A Secret Forever

Lionel was very happy about his first escort he hired. It wasn’t really much escorting since he was looking for just a high-end fuck, and the price was steep too for a night of adventure. As arranged, the lady going by the name of Candy texted him her room number and said that everything was prepared like he requested. His dark desire to have sex with girls without them knowing how he looked like was well-hidden, and safe to his identity too. He made his way up to the hotel room and took a deep breath before he entered through the ajar door. Slowing making his way into the room, his eyes gleamed at the long thin legs that extends up her hips and desirable waistline, to her boobs covered in just a tube bra and a blindfold covering her mysterious eyes.

Her hair colour seemed somewhat familiar, to one of his cousins who had such a unique dye. Quickly looking at her IC which she placed by the bed for age verification, Lionel realised he got a bad request. She was his cousin, whom only met during Chinese New Year visits. Her name only played a small part when he asked for her since incest was never on his mind.

Lional: ‘Shhh..

He took his cuffs out and tied her hands to the bedframe, while thinking hard of a good excuse for rejecting. He had no wish for her to discover his secret fetish nor his expenditure on social services. Well, she was still blindfolded right? That might be a very smart move to begin with by requesting. Now, Lionel can just walk out of the room and text her that.. wait.

She WAS blindfolded. He walked back to her and put his hands up her dress, pulling the pair of yellow laced panties he had caught sight of at her place. Quietly, he began stripping and was naked, just that she couldn’t see him. Candy wasn’t a work name, it was her real name. Candy Hsu. It would been any guy’s dream to do her, possessing a untouchable body that seemed perfect in every way. She even confided in him regarding the irritation of guys going after her and now, he got what others couldn’t.

Sitting over her chest, her lips touched his rod and took it naturally into her mouth, while awaiting him to start thrusting his dick. Unable to control his satisfaction of the conquest, he took his phone out and took a picture of her sucking on his dick with the spy app. Without further ado, he forced his way down her throat and she started sucking on it like a pro. Yes, like a pro. She must had done this more than once. Her mouth was skilful, lubricating it excessively with her saliva, her lips kept those pretty teeth away from the oral abuse, pressing against his skin tightly and softly. He enjoyed watching her mouth handle his manhood with the pressure and a pleasant lip colour.

Then, he removed himself off her mouth and went downwards to missionary, kissing her passionately while pinching one of her nipples. His hand slid down to her pussy and started circling the clit, almost sending her into an orgasm when he suddenly thrust his dick into her unprepared hole, adding a slight pain to the pleasure from his fingers. Lionel’s hand resumed fondling her breasts while his body took over the humping his piece of forbidden meat. He could totally feel her vagina loosening itself until it was a fit and the walls tighten to increase the stimulation of his shaft. It was primitive the way those two did it, one bounded by the unknowns, one savouring the forbidden. Exactly how Eden got Eve to cover everything up. Something was about to go wrong with all those intense emotions.

Unfastening her hands, he flipped her around and rammed hard into her, sending her screaming as her body struggled to stay awake, while sanity slipped away with time. Her expression was priceless in front of the mirror. Her mouth had began salivating on its own and hair in a mess, almost looked like she was raped willingly, such irony. Lionel slowed down as tiredness kicked in, but Candy was just waiting to take over. She got up and turned around to sit on him, using his hand as a guide, her pussy went over his dick and the two hugged while she began riding him.

She went tighter and Lionel enjoyed the relaxing sex as she put in her work to satisfy her client. As she hugged him tightly while awaiting the overwhelming orgasms and heat to subside, she just had to whisper something that made Lionel question his actions.

Candy: ‘You smell like my cousin.’

Even more worried about getting exposed, he led her to the edge of the bed, bent her over and pounded her deep, in this support doggie position, her body felt every inch of his member and could reach every spot in hers. With her mind blacking out gradually, she knew the biggest climax was coming and it might well be with him.

There was no rubber between them, as stated in the deal, Lionel (luckily or unluckily) was certified to be infertile naturally, and unknown to him, she was also diagnosed with the same deformity. His hips went painfully hard against her butt and it shot out the biggest load of cum Candy ever felt in a long time, pumping waves after waves of goodness into her, she wasn’t even worried for a moment this could get her pregnant. Without menses, she had no ovaries. Without sperms in his semen, his cum didn’t mean anything.

Lionel: ‘Don’t worry Candy. I’m infertile.’

Candy: ‘What! So am I too. But why?’

The two young bodies took a long time to catch their breaths and finally, she requested to remove the blindfold.

Candy: ‘Sir, can I remove these?’

What would you do? He went over to her and removed the cloth, only to find tears swelling up in her eyes. She jumped on him and held him close for a long time.

Candy (sobbing): ‘I was scared.. I was so scared. I only picked you because your name gave me comfort. And your scent.. it made me regret giving in to myself and sign up for this escort nonsense. I was so glad it was not anyone else, but you.’

Lionel didn’t understand what was happening, but was hurt knowing she was infertile naturally. That was why she didn’t want a boyfriend. That was also why they found each other while being inside each other. The pair became the closest pair of siblings no one could understand except for their parents, who had no choice but to let them remain intimate with each other, knowing they can’t cause any accidents.

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