Not Rough Enough

Mel: ‘Can you delete the photos now?’
Jasper: ‘Not till I’ve got what I wanted.’
Mel: ‘Sex?’
Jasper: ‘Maybe.’

They walked pass a toilet and he stopped at the alleyway, giving Mel a stare to see if she understood him. Knowing that she would have to ‘pay’ to get her photos deleted, she entered the corridor first and went into the baby’s room, dumping her bag unwillingly onto a long seat.

Mel: ‘Now what?’
Jasper: ‘Drink this.’
Mel: ‘What’s that?’
Jasper: ‘It’s a little something to get you in the mood.’
Mel: ‘Can I not drink this? I’ll do whatever you want.’

He shook his head and she gave a sighed before grabbing that tiny glass vial. Emptying the sweet solution down her throat, she went to her bag to check on her phone while he was busy on his. After five minutes, she felt her body getting warmer, and her hands were shaking too. The heat got intense between her legs where nothing had been done yet, getting wetter on its own and even feeling her pussy twitch.

Jasper: ‘You are blushing. Do you feel anything?’
Mel: ‘A little?’

Her tight jeans had been pressing right on her groin and the temptation to touch her privates was overbearing. She sat on the same seat as Jasper, one hand right above her zipper to constantly press onto it as she felt hotter.

Her eyes were attracted to his pants to find out if he was hard, but he was just quietly sitting there and lying on the wall with his eyes closed.

Mel: ‘Can we start now?’
Jasper: ‘Alright. Remove your jeans and panties.’

She did as asked and remained on the seat, till he stood between her legs and raised her feet onto the edge of the long chair. True enough, she was dripping wet without her panties and her hands right at her upper thighs were shivering, as though they were held back from touching her pussy.

Jasper: ‘Start masturbating yourself.’

He took out a camera from behind and placed it at the sink, aimed at her half-naked body from the side. Following that, he undone his pants and the sheer boxers he wore, cupping his hands over her ears to bring her mouth down to his dick.

As Mel’s fingers rubbed on that swollen clit, she opened her mouth to land her lips at the halfway point of his dick, sucking upwards as moans were captured in their oral penetration. Somehow, her body was dying to get this rod as hard as it could get so she could fuck it. Never had she expected her strong character to be controlled and overpowered by the lust that came along in the drink.

The mental resistance she put up not to make herself look so slutty gave way once her fingers decided to plunge into that slippery looking hole, shoving herself silly while her mouth went deeper on his dick. Jasper did not do anything yet and was already super turned on by the horny girl he blackmailed.

She had sent him photos out of lust created by reading his stories, to a point she just recorded videos of herself masturbating to him. The accidental poor angle captured her face and she did not realise till the file transfer was completed.

As he was groaning to her deeper strokes, he had reached for his bag to fish out a dildo, short with a ribbed design on it.

Jasper: ‘I want you to stick this in your butt.’

Mel stopped what she was doing to catch a glimpse of the toy he washed, and it was stuck onto the chair with a suction base.

That wetness of her pussy was enough to tell how desperate she was. She immediately squatted up and lowered her ass over it, squinting as it pierced into her ass. How could he be satisfied with just watching her get pleasured? Was that all he was after?

The toy in her special place did stir up something deeper, and it was driving her crazy with that thick juicy meat before her eyes. Her mouth automatically went back to his dick after she resumed her fingering, milking his dick to a point he would give in and fuck her.

Jasper: ‘I have enough of your mouth now. Go to the sink and wait for me.’

She hopped over to the huge mirror behind the basin and touched the anal plug, moving it a little to feel how good it was making her. Jasper was busy at his bag, strapping something around his hips. When he turned around, she could see from the mirror that a strap on was placed above his dick, arming him into a ‘two-headed’ beast.

Mel: ‘Are you going to put both inside me?’
Jasper: ‘Don’t worry. Just one.’

