20s Looking 30s

Lady: ‘You know how to get to block 212?’
Me: ‘Umm.. wait ah.’

I opened Google Maps to check the directions for the lady with a baby pram, looking as lost as I was with the sudden question. Checking for a good full minute, I realised that her destination wasn’t far and offered to walk with her as I was heading towards that direction too. A happy smile appeared on her face as I kept my MP3 player into my bag, and began that 7 minutes walk as suggested by Google.

Lady: ‘You live in that block?’
Me: ‘Nope. But it’s along the way.’
Lady: ‘Oh okay. Thanks for walking with me. You just ended work?’

Our conversation was pretty simple, about my life and her visit to that block. She was there to check out her new house and after more talk, I learnt that she was a single mum whom had successfully appealed for an apartment of her own. Who says that our government was heartless right?

I did not just send her to the void deck but accompanied her all the way up to her unit, part admiring that laced tank top she wore and part playing with the baby girl in the stroller. That lady looked in her early 30s and the baby was more of a toddler too, but not at the speaking age yet.

Michelle: ‘Come in for a while. It’s fully furnished. I think I need some help to carry some boxes too, if you don’t mind.’

Why would I mind helping an attractive mum right? Her place was stacked full of cartons and the toddler was left in the pram, quietly understanding that her mother was busy. Although the boxes were big, they were fairly light and I managed to keep them all in an unused room to make the living room looked more liveable.

Michelle: ‘Umm.. just have a seat first. I’ll get you a drink. I need to rest as well.’

Coming out of the kitchen with two cups, I waited patiently at the couch for that chilling ice soda to come. Gulping it thirstily, I finished the contents within a few seconds and she giggled at my speed of consumption.

Michelle: ‘You’re very nice you know. I don’t think anyone would help me this much on a first meet.’
Me: ‘Haha. It’s okay lah. Helping a pretty lady mah.’
Michelle: ‘Don’t try that on me ah.’

I gave her a friendly smile and checked my phone for the time, relaxing on the couch to catch my breath at the same time. After watching a few minutes of TV, my privates felt warm with life, and it was desperately looking for a reason to get hard.

Me: ‘Can I use the toilet?’
Michelle: ‘Wait. I go first.’

She went in before me and I waited outside, for a while till she came out and let me in. I had no idea what was happening but the sight of her bra and panties hanging on the hook gave me the last thing I needed to lose my mind. My dick grew to its full size and the shorts I wore simply couldn’t hide the erection. That particular pair of pants was made of soft cotton, designed for home wear but I wore it out knowing I wouldn’t get hard under normal circumstances.

Walking back out to the sofa, I purposely angled my groin away from her till I sat down, covering the awkwardness with a pillow.

Michelle: ‘Is something wrong? You walked funny.’
Me: ‘Nothing. I’m fine ah.’

She kept her eyes on me as she reached for the pillow, pulling it away to see my shielding my cock with my hands.

Michelle: ‘I put something into your drink. You know Viagra?’
Me: ‘Huh? What for?’

She crawled towards me and pushed me down on the seat, sliding both her hands from my chest to my shorts, where it was pulled down easily. Her kid was still in the stroller but wasn’t strapped down to it. It was the presence of a child that I did not dare to let my mind wander, but clearly, it did not affect Michelle at all.

Within seconds, her mouth was all over my dick and sucking on that red swell, bobbing her head up and down as she squeezed her breasts outside her shirt. Occasionally glancing up at me, I was breathless from her slippery tongue action.

Michelle (whispering): ‘It has been so long since I had a cock in me. I just can’t help it anymore.’

My balls were being mishandled as she slurped hungrily, with her little girl getting off the pram and walking towards us.

Me: ‘Her?’
Michelle: ‘Don’t care about her for now.’

