Review – M Hotel

You and your girl managed to squeeze two days out of your busy calendar to spend quality time together. What now?

There’s no better place/ activity than to go on a staycation to get those raging hormones of you two, satiated. Sure, you might say that your house is available, but what about her spiritual needs? That healing, connecting, letting-loose, carefree, unrestrained factor? This is the moment for you to finally unwind, perhaps a chance to not do anything. Yeaaaaas, I knowwwww, hotels in Singapore are expensive, and you don’t want your woman to feel lesser by bringing her to those kind of hotels for a staycation.

But hey, why not push things a little further? I have assumed a reasonable budget of S$200 for one night of all-out, crazy sex, PLUS buffet breakfast. Will you consider that? Now, this, will be my honest, unbiased review of M Hotel, followed by PROs and CONs at the end of this entry.

Located in the CBD, there is only one time (or two days) that I will recommend – the weekends. Why Saturday and Sunday?! Or Sunday and Monday?! Because all sorts of traffic, human, cars, and even businesses are mostly absent or closed, on those days. But will there be food if we are hungry? Of course there is! Assuming that you are not going to fork a single cent more at the hotel, there’s a 7-Eleven and a 24-hr McDonald’s within three minutes’ walk. Such convenience if you have forgotten to bring protection right?

For one, I got my room at S$200+, breakfast included. That said, the breakfast spread isn’t all that impressive, but it has comfort items like sausages, eggs, juices, salad bar, ham, bread, buns, soup. I would say that it’s more homely than hearty. The experience in the restaurant was priceless though. Surrounded by tourist-businessman-look-alike guests, I did feel a little touristy. It was pure entertainment to watch hunger claim souls.

Okay, enough of nonsense. Let me break that one reason for you guys to choose this place. This is one of the two hotels I have found on Expedia that has bathtub in their lowest grade rooms. Any room – will have one. Doesn’t that just brings your mind to bath bombs? Yeah! ;)


PROs: Bathtub in every room. Walls, doors, so thick I couldn’t hear anyone else on my level. Smoking and non-smoking rooms available. Spacious, like really. I don’t have a wide angle shot but it is big. Easy to get into the ‘vacation’ mood thanks to their interior design, professionalism. Free 24-hr access to gym, swimming pool, jacuzzi.

CONs: Not-so-nice view outside my window. TV has no AirPlay or AndroidCast feature, neither are the HDMI/ USB/ AV ports accessible. In my case, the aircon remote wasn’t working. But a call to the front desk fixed it. Complimentary breakfast is so-so but filling. Don’t expect much out of the lunch buffet if you are planning to go for it (not included in stay).

Will I stay again? Yes.

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