F’d Up

Cindy was on the second deck of the bus that was slowly emptying as it reached the last few stops before the express way. The long ride had taken its toll on her exhaustion from band training and her eyes was almost closed when suddenly loud footsteps came up the steps behind her, going to the front seats without the mirror (for the driver to monitor the upper deck). He put on his earphones and tapped on his Galaxy S3, except that it’s not some Korean drama or YouTube video, but porn. Cindy couldn’t be more disgusted and proceeded to lean her head against the windows.

Suddenly, she heard a zip went fast and the man in front of her had whipped out his brown flaccid dick and began wanking while watching. It rose to a stand in seconds and Cindy could not ignore the scene anymore. The man turned around and saw her watching him. Quickly, he stood up and went beside her, with his dick still out and up.

Man: ‘Girl, you like what you see?’

His fingers immediately went into a pinching position at her thigh, which sent a straightforward message to her. Humiliation is humiliation, but if there wasn’t anyone who saw, she wasn’t really shamed right? The pain would be unbearable for her small body hardly getting any exercise. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his dick, while giving her a little pain as stimulant. Well, Cindy wasn’t really inexperienced or that innocent. She just didn’t went to the full extend with her boyfriend, since he was still in the army.

Her hand went around his dick and began stroking the monstrous meat, definitely bigger than her teenage boyfriend. Though it wasn’t right to be putting too much thought while she was being forced on, her body did a mental pairing and wetted a little as she tried to ‘fit’ him inside. The man continued watching his show while her hand continued stroking him. And then, a few minutes later, the film ended and he turned his attention to her.

Cindy was wearing a singlet that was too big, but the tube bra did cover what should be covered. Her beautiful fair shoulders were exposed to the man’s nose and her scent just turned him on even more. If it really did escalate to a rape, she would do anything to stop him. But the man knew his limits. He reached into her singlet and squeezed her A sized boobs, making out the location of her nipples and pinching them lightly. Her hand increased speed and her grip loosened with control. As her pussy began flowing juices, a breath of moan escaped and her paced went even faster.

The man had ran his hand between her thighs and massaging her pussy with his strong arms. It wasn’t done in her pants though, just atop her shorts. Her pussy was leaking so much that she figured it would only be time before he got tempted by her wetness. The man’s body shivered and his load of cum shot into the backseat of the chair in front, while his hand went even faster and gave Cindy a small orgasm from the external massage.

He zipped up quickly and went down to the lower deck, waiting for the next stop to come before this young lady made her move. As for Cindy, she wiped her hands with the whole packet of desensitising tissue. The moisture in her panties then did the work of reminding her how dirty she was to get turned on by such an incident, which she admitted by giving herself a treat of orgasms once she got home.

Many a time, we remember ‘see no touch’, but what if the world had prepared to cross the line?

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