She stood up next to me and pulled her denim shorts off, revealing that trimmed pussy of hers. One of her knees went over my head on the armrest and before my eyes, was her pussy that was already covered in juices. Giving me no chance to reject, her groin went over my mouth and I licked her up, swiping my tongue along her slit and sucking hard on her clit.

Nibbles were made on her protruded cunt and she was digging her fingers into my scalp, guiding me to the desired spots as she moaned without concerns for her watching kid.

Moving her body back down on the couch, she squatted over my dick and held it in place, sitting over it as she observed my eyes locked on her. Immediately after she slid her wet pussy over my dick, I reached for her shirt and pulled it off, pinching her nipples as she grinded over my hips.

Michelle: ‘You feel so good inside me. Fuck.. I can’t stop moving.’

Seeing that her child is healthy, I did not think too much about the raw sex but kept tuning her nips and squeezing her breasts to get more moans out of her.

After five minutes, she got off me and bent over in doggie in the opposite direction. I did not waste anymore time and kneeled behind her, thrusting my dick in one swift motion into her body. The hot and sexy mum needed no imagination from me to get my body moving and she was just groaning as I pounded her fiercely.

Michelle: ‘You like girls with kids huh?’
Me: ‘Depends. You’re the irresistible type.’

My body did not stop moving while answering her. It was just so intense between us to even slow down. Her body was just arching up and down as I rammed deeply into her, feeling every inch of her pussy wrap around my shaft so tightly.

Michelle: ‘Keep going k? I think I’m going to cum fucking hard.’

I had no intention to slow down and kept pounding that horny lady, forcing every breaths out of her as I lost my mind in ecstasy. I had already gone blank from pleasure but couldn’t control my body anymore. There was no stopping till the final moment where I cum.

A minute into the final lap, Michelle suddenly froze in front of me and fell forward, away from my dick and unconscious for a second. Then, her body started to tremble and the view behind her was showing me her pussy, gapping on its own like the mouth of a goldfish out of water.

The cockblock moment did not bother me much but I wanted to make sure she was alright nonetheless. I let her rest for a while till she flipped herself over, and gave me a CFM face after she touched her pussy for a check up.

Michelle: ‘I’m so sorry.. It.. it was too intense that I fainted.’
Me: ‘It happened before?’
Michelle: ‘Never. My vision just went blank slowly and I knew I was going unconscious.. ‘
Me: ‘It’s okay. You want to go into your room to rest?’
Michelle: ‘Nope. Not before I finish you off.’

She made me sit on the headrest of the sofa and lean against the wall behind it. She then picked up her girl and placed her next to us while Michelle took my dick into her mouth once again.

Right then, she sent her mouth all the way to my balls and deep throat me without mercy, forcing herself so deep that her nose touched my groin. Using her throat to massage my dick head, I was so high I did not know what was happening.

Only after three minutes of that face fuck, I felt my balls shrink and woke up from the daze. Saliva had dripped all over the sofa and she was just continuing to milk me.

Me: ‘I’m gonna cum now!’

She stopped going deep and used her tongue only on my dickhead, moving her lips across the penis hood and making me squeal in sensitivity. Moments later, my hips jerked a few times and hot cum shot into her mouth, pouring out gushes after gushes to her moving lips.

Michelle could feel my balls being emptied and sucked in longer strokes to clear my rod, till I was wasted and she left at the precise moment before I had to beg.

Michelle then took her glass of drink and swallowed it with my cum, quenching her thirst with a little fizz.

Michelle: ‘It’s still hard eh. How?’
Me: ‘How long does the effects last?’

Michelle showed five fingers and I understood that I wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon. She cooked some noodles for the two of us and prepared milk for her girl, charging our bodies up before we begin our action-packed ‘dessert’ in the bedroom with a new mattress.

MILF, hot mum, SYT, these three words summed up how she looked like. Although she’s in her 30s, her well-maintained complexion placed her in mid-twenties. And that was why I couldn’t help but give in to my primal instincts when things went wild between us.

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