Three in One

It was a hard going out with two shopaholics, stopping at almost every shop to either see or try something, not even sparing the lingerie stores. Mara and her BFF, Jun Qi, were total head turners. Why was I with them? Well, benefits of being friends of friends plus a dash of friend zone. Mara was a mixed blood, less of muggle and more of Japanese. You would believe in magic if you ever set your eyes on her, short neat layered hairstyle, like a bob head luh, but with style. Tinted with a bit of brown, it complimented her tanned skin and the bikini tan lines were more than sexy on her. To make things worse (or better?), she wore a short dress that kind of tempted every males to check her out the wrong way. Jun Qi was quite the opposite of Mara, pure Chinese with unbelievably black thick hair usually reserved for TV commercials. She was fairer as she no matter how much sun she got, her complexion would ‘whiten’ her back in a day or two. Wearing a pair of jeans and checkered top, it was what a typical girl would dress in to flaunt her legs and less of sex.

Being the under dressed me, I was glad they didn’t mind my singlet and shorts. Looks like the aviator shades I got in Australia went with any outfit combo. We finally arrived at the mall they wanted to go to, which I presume they would spend less time since they knew what they needed, not like I would find out though. So, into a swimwear shop we went. As our society changed, I guessed it was getting common for guys to enter the changing rooms of lingerie and swimwear stores to pick a right one for the girls.

The two ladies being ladies, hopped into a room with quite a number of sets of bikinis and the giggles began. After a few minutes, things went silent and Jun Qi’s head popped out with her bare shoulders.

Jun Qi: ‘J, come in and help us see see.’

Sure, why not?

I entered the curtained cubicle and checked them out legally. It wasn’t that spacious though, I faced Mara first and Jun Qi pushed my body against M. Her lips automatically kissed and tongued me, with this gorgeous girl, which part of me should say no? My lips went to work and Jun Qi actually removed my pants and briefs from the back, till it was accessible enough for her to stroke it large. My hands had already undone all the tiny pieces of cloths on Mara and jun Qi’s bare boobs were pressed gently onto my back. I turned around for her and the marathon went on, with Mara’s hand on my rod and mouth on JQ’s.

Soon, Mara squeezed between me and JQ, giving me a peck before descending towards earth, placing my dick into her warm mouth while JQ continued giving me kisses. From her dressing, I could tell M was wilder, but it was beyond my imagination to know JQ was this kinky too. After a few minutes, M stopped and went behind me. Instead, JQ turned around and her tempting tiny butt was facing me, waiting for the deep drilling.. Wait. They were bringing it this far?

Mara: ‘Qi! No turning back le!’

She held my dick and pushed my waist against JQ, which went in without much effort despite we sort of skipped foreplay save for the kissing part. Once inside, JQ clenched her fists against the wall and I couldn’t help but force a stop in case she was in pain.

Me: ‘Does it hurt?’

Jun Qi (shaking her head): ‘Not painful, it feels too good but I can’t moan.’

Mara shoved me deep inside her and I continued the thrusting. It was especially a turn on to pin someone helpless against a wall and do her from behind with futile struggling. Suddenly, a knock against the wall from the other side shocked us and I had to explain that the girls were not done, cause it was really me being interrupted.

I held her waist firmly and went faster but shallower to quickly give her a few more orgasms and to get closer to mine. Finally, it was the rush and excitement that got me ready this quickly. Resuming the deep, hard thrusts, I made sure my full length went in and out of her till I was about to cum. As Mara was more experienced, her fondling of my balls weren’t just for pleasure’s sake, but to monitor my ‘cum time’. She pressed on an acupoint and pulled me away while pushing JQ away.

Jun Qi then turned around and went down on me while Mara jerked me off adding pressure to a few specific areas and I swear, it was the most intense ejaculation I felt. There was an energy surge as I shot my load hard into her mouth, the waves kept going as long as M kept up with the massaging till it was firing blanks. When she pulled her hand away from my rod, I then collapsed onto the carpet floor with my knees totally weak.

The girls proceeded to clean up and picked the piece of bikini they wanted and my strength returned after a while. While the girls slept on each other on the bus home, I felt extra awake. Probably from the magic Mara worked on me with her fingers. JQ woke up before Mara and whispered the most sensual message to me.

Jun Qi : ‘You taste nice. And I’m going to get more out of you.’

Magic by Mara too?

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