Caught in the Act

It wasn’t to get caught stealing a neighbour’s panties and worse, to be wanking on it at the stairs. Carolle finally caught the culprit who had been stealing her panties off the racks at the corridor. Snatching away his pants, she found his wallet and had a close look at him.

Carolle: ‘Randy, 13. S99xxxxxG.’
Randy: ‘Nono, please don’t report me to the police!’
Carolle: ‘You’re caught with your pants down and with my panties in your hand. What do you have to say for yourself?’
Randy: ‘I’m sorry jiejie. I will wash and return it. I’ll do anything you say. Just don’t report me to the police.’
Carolle: ‘You think I’m stupid? You’re a guy, what can you NOT do that I wanted?’
Randy: ‘Please.. I don’t have any money to give.’

In her mind, tons of thoughts were filling her up, but it wasn’t anger nor contempt. It looked more like a complicated scheme was being formulated. Maybe the best punishment wasn’t discipline, since it would not do much to shrink his balls of steel. Instead.. he should be taught a lesson, by leaving a scar on his childhood.

Carolle: ‘Unbutton your shirt.’

Randy froze, but did not bargain. He was at his wits end anyway, being pants-less is as good as being naked. He did as told and waited. Carolle sat on one of the steps and turned him to face her. His dick had shrivelled, but the foreskin was still exposed. Alternating between his shocked expression and his boyhood, it was quite amusing to let him believe such a ‘good’ thing would happen. She took his penis between two fingers and began stroking. Well, it wasn’t really stroking either, just up and down.

In seconds, warmth filled the piece of meat and it was soon throbbing with life. What’s next?

Carolle: ‘Sniff my panties.’

He raised her underwear to his nose and took breaths while his dick twitched with every inhalation. It was fun to see how his body cope with the unbelievable pleasure. Carolle by then had wrapped her fingers around his dick and jerking him at random speed, diving him to the rails for balance as he sniffed and shivered. For a 13 year old boy, he lasted well with her skilful hand and could tire her out – a little.

Still in front of him, she applied her killer moves, ‘caterpillar fingers’, to press on his shaft while still going up and down, like a squeezing motion of a toothpaste. And with her magic, Randy was cumming. The build up could be felt the moment his balls tightened, and the base of his balls created a vacuum. Pointing his dick away from her face, the eruption poured the white lava all over the walls and stairs, some even reached her height on the wall as well.

Shocked by the amount of cum he had, it took Carolle a minute to whip out her phone and snapped a few pictures for memory sake. Oblivious to her, Randy had been watching her downblouse all the time she was masturbating him. Who really lost out?

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