On Loan

In the bedroom where we would usually get comfy, it was the first time she did not cuddle up to me so quickly. Instead, we sat face-to-face with our kneecaps touching, producing an uncanny ambience I could not think of anything so serious for.

‘I have something to confess to you.’


‘I don’t expect you to be with me after this, but I want to hear how you feel. So, be honest with me k?’

‘Yeah I will. Go on.’

‘After.. After we got together, this person, Mike, spoke to me on Tinder. I haven’t delete it then. So I kept talking to him.’

At that point, I was almost certain that it was some kind of emotional struggle, between two guys who displayed traits she was into. Being the non-dependent type, I could understand why she preferred me to ‘lose out’. Reasoning and sanity were my basis of ‘security’.

(She continued) ‘ ..During your first reservist when we were together, he asked me out, and I met him. He was all professional and gentlemanly, quite like you. It was only at the end of the outing that he asked, if I would sleep with him.’

Well, what more could go wrong? I wouldn’t deny that in a way, I was mentally prepared for that.

(She continued) ‘I gave him a straight no, though I was disappointed at how he viewed our friendship. He took it well and brought me back to his car, before he said something. He had offered me 4k to be his sugarbaby. And I took it.’

Part of me was relieved that he didn’t rape her or ‘win’ her heart, but, but to learn the truth about my own girlfriend sleeping with another man for money? That was just insulting. No matter for how long has that been going on, I was being cuckolded.

(She asked) ‘How are you feeling now?’

‘A little disgusted. I know I’ve said that I didn’t be with you for sex, but to have you shared is another thing.’

The guilty look she had on her face did not get any closer to my heart especially after knowing what she did behind my back. In financial terms, he IS in a better position to take care of her. I was truly at a loss.

At a loss trying to figure out between what more could she want with me, and the erection growing in my shorts. For one, this ‘fantasy’ no man would want came true in my, in MY life. Someone I loved so dearly, actually did this to me. And she is still in a relationship. Wouldn’t any other girls have broken up with their boyfriends out of guilt?

(She asked) ‘Do you want me to break up with you? In that way, you won’t have to tell your future.. ‘

Unable to bear the discomfort of my growing cock and painful truth, I managed to get onto my knees before she held me down.

‘Please tell me what do you want with me. I’m sorry to have put you in this posi.. Do you want me to please you?’

The thumb I unconsciously stuck into my shorts to expose my bulge had given me away, highlighting a fetish both of us would just got news of. In her attempt to ‘keep’ me, her fingers quickly wrapped around my shaft and fondled it gently, rubbing my dick head with her thumb to make me make those feeble groans she loved hearing.

With her other hand, she wheeled my office chair nearer to the bed and led me there, seating me down right in front of the bed (where she could sit or lie on). As soon as my ass sank into the chair, she moved between my legs and licked the underside of my shaft, pecking eagarly with a sense of either gratitude or guilt. That said, there was a certain.. Face of delight when she took the tip at her lips. As if she owned the finance and love worlds at the same time.

How else would I put it right? She did have both. Watching that obedient little girl sucking my cock the way I loved it, it felt powerful. She knew I had something on him, and embraced the ‘disadvantage’ to her advantage. She was making me harder from those imaginary scenes of her getting pounded from the rear (as she went down on me).

‘Do you want to put it inside me?’

‘Hmm.. Keep going for a while more. I’ll come up with something.’

She quietly resumed the blowjob, alternating between deep, fast, slow, shallow strokes of her mouth.

I am the king of her.

(I said) ‘I want you to ride the dildo while you use the fake pussy on me.’

‘Huh? Really?’

‘Did I stutter?’

She crawled across the bed to the pouch containing our sex toys and took the two items out. The dildo went into her and she kept it there by sitting on it, with both her legs bent outwards sideways. That blushed, trance-like look on her face, that was unforgettable.

I took the masturbation cup from her and made her leave as much saliva as she could on me, before sliding it down my shaft, officially hiding it from her.

‘Help me jerk it. Just move it up and down.’

The instant she touched it, I was groaning my lungs out. That invention, had perfectly replicated the vagina any man could get off to, and she was that far (or close) to it. How desperate it must have felt to masturbate her man with something else when her pussy was so ready for me. I could only imagine.

In between the varying speeds she jerked me in, I was nowhere close to cumming. That was the only interesting fact about me that made me both glad and sad for it. After ten minutes of tormenting ‘handjob’, I took it off and put her mouth to work again, listening gleefully to her squirms and pleas as the dildo moved involuntarily within her.

‘Do you want me inside you?’

‘Yes! Please.. ‘

‘Do you always use protection with him?’

‘No. I was the one to ask him to do without. We did the whole check up thing and I knew I could trust you. So did he.’

‘Does he always cum inside you?’

‘Yes. He paid for the pill.’

Oh boy, that was it! I angrily turned her around and yanked the dildo out, smeared more saliva on my cock before I rammed it into her, pillaging that poor hole as fast as I could go, and as deep as she could or could not take it. A monster, has been released from the inside.

With each thrust, her chest fell lower to the bed until she had to use the pillow to silence her moans, which didn’t work to our expectations when I was hammering her so rapidly. I could feel how big, thick I was inside her and even her usually-deadly orgasm couldn’t slow me down.

My mind was filled with sexual rage that needed to be ‘vented’, into this naughty little thing. At one point, my legs were cramping up to a point I could not move anymore, so I pulled her up by her shoulders to lie on the pillow. Finally, the girl had a chance to ride me the way we did it for the first time.

Her ass was slamming on my cock over and over again, moving faster and faster than what I previously thought was undoable. This baby girl was fucking me at a speed she couldn’t take it at!

Within five minutes, she collapsed into my chest and I jerked my hips upwards, penetrating her slippery pussy so crazily that she responded by climaxing on top of me.

‘I’m about to cum baby.. I want it inside your mouth. Turn around. Let me lick you.’

She unwillingly got into 69 and then continued moaning with my cock in her mouth, taking it as quickly as I was thrusting into her face. The final push went on for at least two minutes before her arms gave way, choking herself on my cock that, just in the nick of time, started unloading down her throat.

My feet instinctively went over her head to keep her down as I squeezed every drop out, tongue still flicking up and down on her clit to make her climax before I stopped. It was then she did something she said she would never do to me, to ‘sit on my face’, and further ride it.

All in all, I was glad my baby girl loved that forbidden move so much. We took a long time to return to each other’s side after cumming so hard, and spent the rest of the evening fucking over and over again to stories of their trysts.

Don’t I hate-love this relationship so much?

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