A Calming Story

For Amanda’s twenty first birthday, she had a lot of presents but one stood out among the rest. One that was silver, shimmering, smooth, blunt on one end and the other shaped like a penis. As she was all alone in the MBS hotel room, the darkness of the night was calling her to put that gift to use.

Lying on the bed with a glass of red wine next to her, she had drank more than a bottle’s worth with her friends, and this particular present, was ‘given’ by someone hiding it in the bedroom that was out of bounds to her visitors. Now, there was no one else around, and the light-headedness was purring for the toy to be used as intended.

*Buzz buzz*

Unknown (Whatsapp): ‘Asleep?’
Amanda (Whatsapp): ‘Who is this?’

Unknown (Whatsapp): ‘You don’t need to know that. I hope you like my present. It’s probably more expensive than all the gifts combined. I’m sending a sound clip over now. Put on your earpiece and listen to it.’

The whole block of message came within a few seconds as though he had prepared it without knowing if she was even going to use it. The audio clip began downloading automatically and she connected it to her Jays earphones, stuffing the earbuds in and waiting for whatever sounds that was coming.

Instead of voices, it was the soothing sounds of waves crashing at the beach, with seagulls crowing, but nothing more. Slowly, her senses were relaxing themselves and the rod in her hand was brought to her legs. Wearing just her Hello Kitty nightdress, it was easy for her to strip her panties off, and angled the blunt end at her pussy.

As the waves quietened, a hypnotising hum came about and her legs parted naturally, without any clear instructions. The images of a male hand came into her mind, guiding the toy to move up and down her slit, causing her to get wetter as the low pitch wavered to a higher one.

A warm hand was felt brushing along her inner thighs, leading her to spread wider. The tip of the dildo entered her lubricated hole and it moved forth and back, inching its way into her as though someone else was controlling it.

Amanda opened her eyes to see if it was really happening and a dark figure was seated next to her hips, upper body darker than the surrounding even though she had the bedside lamp switched on. Unafraid of the person, the chances of having someone in her room was deemed to be impossible as she had locked the suite doors herself, leaving her to be at ease despite having an illusion before her eyes.

Feeling hotter by the thrusting dildo, she was soon masturbating herself in the most relaxed state of mind, going deeper as she felt her body yearning for more. A voice then came into her head to raise one of her knees to her chest, and she followed the instructions, allowing the toy to pierce deeper into her.

The orgasm that she expected was glowing in her pussy, from a faint tease to a strong urge, taking almost five minutes for the transition to take place. All of the sudden, the humming stopped and a chant came after.

Her hand stopped moving and pulled the toy out, flipping it to the other side where the penis head was waiting. Sinking it gracefully into herself, she felt warm on her abdomen, followed by her other hand moving to her breast and squeezing it sensually.

Moans came naturally out of her mouth and her breathing quickened, in the same tempo as the dick was fucking her harder. She had aimed it upwards at her g-spot where it felt best, and it was drawing her breaths away with every stroke.

As the chanting sped up, her hands kept up with it and she was soon groaning with screams in between, gasping for air as the dildo heated up above her body temperature. The sensation in her pussy was experiencing something on a different level, the toy had a heartbeat of its own and was as real as a guy’s tool, hot, fleshy, hard and soft at the correct areas.

Unaffected by the realism, she continued fucking herself with it till she was about to climax, maintaining control of her sexual urges. Thinking that the moment was almost there, she kept shoving the toy deeper till a jolt of electricity shot through her body, going from her spine down to her pelvis, where her pussy tightened around the toy.

The exhilarating orgasms made her pant very quickly but it wasn’t going away like usual. Instead, her hands had lost control and was thrusting the toy and kneading her own boobs forcefully, enhancing and delaying the orgasms that was flowing through her body.

Juices were leaking out of her cunt as the toy pumped away, keeping her in an ecstatic mood without a sign of disappearing any time soon. Part frightened, part tempted, it was the first time she felt her climax kept her high and sexy for more than thirty seconds.

Still energetic, the toy slurped faster and faster, digging into her love hole to her strong grip holding it in place. After more than two minutes, the dildo suddenly felt lifeless again, and she was about to wake up from the wet dream.

Just as she was returning to her senses, the toy began to feel rough yet slippery, throbbing its heartbeat into her pussy. A wave of warmness exited its tip and flowed through her tummy, like someone was applying snake oil on her abs.

The dildo was left ignored as she detected a sense of satisfaction from the toy, as though it had came with her. It slipped out of her body easily and she kicked it to where her hands could reach it, keeping it under the unused pillow next to her.

Turning to one side, she checked her phone again, and saw a ‘Goodnight‘ from the unknown number.

After what happened that evening, that sound clip was her company during each masturbation session, which got more and more frequent like an addiction. Only after two weeks, a guy in his twenties spoke to her on a bus she took to work, explaining that he was the one behind all these.

During that journey, the attention she paid to his voice led her to an empty stairwell of her office building, but this time, it was his dick thrusting inside of her, with droplets of sweat landing on her dress. Never had she felt so easily controlled in her life before, and to even enjoy the domination of the charismatic looking guy.

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