Rented Out

‘Hey. Let me ask you. Will you have sex with a girl for money?’

Fully aware that no girlfriends would ever ask questions like that for fun, Jordan had two options that looked equally grim. One, to give her a straight ‘no’, or two, question her question. The worst case scenario he could come up with was that someone asked her that very same question, therefore posing it to him to justify her choice.

‘Why do you ask that? Did someone ask you that question?’

‘Hmm.. Someone did make that offer, but it’s directed at you.’

‘What do you mean? He is asking me for permission to have sex with you?’

‘No no! I mean, someone wants to pay you for sex.’

‘What?! How the hell would you want someone to fuck me?’

‘For five hundred dollars?’

The usually-conservative girl could sense a tiff igniting and did not want to probe further, though she was seriously considering it IF he was up for it. The sudden change in mood bothered, Jordan had no choice but to address what she wanted to know, albeit in a nicer attitude.

‘Would you pimp me out for money?’

‘No I will never. But this girl, I know her. And to be honest, she has been obsessed with you before we got together. It’s only now that she knows our relationship is going strong, that she asked. It’s okay if you don’t want to discuss this anymore. Nothing will change.’

He couldn’t believe how liberal she had become and decided to come clean with her, about his insight to ‘sex for cash’.

‘Actually, if you trust me, and her well enough, I will do it as long you don’t feel disgusted.’


Her fingers tapped away on her phone as soon as he finished the sentence and there was no further conversation about it, until she was done texting. Looking all delighted, she began dressing up.

‘What just happened? Where are you going?’

‘She booked a room for us. We’re going there together.’

‘Now? Seriously? After we had sex?’

At almost 10pm, it was not only time for her to head back home, he had gotten all comfortable from getting his cock milked dry to Sahara levels. Being the boyfriend, there was no way he could bail out on that ‘job’, slightly made convenient by having no curfew.

Within a quarter of an hour, they were on a cab headed for town, to a hotel not too posh but neither too budget. In the lift, that was when she revealed that ‘client’ to him.

‘You’re meeting Jess. You know her right?’

‘Yeah.. Of course. I know her.’

Oh so well did he knew her, she was HIS crush before getting to Lenny, whom had been with him for the past two years. All of a sudden, this whole ‘thing’ seemed too dangerous for him, emotion-wise.

Knock knock

The girls jumped into each other’s arms as soon as the door opened, wobbling all the way to the bed before crashing into it. For Jordan, it was just so breathtaking to see Jess in a white silky satin nightgown. There wasn’t a single sign of bra on her.

‘Jess.. meet Jordan. And Jordan, meet Jess.’

(Jess saying) ‘Oh hi! Hang on a minute.’

She pulled Lenny to the work desk and spent a minute with their wallets out, whispering some ‘clauses’ to get the ball rolling.

(Lenny exclaiming) ‘Jordan! You’re hers now! Just two hours k!’

‘Yayaya. Naggy bitch.’

As Jess came towards Jordan to sit in front of him, Lenny sat on the desk and got busy with her phone, ignoring the impatient fumbling of his belt buckle. He was still trying to understand what, or how, this deal managed to come through.



Her mouth went over his dick that was slightly limp, and took just a minute to reach its maximum density. Her graceful strokes up and down his shaft, coupled with a totally relaxed lips, completely took his breath away in the most sensual manner ever.

‘Come. Lie on the bed so I can suck you better.’

He laid in the most lazy position ever and kept his neck raised to watch that absurdly desirable, Victoria’s-Secret-model qualifiable crush take his erection into her mouth, tasting him outside-in with that skilled tongue.

She had managed to hit the spots Lenny failed.

‘Can you eat me out?’

The second-long glance at distracted Lenny went unnoticed, so he agreed. So much for ‘you can only do this (69) to me’. His cheeks were getting smeared by that glistening pussy overwhelmed by excitement, to a point there were tiny gushes of juices whenever she came.

Right. The very fact that he could make her come so easily boosted his ego by a huge margin, unconsciously putting Lenny into comparison.

(She gasped) ‘Jordan! Stop! Stop! I can’t take it anymore!’

‘Your turn to lie down.’

By then, it seemed as though they were the only two in the room, uninhibited by morals or vows. This was his turn to give her pussy a good massage.

After he made himself comfortable by her side, he reached across her pussy and softly vibrated his middle finger between her fleshy centrefold, summoning the most feminine purr he had ever heard. Not once did she slow or stop him from pushing his fingertip lower, until she was moaning breathlessly from those playful teasing at her entrace.

(She whispered) ‘Will you fuck me now?’

‘Anything you want.’

Jordan climbed between her legs and she surprised him by rolling them over, sitting so ever seductively down his rock, hard member. The descend drove him crazy as he felt every inch slid into the mushy tunnel, slightly twitching when stretching out to accommodate him.

(Jordan moaned) ‘Oh fuck.. You’re so tight.. ‘

‘Three years.. Since I last.’

The cowgirl barely rode him for three minutes and he sat upright to put her on the bed, taking over the kneeling missionary to pound her pussy hard with his exasperated cock. Raising both her feet to his face, they couldn’t stop smiling as they received the glorious pleasure through their genitals. One so devoted to please him, the other was so engorged to fill her.

Soon, she had her legs spread wide to a split, getting all the merciless thumping of their hips. Fifteen minutes passed easily once they really got into the mood, exchanging kisses while thrusting wildly, never pausing for her to recover from any orgasms.

In time, Jordan was reaching his peak given how tight her vagina had gotten, from all the violent strokes pumping into her wet hole. She had already gone quieter than the start, and he was about to cum.

‘I’m gonna cum now Jess.. ‘

(She whispered) ‘I have the morning-after. Just give it to me. I love you Jordan.’

Picking up his speed that has already been held back for too long, he leaned on her chest and worked his thighs even harder.

‘I love you too.’

That, sparked the hardest, deepest slams into her cunt, that exploded her moans into screams as she came, seconds before he did. Hot cum squirted non-stop into her pussy, filling her up with however much remained inside him – which totally surprised him when he imagined how much was going into her.

After two rounds with Lenny? There was still THAT much? They rested in each other’s arms for about five minutes, then removed himself from her body. Thick, gooey cum then oozed out of her and she conveniently caught it to savour them, licking fingers after fingers.

‘Let’s sleep for the rest of the time.’

Both relieved of their worldly desires, napped together for another hour. Lenny then joined them after their time was up and slept till day break. When she woke up, the two of them had already washed up, watching TV from the bed.

The only secret they had to kept was the midnight sex they engaged in after Lenny fell asleep, going at least three rounds with all of his ejaculate deposited in Jess.

‘Good morning Jess! Breakfast?’

‘Yeah.. Right after I wash up.’

There, another opportunity for a quickie.

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