He parked himself behind her and the cold rubber surprised her. Was the dildo to go first? Whatever the case was, her legs were opened and the dildo was disappearing into her. The coldness was creating a new sensation, cooling the warmth of her vagina.

Soon after he was in, gentle thrusts started and it felt so pleasurable to be taken from the back, while his stomach will bump the anal plug deeper. Moans accompanied the slurping sounds coming from their privates, and she was slowly losing herself to this bizarre blackmail sex.

Mel (whispering): ‘Can you put yours inside me? It’s.. ‘

She sobered up all of a sudden and realised what she said. Never should she be enjoying any of this at all. It was her instincts doing the talking.

Jasper: ‘Don’t move k? I’m detaching the dildo.’

The silent moments passed and she was left alone, with two holes filled with toys. He did something behind her and when he was ready, she felt something going into the dildo that was in her pussy. Jasper had actually bought the toy for it’s hollowed dick tube, allowing him to ‘wear’ it before sex. Now, he just slid his cock inside the hollow dildo and Mel felt her vagina spreading even wider.

It was so thick that her body almost forced it out, but the thrusts from him kept the dildo in place. Once the air was forced out of the toy, it fitted snuggly over him and his pounding got stronger, dipping so deep into her pussy that she could only moan with her mind blank.

Mel (panting): ‘It’s so fucking huge in me.. ‘

Jasper did not say a word but kept moving his hips, hammering her breaths out with each thrust. Whenever he paused to recover the rhythm, she would move her hips to grind him, basically not giving him any peace.

Jasper: ‘Have you cummed?’
Mel: ‘Yeah.’
Jasper: ‘When?’
Mel: ‘One time after I sit on the ass plug and another after you put your dick in.’

He continued ramming his groin for ten minutes, and she was breaking apart from the overdose of orgasms in that short time. The sheer size had been stimulating every inch of her vagina and the speed, was heating her up so wildly.

After he got tired from all the action, he pulled his dick out along with the strap on and sat on the seat next to them. The penis extender was placed on his side and still coated in her juices.

Mel did not need any instructions and went to his dick, jerking it next to her face with her hand.

Jasper: ‘Just your hand?’

As soon as her lips touched his dick, he forced her head down and rammed her breathless, plunging balls deep as she fingered herself vigorously. Somehow, taking him so deep and fast did not pose any problems as she was as high as fuck.

Jasper: ‘I’m cumming.. Don’t waste any drop.’

He let go off her head and she continued sucking him, till the first powerful squirt blew into her mouth. That little pause she took made him force her head down, and let her throat squeeze his dickhead for the rest of the cum. Waves after waves, she gulped to contain his semen that was flowing down her throat.

He lifted her head away after he was done, and helped her up on the chair. Going to the basin, he gave his strap on toy a rinse and packed it into his bag, before collecting his camera.

Jasper: ‘Only when you know how to please me, I will delete the photos.’

In Mel’s mind, she was disappointed with him for using her like a slut. Having fucked and cummed in her mouth, he did not stand by his words. The sadness she felt wasn’t too bad though, seeing how his cock was still hard after shooting. It was still throbbing wet, and her pussy was as refreshed as though she was unsatisfied.

Something in her wanted him to keep fucking her, no matter what the reason was. If the photos and video were the only thing that allowed him to do her, it was better than nothing. She took her time to dress up and kept the butt plug on. Turned on by the minute movements in her ass as she walked, juices were leaking into her panties again in no time.

Mel: ‘When do you want to meet again?’
Jasper: ‘Tomorrow. After my work.’

They parted ways at the bus stop, leaving her wet and horny. Her mind was telling her how unfair it was to let him fuck without meeting the objectives, yet her pussy was showing her that her job was not done till she felt his raw dick inside.

Action speaks louder than words right? That night, she fingered herself while using the anal toy to get herself off another two times before exhaustion finally claimed her tiredness. With that toy still in her ass, the wet dream that woke her up the next day led to another round of masturbation, this time with her rabbit vibrator that was waiting in her bedside drawer.

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