One Drink

As I finished my last shot of drink at the bar, I started walking out of the club since my body had enough with its low threshold for alcohol. It wasn’t often that I drank, just the second time in the club actually. Yes, I went alone. Intending to lean by the wall for a few minutes till my head cleared, another girl was also against the wall too, not too far to notice each other. I slid myself towards her and she just gave a drunk grin, slowly, I moved my hand up her arm and across the shoulder to her cheeks. It felt so easy, so convenient to kiss someone, but I didn’t do it. Silly me huh.

I sobered faster than her and spoke by her ears, giving her my name and asking.. if she needed help out of here. She stared at me for a few seconds with those droopy eyes and went to my ears, giving off a soft moan. Naturally, I went ‘huh?’ I had no mind to get sex at such a place, it was where alcohol took control and hormones loses control. I helped her out of the club and took out a stick of cigarette from the box she was holding. Placing it in her mouth, I lit it with a lighter borrowed from a nice guy beside and she smoked her senses back.

Me: ‘You alright?’

I shook my head at the effects of such night life, which ironically I was trying to get into – at least for that night. She did saw how I looked at her and her emotions went dipping for the worse.

Girl: ‘Do I look bad?’

I guess that’s what she thought when I gave her that disappointed look. It wasn’t for her though, it was for how we hide behind those flashing neons and blinding lasers to define ourselves. I leaned over towards her and gave her a hug, that I really needed too, to find that bit of humanity and hope in her.

Me: ‘Would you like to go home?’

Still hugging her tightly, she nodded and I left her by the curb. Flagging for a cab at this time wasn’t too hard. It was only eleven and I had a self-implemented curfew not to worry my family. She told the driver her destination and I realised it wasn’t too far from me too. Only then, it was the gentle warm lights from the street lamps that highlighted her fair complexion, complementing her average figure, which was actually perfect for the thick waves of blonde-black hair flowing down her shoulders. She was in a daze, looking out of the window, seemingly with a lot of thoughts in her mind. Trying to impress her with my ‘zen’, I just had to blurt out a string of metaphors to sound like she was in the right hands.

Me: ‘Sigh.. You must really be troubled to go to such a place to drown all your senses.”

The taxi swerved into the carpark of her block and she waited while I paid for the fare.

Girl: ‘Did I invite you up?’

– cock block! –

Girl: ‘Kidding! :P Come on up, there’s no one home.’

She did really stick out her tongue, and that made the whole situation a lot lighter. The house was like any other, neat living room, cluttered but organised kitchen and her messy bedroom. She went in and closed the door, while I rudely invade her kitchen, and found tea. Changing the water in the table top kettle, I couldn’t resist but prepared two glasses.

Girl (shouting): ‘Give me a while!’

Hot steam shot out of the kettle and I filled the cup half full. The door swung open and she was done, make up removed but lipstick stayed. The change of clothes was drastic, to an oversized shirt probably forgotten by her boyfriend. I held up the two cups and walked into the living room, when she turned and went into her room.

Girl: ‘You want to come in? There’s aircon in here.’

Why not? A girl invited me into her room yo. Like a lost sheep, I sat on the computer chair while she sat on the bed, with lots of space for me to join her in fact. Handing a cup to her, I made that daring transfer to her bed, next to her with some friendzone space.

Me: ‘You need rest.’

Girl: ‘I feel fine.’

Me: ‘No. Not just you. But her.’

Poking at her heart, she knew what I meant. I took her cup and she laid on the bed, crowded with soft toys that watched her sleep every night. Closing her eyes slowly, I dimmed the lights in the room and put my glass down too.

Shhhh..  I placed my hands against her cold calf and dragged it upwards slowly, opening and closing my five fingers, leaving a trail of invisible tickle. My hand tugged her shirt up as it reached between her legs, closing in on her crotch. It was a perfect cameltoe under a pair of thin satin panties. Pushing my four fingers against her panties, I swiped up and down against the smooth material.

A few minutes later, I pulled them downwards and off they went. Her eyes were opened, looking at me as my fingers went under the folds of skin and reach the clit, hidden nicely under her hood. Her mouth parted slightly and warm air exited, accompanied by a sweet sigh, close to a moan. My middle finger opened the path and found the entrance to be wet and ready, pushing just a section of my finger in, I closed in once again by her ears and whispered.

Me (whispering): ‘You can say no.’ ‘Or moan as a yes.’

I sank my finger deep into her and a moan escaped with increased breathing speed. That was obviously a yes right? My fingers went faster as she raised one of her knees to allow more space. Her two hands came to my jeans and undid it at the quickest speed, presumingly having done many times. I positioned myself at her pillow while my fingers still worked hard in and out of her. Her mouth gobbled my erection and sucked on it like a little baby, pressing her head against the pillow enabled her to go in and out with much effort.

Pulling my dick out of her mouth, she had to ask. ‘Fuck me’. She sucked me fiercely for a while more and then proceeded to turn to doggie, which I stopped. I got into bed with her and held her close in my arms. Tucking towards me like a kitten, she sniffed a few times before falling asleep, exhausted by the drinks and touches. I kissed her awake and our lips kept locked while I climbed over her, poking her a little awake with my dick. Eyes closed, she smiled and I pushed my way inside her. With her legs apart and out of the way, my groin pressed onto her pelvic bone and it added even more pressure in addition to her tightness. She was a tight wrap.

Thrusting my hips slowly, I had no choice but to start slow, and the speed increase wasn’t to be proud of either. Any loss in concentration would mean a misfire and a wasted shot. So I timed, and paced, it was tight at first, but as I went on, she loosened up and things went easier for me. Her arms went around me and hugged me while I pumped the life out of her, exchanging her heavy breathings for my sweat and cum.

Our wet bodies slid up and down across each other and our eyes did not shift a bit from each other as we felt the heat in our body increasing. The forces of nature were mysterious. I could feel myself getting bigger and she tightened. We could feel the magical change in each other, like two opposing forces evolving to match each other’s level of lust.

My balls were slapping against her pussy so hard and fast that she had came twice by the time I felt like blowing up. It was an intense moment as she could feel to, the hard throbbing of my veins ready to pump out some love into her. As she closed her legs around me, her pussy tightened and created the most mind-blowing vacuum ever to unload my soldiers into. She worked those trained muscles within to squeeze out every drop of my energy in a churning action, like a squeezing paste out of a tube. And once done, I had no other way to describe this but I just fell beside her and slept.

The next morning, the voice that broke the silence of the day was her screaming voice.

Girl (shouting): ‘HEYYYYY!’

What would you do to remedy a bad start of a day which you can’t remember half of yesterday? I walked to her room with a hearty breakfast of toast, eggs and sausages and a cold glass of milk.

Me: ‘Yes?’

She ate the sausages hungrily and spoke after she swallowed a bit.

Girl: ‘What happened last night?’

Me: ‘Last night? You slept after drinking the cup of tea I gave you?’

Going back into her stoned look, I placed the tray of food on a nearby desk and hugged her tightly. Whispering.. ‘Good morning’. So, my dear readers, did anything happen the previous night?

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