was an inch thick stack of A4 paper, possibly some contract, a wad of cash with ‘15,000,000 RUPIAH’ label wrapped around it, and an itinerary folded three times across horizontally. During the 2-hour long flight, he glanced through the programme to find a seemingly rushed-but-managable timetable, something which his boss wouldn’t turn down for any reason. It was afterall, another business trip he used to disappear on.

At Jakarta International, a cardboard saying ‘Jason – Singapore’ signaled his boss’ ‘arrangement’ and he left his carryon to the dark-skinned man, who spoke fluent English and Bahasa Indonesian.

(Jason asked) ‘Are we stopping at the hotel first?’

‘No no no. Business first. I am just following orders.’

‘Okay. I’ll leave the rest to you then.’

Unsure of how close this guy was to his boss, Jason assumed that that contract must be of certain importance to have all these planned in a hurry, and even more dire since they didn’t have an office in Indonsia. The three-hour journey to an office in the CBD area came to an end when the car stopped at the main door, in front of a business-suited man and two gorgeous assistants behind him.

One of the ladies opened the door for him and the driver reminded him to only bring the contract, which Jason did after quickly tucking the money into his back pocket. From there on, everything was so formal and proper, until the details of the business proposal was discussed. Given how glib Jason was with his tongue, he managed to increase the agreed contractual value by fifty more percent, throwing in some extra services he knew could be cheaply done by his company.

At the end of the meeting, the two female assistants walked him out to his car, and one of them got in with him.

‘I’ll be sending you to the hotel. Why didn’t your boss come?’

‘I have no idea. He just put me on this five hours ago.’

‘Really? It must have been tiring for you.’

‘You bet. I’m going to crash as soon as I reach the hotel.’

Throughout the ride, nothing inappropriate happened and she helped carry his belongings into the room, making sure she was contactable before leaving him alone. The first thing Jason did after she left was to strip naked for a nice, long dip in the bathrub, listening to the music blasting from his company-issued S7, soaking in the short getaway that will end the very next day.

As perfect as everything went, little did he knew something else was included (but excluded) in his itinerary. Initially organised for his boss, this ‘package’ was still applicable to the person who closed that deal.

Jason, once done with his bath, came out of the bathroom naked to see that same assistant, sitting on his bed wearing a tight, white top and a pair of really short denim shorts.

‘Woah woah woah. How did you get into my room?’

‘You didn’t.. This is part of F&E.’

‘Free and easy?’

‘Not exactly.’

She got on her knees on the bed and pulled her top and black bra off, bending forward towards him and curling those manicured fingers to ‘summon’ him closer. He went up to the end of the bed and watched gleefully as she took his cock in the same doggy position, sucking at the same time he thrusted at her face.


Her finger then pointed at the piece of paper lying by the edge, indicating an ‘all clear’ status on her ‘wellness checkup’. Whoever, used however to make this whatever happen, had to be of a certain stature in the hierarchy of his company. Suspecting some shady deals made behind the organisation’s back, this, had to be included for a more secure non-disclosure.

A pleasurable ten minutes of blowjob later, she turned herself around to let him take her in the pussy, where he fucked her while reading the original copy of the contract. At one point when he stopped moving, she took over and kept his mood up as he maintained focus, deciphering all the hidden clause located in the ‘disclaimer’ section.

The [company] has the right to allocate up to 20% of the agreed sum,

, for miscellaneous expenses, without the need for disclosure.

There, that’s the catch.

‘Jason.. Can I ride you? My legs are cramping up.’


She continued pleasing him in the new position as he lit up a cigarette, partially mesmerised by the stunning, skinny-yet-curvy figure bouncing atop him. The moment she switched to rocking just her hips, he began losing more of his composure, groaning and grasping the sheets to cope with the heightened sensitivity on his cock, enduring the tormenting bombardment of sex from that sex-hungry crazy.

‘ARGHH! I’m cumming Bella! I’M CUMMING!’

‘OH FUCK YES! I’m going to climax too!’

The sudden contraction formed a vacuum he could no longer slide out of, directing all the hype to the tip of his penis where it was forced into that tight little corner at the deepest end of her vagina.

In the intense heat of the moment, she went all out to grind her pussy on his groin until he exploded inside her, pumping continuously to her waist that only froze ten seconds later – when she came. The two fuckers exchanged so much fluids that a viscous, translucent white goo came leaking out of her before she even got off, coating his balls on its way down to the sheets.

‘Can you carry me to the bathtub? I don’t want to dirty your bed.’

‘Smart move. Let’s go.’

Her ass remained on his hips as he carried her to the recently-drained tub, before they took a shower together. It was there where he learnt of his boss’ secret, that he had ‘bought’ them (Bella and the other assistant) once the contract was finalised. Jason only got this impromptu task after his (the boss’ wife) suspected something fishy with his frequent travels, and put him in such a tight spot.

When Jason returned to his office the next day, he was reassigned to ‘work’ on that multimillion project from Indonesia, with all expenses paid, on top of taking care of his boss’ ‘mistresses’ for an indefinite amount of time.

The high salary, little work, unlimited sex offer was impossible to resist, even if he has to endure the shameful title of a ‘mistress caretaker’.

Seriously though, could anyone that single and available, turn that down?

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