Timid Timmy

Guy (shouting): ‘Oi! The guy in front!’

Timmy looked around him and saw no one else, turning to the back where the two couples chattered noisily for most of the journey.

Guy (shouting): ‘Come here lah!’

Fearing they might do something to him, he packed his stuff and moved to the back, sitting between the two girls facing their guys in the opposite seats. They took his belongings and placed them on the floor, before pinning his shoulders with their elbows. Looking confused, he was too frightened to ask them what they wanted, giving himself up to whatever was about to happen.

On his left side, the girl was wearing a black maxi tube dress that covered her legs and on his other side, she wore a spaghetti top with a pair of black denim skirt. Both looking sexy and lian-ish, he knew what were they capable of and let them do what they wanted. For this encounter, I will simply label the girls L and R, being the girls on the left and right side of him.

L did not think twice about the dares that their boys gave and slipped her hand under his shirt, pinching his nipples while R unbuttoned his jeans, lowering them to his mid-thighs and stroking the outside of his underwear. The two guys were just cheering them on as they saw his hard on, growing bigger to the seductive touches of R. Slowly, he found himself in a submissive state and no longer tried to think of excuses, letting them ravage his body to their wishes.

Once R was done playing with his underwear, she pulled them down and a huge tool measuring 8 inches flicked out into the air, surprising the guys opposite who were feeling inferior upon seeing his size.

L: ‘Wow! It’s so big! Bigger than yours hor?’

One of the guys ranted some vulgarities at his slutty girl and L’s hand dived for that long piece of cock, jerking it for a while before R’s hand joined hers.

R: ‘The dare was to blow him right?’

A word ‘fuck’ came from the other quieter guy and the girls adjusted their bodies to bend over to Timmy’s groin. They took a little sniff and realised that it actually smelled good, urging them to make their men jealous as they stuck their tongues out.

Guy2: ‘Eh, don’t you dare cum in my girlfriend’s mouth k? If not I’ll make sure you can’t walk again.’

The two tongues were licking his rod up and down by then, taking turns to suck his tip while letting their saliva lubricate that tool of his. Balls being fondled and lips stroking along his shaft, it did not take long for him to start groaning and the girls took each of his hands to their privates. Flipping and rolling up their bottoms, his fingers were guided to their shaved pussies and made to work, rubbing their clits as they sucked him off.

As they got wetter, he slipped his fingers inside them and made them squeal to the long bones of his middle fingers, reaching deep while they dived deeper on his cock.

L: ‘Later you two alight first. This guy is so much better than you two combined. Useless assholes.’

The guys immediately stood up and rushed to Timmy, but R (in skirt) quickly sat over his lap to prevent them from laying a finger on this prized find in a public transport.

R: ‘Don’t be sore losers leh. Fuck off lah! If not we will alight.’

One of the guys calmed the other one down and they took their belongings, continuously pressing the bell till the bus stopped at the next alighting area. Now, R was still on his lap and could feel his dick poking uncomfortably at her panties. Raising her hips a little, she pulled her undies to a side and sat down over his dick, sending him into a groan as it slid easily into her tight, wet hole.

L: ‘Eh! Who says you can go first. Next is me ah!’

R took her time to grind that shy boy who had his hands on her waist, slamming her down whenever she raised her butt. In less than two minutes, R was moaning louder and an overwhelming tightness greeted his dick, with a generous amount of juices flowing down his balls onto the floor.

L: ‘My turn. Move move.’

L got into doggie by leaning over to the last row of seats and wriggled her butt at him. Kneeling on one knee and standing with his other feet, he shoved his cock into her and thrust mercilessly, slurping hungrily with juices splashing over the floor. Pounding for a good few minutes, L’s voice got too dangerously loud but he did not take long to give her an orgasm as well.

Panting and covered in sweat, he was made to sit down between them again, and their hands went to his dick to resume the handjob.

R: ‘You know, I think I will rather have you as my boyfriend then them. They are so controlling and possessive.’
L: ‘Yeah! I know right? I also don’t mind having you.’

L’s head went to his dick after finishing what she wanted to say and went all out to deep throat him, throwing him into a little convulsion as his cockhead touched her contracting throat. R was just massaging his balls while saliva covered her hand, clearly enjoying the pleasurable expression of the little boy they picked up.

R (whispering): ‘Cumming?’
Timmy: ‘Yeah. A while more.’

R got up from her seat and snapped a picture of him receiving a blowjob, unaware to Timmy as he had his eyes closed. After two minutes of choking deep throat, his hands went over L’s head and pushed her deeper, while jerking his hips upwards. An extended groan signalled his final moments and L was moaning as well, at the same time his cock squirted the thick, creamy cum right down her throat.

She just kept swallowing as he came, without any strength to lift her head away from the pressure of his hands. Only after he was done, did he allow her to rest, and L squatted down to attack that sensitive little head of his. Struggling and pleading, R continued sucking while L pinned her elbow against his neck.

L: ‘Force fuck my mouth right? My sister will torture you for a while more.’

Timmy used one hand to reduce the choke hold and the other went to R’s head, shoving her as deeply and forcefully as her good ‘sister’ took it earlier. L saw how pitiful her friend got and tried to pull his hand away, but he was stronger and managed to keep her at an arm’s length. Gagging painfully, she had no choice but to let him use her mouth to fuck his dick until he relaxed his grip, but only letting her mouth stop at his mid-shaft height.

Unloading the second time, he filled her mouth up quickly, puffing her cheeks as he gave her as much as L got. When he was finally done after the three minutes of mouth-fuck, she fell backwards on her butt and stared at him fearfully, as she had never expected that from him.

R: ‘Jie, let him go. I’m alright. And slightly turned on by his violence.. ‘

She threw herself into his arms and spoke in the sweetest voice L had ever heard. Her eyes just glanced into his eyes so lovingly that he himself couldn’t understood what he did that changed her mood so suddenly.

R: ‘Can you be my boyfriend? I’ll do anything for you.. Please?’
L: ‘I want you too. I will listen to everything you want me to do. We will share you.’

He patted on both their heads and let them dress him up, before following one of them home for the night. Sisters for life, they found an 8 inch gem and indulged in the most intense sex they couldn’t break free from. Timid Timmy had unknowingly changed the lives of two girls gone awry.

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