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Hannah reached the hotel in Sentosa at exactly 2pm, and in the room, her contact was waiting. It was a working day for her, for a very special kind of job she requested. As her story plays out, you guys will find out what she does and how such a system works in the darker side of our society.

Agent: ‘Feeling good today?’
Hannah: ‘Yupp.’

Her bags and shoes were placed at the doorstep, where he would take them away to prevent anyone from stealing. He opened a metallic sweet can and took out two pills, handing it to her along with a glass of water. Hannah was used to this method and she swallowed the medication, removing her dress and bra, changing into a white lacy robe dress that could be undone from the waist strap.

Agent: ‘The guy will come at 3pm. Have a good rest till then.’

She tucked herself under the blanket and let the drug take effect, slowly draining her of her energy but did not let her fall asleep. Her job was similar to any prostitute, but being a Singaporean in her 20s and studying in a local university made her a sought after girl for guys who wanted to experience ‘raping’ or having sex with a passed out girl. This was her choice of providing service as it would lessen her guilt, yet remain appealing to a specific group of men.

About an hour later, the hotel’s room door unlocked and a man in suit appeared, stripping before her eyes (she could see him from the bed) and heading into the showers. Hannah was trying to calm herself down while waiting, still feeling tense from meeting someone for the first time (of many).

Man: ‘You can hear me right? I’m Anson.’

He was naked and looking into her eyes as she blinked in response. Now, all that was left for her to do was – nothing. The blanket slid down her body to the cold air and she felt her robe being undone, panties tugged awkwardly down her legs and into a corner she couldn’t see.

Anson climbed onto the bed and laid next to her, spreading one of her legs to the side to expose her waxed pussy. His fingers went straight for her pussy and moved in circles at her clit, triggering her breaths to go faster as she got horny and wet. His mouth cupped over her nipple and sucked on it gently, like a baby milking her.

Unlike other men, he was very delicate and was paying lots of attention to her breathing, as the only sign to know if she was ready. His teeth came to play on her nipples soon after, nibbling and grinding. The little pain did drive her crazy and she was glad she couldn’t move, if not she might have raped him instead (thus ruining the deal).

Anson: ‘I’m going to begin now.’

He changed his position to her groin and made sure her legs were wide opened. Leaning his hips towards her pussy, he had wore the condom while in the showers, and did not take advantage of the ‘raw’ offer her agent gave. Very carefully, he sent his dick into her and watched her eyes widened to his size.

He was a gentle giant that made her felt more like a woman than a vulnerable slut. As he touched down in her pussy, he let off a soft groan to let her know he was feeling good and proceeded to thrust his hips, driving that long rod into the blushing girl who was helpless in his arms.

Seeing the immobilised state of Hannah, he was picking up speed fast and getting more violent, but without hurting her. Hannah was getting high from the powerful strokes and her breasts were being squeezed at the same time. Just as she was about to climax, he picked both her ankles up and closed them above his chest, creating an extra tight hole as he felt her contracting pussy.

His groans got louder as she felt his dick filled her hole up and the intoxicating waves of pleasure were flooding her mind in no time, trembles shooting through her body as she came hard to the merciless thrusts.

Anson: ‘You came?’

A weak smile answered him and he laid back down on the bed. Turning the exhausted girl to the side, he bent both her knees and got into the spooning pose, where their bodies got into doggie while lying down. Ramming his hips behind her, her breaths got faster and shallower, allowing the graceful flow of pleasure pour into her body through his penis.

As he pounded her lifeless, his hand rested on one of her boobs, kneading as he panted quicker too. Fucking for almost fifteen minutes into their meet up, he was getting tired as well and decided to let her lie flat on the bed, on her chest.

This time, he sat on her thighs and plugged his dick right in, pinning her back down with his chest. Going deeper and faster, his hips slapped loudly on her ass, screwing her poor hole as deep as he could reach. The second orgasm was coming soon and her pussy was already closing in on him.

Anson was at his wit’s end as he felt how tight she got, and moved at his maximum speed. Finally, Hannah’s mind overpowered the drug for a moment and moaned out loud, expressing her orgasm as he groaned in a deep voice.

Anson: ‘I’m gonna cum.. ‘

He pulled out of her and hurried over to her head, where the condom was unrolled on the way. Turning her head to his dick, he pried her lower jaw open and sank his meat in, jerking in quick, short motion while pushing on her chin.

As her teeth scratched his raw skin, a new sensation of pain-pleasure mix shot through his body, forcing his cum to explode all over her lips in a poorly angled aim. Most of it was dribbling down her cheeks but he had cleaned them up with a towel, looking a little lost but satisfied at the sight of his cum still squirting onto her face.

Once he was done, he wiped her as cleanly as he could and head into the showers. Job done and pleased (along) with her customer, she calmed herself down while the man took his belongings and left.

After ten minutes, her agent came through the door and let her take a sniff from a brown bottle, returning her energy to her. Knowing that the effects will only last for a while, she quickly washed up and wore her robe back, lying in the same position earlier before she felt weak again.

Agent: ‘The next customer will come at 4pm. Have a good rest till then.’

With that, he left her and the next customer really made his money worthwhile, raping her in all three holes till he creampied into that sore pussy.

Now guys, if you had a chance with her, how would you spend that S$500? Imagine she was your girlfriend in slumber? Or a slut unconscious on drugs?

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