Sex Prints

Me: ‘No one takes neoprints anymore!’

Vanice: ‘Well, I do! Come on.’

The random photoshoot began and it was just me, in shorts and t-shirt and her, in a spag top and skirt. Guess it was a typical outfit for modern teens huh? Positions slowly progressed as we stood side by side for two shots, then me behind her.. and having my hands grabbed her 34C boobs out of a sudden. It was a hard squeeze, possibly a painful one, but Vanice was moaning either way. The rest of the photos were of me trying to expose her panties and her pulling down my pants to show my dirty secret. Well, the machine wouldn’t want you to spend an hour inside right? So, the photos were done and we had to quickly get dressed to edit our photos.

Neither of us had the mood to do much editing to the photos as they were pretty messed up, like blurred despite the flash, butt blocked, flinging hair. We quickly got the batch out and went back into the machine, it was sweet to have both of us thinking the same without saying anything. As soon as we reached the horizontal pole to lean against, our lips touched and we began roaming each others’ bodies, clothed, as people might just stick their heads in to busybody. In the midst of heated tongue fight, I could feel her erected nipples through her top and my bulge was undeniable. It was aching to get out. Her fingers traced along the curves of my pants and stroke it from the outside. Damn, it was going to explode! My hand fondled its way up her skirt and began teasing her clit, although it was done from her panties, I was sure it hit the right spot when she pulled my shorts open and slid her hand into my pants in frantic. We were like a couple making out, slowly losing our control of minds as our bodies melted together.

Massaging my dick with her fingers and palm, there was only that much she could do. As she was leaning against the pole, I could slowly kneel and pulled her panties off at the same time. She was the lookout. I just had to lift one of her legs onto my shoulder and lick the dripping hole to a leak. Her moans were getting louder and she had no choice but to use her hands to cover her mouth, but the breathing was still audible. After a while, she helped me up and lowered my shorts. Still facing me, she raised one leg onto the pole she was leaning on, and I pushed my dick in. She was tight, damn tight, even though her legs were wide apart. Her waist was small enough to hold on to, since she was balancing with one leg touching the ground.

My body began its movement in and out of her, by just moving forward and back, the support was quite low and she was quite petite as well. Her gymnast figure was perfect and made her light, so I could hug her while continue ramming into her. It was sensual to have her pussy twitching as I brushed my veins along her vaginal walls, there was moments of breaks as we just had to savour the moment we were connected.

Soon, laughter and giggling got louder, I had to carry her nearer to the screen. Still pounding into her, she continued to hug me tight and cling onto me cosily, like a koala on a tree. I was basically doing it hands-free with just her hands around my neck while I just kept thrusting.

Me: ‘Shall we take photos now?’

Vanice: ‘Em!~ but I’ll choose the settings this time!’

She dismounted me and I passed her the coins. While she was feeding the machine, I placed my dick inside from the back and her legs almost gave way, as it was the most sensitive position which she enjoyed no matter the occasions or locations. My turn to lean on the pole while she stood in front of me, trying to focus on the controller while I continued sliding my hard cock in and out of her tiny pussy. She was shaved, tight, her slit was so small that her (one and only ex) was worried he would injure her therefore not giving her his 110%. But with the toys she experimented, Vanice knew better what could and could not fit.

After each selection, there would be a countdown if the user didn’t press ‘Enter’. So, that would be our cue to start getting on it, carrying on with fucking, getting warmed up for the speed challenge. She maintained her forward bent position while I took her in standing doggie, leaning onto the support beam for balance and force. I was deep inside her, and her eyes were closed. Then, as the countdown started, I went faster and her lips opened that slightly before the flash went off and we knew that position was over.

Swapping place, she climbed onto the pole again and I went back to the first missionary position, and kept thrusting till the second flash fired. I was worried I mis-timed my ejaculation, but from what I know, there were about 4 to 5 more photos. I could only keep it going until time came for me. We changed to the koala hug one, without much effort as she merely wrapped her legs around my waist from the previous spread eagle. It was tough not to cum while waiting my body kept going on its own.

Vanice (whispering): ‘You can cum now, but on my face k?’

I don’t really care where I came, I just need to release it. It was too thrilling to be doing this in public and her.. body was just irresistible. Her small lips telling you to cum on her baby face. Her body pushing you to the limits while wanting you to cum at the right time. It was hard. I was hard. Doing one more pose for the sake of photos, I went down to lick her south again (for a few seconds) and then went back to doggie. Ignoring the subsequent 2 or 3 flashes, I kept pounding and pounding her ass mindlessly. Till she was fucked right in front of the screen and I think a photo was taken in that angle. As the machine counted down to the last two photos, I went deeper and faster and pulled out in time as I loaded my testicles.

Vanice squatted down and took it into her mouth. Her hands pulled against my butt, forcing my dick to go deep down her throat. God, it was the best feeling ever as I felt my cum get pushed out with the maximum force and suction. She timed it nicely that I gave the strongest force right on her face, in front of the camera (I had to tip-toe to reach the camera’s height). Her eyelashes, nose, mouth was covered in my load of watery cum and it was the last straw for me to watch her lick whatever she could with her tongue. We cleaned up the cum on her face and left the studio before anyone could peek at our photos on the editing screens.

Well. what more could I say? Photos were studio quality.. and the two of us had fun. Though it was scary at times. After we got the photos printed out, Vanice continued to do some shopping which we had part two in a changing room. That’s for another time.

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