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It was the worse day of Ameline’s life as her brother came home out of a sudden and found her having sex with an unknown guy over 30 years old. The guy immediately pulled up his pants and left the place after throwing two fifty dollars notes on the floor. Adrian stood at the door, watching his sister adjust her dress and crumble onto the floor sobbing.

Ameline: ‘I’m sorry kor. I just needed the extra money.’

It was no surprise she was short of cash, her money went to clothes, bags and cosmetics, there was nothing she was short of, except pride. Leaning on the sofa while seated on the floor, her pussy was still dripping and her bare butt were almost numbed. Adrian went over and picked her up, bringing to her room. No word came out of his mouth. She knew her life would be over if her parents found out, she would be caned. All her freedom would be gone. What was her brother thinking?

Ameline: ‘Kor, please don’t tell mum and dad? I’ll do anything for you. If you want sex.. I can too.’

Adrian: ‘Amy.. ‘

He shook his head and went back to his room. Lying on his bed, there was so many things running through his head. Blackmail? Support? Ignore? Within minutes, his door opened and his sister stood at the doorway, dressed in a fresh piece of dress, flaring at the waist down. She then removed her panties from under and threw it on his bed, there was no way she would let him have any doubts or confusion over what he saw. Sitting over his body, she bent over to give him his first kiss to incest.

Suddenly, he pushed her off to the side and pinned her down. Ameline could not understand, why would he want to resist? She was offering herself on a plate. Her brother can’t be gay. He was hard, very hard for her. She could feel it on her abdomen.

Adrain: ‘Sis, not now. I am confused.’

Ameline: ‘That’s why I offered myself to you, so you won’t be confused.’

Adrian: ‘It’s not right. I can’t do it.’

It was something else he wanted from her. It was for her good as well.

Adrian: ‘I’ll be bringing you to meet someone. Do what you did earlier, if the deal is successful, we can then celebrate.’

That night, he brought his sister out in the pink flare dress she wore for him, to meet his biggest client, who was also a rich pervert who would pay to do almost anything kinky. His eyes gleamed as he saw the girl beside Adrian, filled with pure greed and guilt. They shook hands and introduced each other, then he brought the client aside to speak.

Adrian: ‘Bro, it’s my sister there. She is willing to help me to close that business deal with you. How?’

Collin: ‘Steady lah. Sign now sign now.’

He signed the piece of paper quickly and the three of them proceeded up to his room. As agreed before, Adrian will be in the room while they two carried out the deed. In the lift, she held his hands and began kissing him like her boyfriend. Thankfully, she didn’t have one then. The duo hastened their pace to the room and Adrian sat on a chair facing them. Collin then lifted her dress up in one pull and immediately went for her pink nipples the moment he realised she didn’t had a bra beneath, and while feasting on her nipples, his hands peeled those translucent black panties off her. After a few minutes of licking her wet and horny, her pussy was dripping once again, staining the bedsheets. That was exactly what that client was looking for, someone who could match his lust.

Ameline pushed him backwards and he fell onto the bed, watching her unzip his fly and wrestle his monster cock out. Giving him the CFM face, her mouth opened and as the rod disappeared, his eyes closed and he fell dazed. All the while, she was pulling his pants down and away. As he unbuttoned the last of his shirt, he pulled them off and pushed Ameline on her back.

Collin: ‘My turn.’

*knock knock*

The two paused as Adrian went to open the door for her good friend Rachelle to enter. Bewildered, Collin continued to finger Ameline as they watched him remove his pants and return to his seat, before Rach went down on her knees to suck on his dick diligently. Smiling in sync, Collin then park his meat and began going in and out of her.

Adrian: ‘Rach, let’s change positon.’

She stood up and bent over, facing the couple while waiting for her master to guide himself in. Tugging at her waist gently, she sat down over his cock and began riding him as they watched the other pair having wild sex. Ameline’s pussy was squirting out juices time to time and so was Rach’s pussy, flowing like a broken tap. The chair and bed were so wet that the guys decided to get onto the bed, ramming their girls in doggie like a wheelbarrow challenge. It was a race to cum.

Ameline squeezed her pussy tighter to help her brother win, but instead, received a compliment from Collin. Being exposed, Rachelle too squeezed tighter for the sake of playing and it was pushing Adrian over the edge.

Collin: ‘Oh my bitch, you have gotten tighter! And it feels right!’

With that, he rammed her tightened slit faster and deeper, involuntarily causing more vacuum as her body pushed him ‘out’. Adrian wasn’t going to just give in too, clenching his energy in his balls, he too hammered Rachelle so hard that her pussy collapsed before her, weakening and loosening for him to abuse as he liked. With the two girls moaning and screaming, the countdown had began for both men, ready to unleash their tadpoles.

After three minutes of mindless pounding, Ameline had stopped her moans and almost passed out perspiring from the fuckathon. Rachelle on the other hand, was fighting with Adrian as his balls charged up and she felt the veins around his shaft thickened. As the two men came together, the girls fell lifeless onto the bed, feeling their ravaged pussies get filled from the gushes of thick cum pouring into them.

The two dicks exited the girls and they sat on the bed catching their breaths enjoying the view of overflowing pussies. Collin washed himself up and left the room to the three of them, satisfied and pleased with the dealings.

Adrian: ‘Sis, we did it. The deal was closed, and.. you don’t have to sell your pride anymore. Rachelle.. she’s yours.’

He went to another seat and Rach went between Ameline’s legs to lick the drying cum, swallowing whatever was still flowing. Pulling a double dildo from under the pillows, she pushed one end into herself and the other into Ameline. The two ladies began fucking the dildo and enjoyed themselves. Ameline, on the other hand, could not help it but gave her loving brother a handjob and came hard as he sprayed his load on her face, with Rachelle licking and swallowing it up.

Would you had done different from Adrian?

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