Girlfriend’s Sister

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We all know about guys fantasizing about their girlfriends’ hotter mums or sisters, but a general rule of ‘not shitting where you eat’ prevent their dicks from over ruling their heads. That means you (as a guy) would be going to her house and having any sexual relationship with anyone else would make the situation awkward, no doubt, I’m sure there are some successful ‘family bonding’ with more than their girlfriends.

After a whole day of work, it was only 6pm that Jade and Shaun met. It was a hectic day for Shaun as he was in the service industry, travelling around the island responding to on-site servers recovery. The number of girls he came in contact with was little to none, and those hormones were going crazy with the thought of meeting his girl after work. For Jade, work was pretty easy, her job was to dress sexy, and serve as a distraction for distributors as her colleagues make the deal. She would then be the one who visited them occasionally to replenish or increase their distributors’ stocks. Driven around in cars and treated well, it was opposite of how a supplier – distributor relationship thanks to her beauty.

By the time they met after work, the two had gone crazy and started stripping each other. Shaun pulling away Jade’s tank top and her skirt, after which she went on her knees to remove his pants and began sucking his little one awake. Shaun would then sit on the edge of the single bed and enjoyed her head. Her tongue faithfully stayed below his shaft while her lips lightly pasted over his skin, sliding up and down the full length of his rod. Her blowjob had been one of her best skill as he could tell it wasn’t a pussy-replacement but rather a brand new experience. The wetness came from her tongue, and the tightness came from the light suction, once in a while, she would pause somewhere in the middle and tickle his pee hole with her tongue, which never fail to send Shaun into the next stage.

Helping her up and pushing her on the bed, she would be on her fours at the edge where he sat and he would go on his knees while Jade adjusted lower. Her legs would be pressed tightly together for Shaun to feast on her little oyster. Licking up and down her slit, Jade would slowly rise to expose her clit so her awesome boyfriend would attack it like a playful kitten and finally, suckle on it. No amount of sucking would numb it as there were enough nerve endings to drive her insane before it went numb. She would allow him to keep going at it for 2-3 minutes before she went a little more crazy to ask Shaun for his dick inside her.

The foreplay was great for the both of them, with Jade pleasing Shaun and then swapping around. They had to keep a watch at the time too, since it was a shared bedroom with her younger sister, an agreement had been made to quieten down at 8pm which then she could enter and do her stuff. Hastening their pace, Shaun entered Jade raw as usual and began fucking her as he watched how her head threw around and trying to gather blankets and pillows to cover her moans. The couple kept humping for a good 5 minutes and Jade was almost losing her mind.

Jade: ‘I can’t take it anymore. Can you cum already?’

Shaun turned her over to her back and continued in missionary, sealing her moans with his lips and tongue. As he pounded on, his balls slowly gathered themselves and the delay countdown started. Once he felt the end cumming, he pulled out of her sore pussy and stood by the bed as she lowered her head over it. It was their usual method to end the session as she would use her skilful mouth to suck him off at a fast pace until he held her head close onto his groin and released waves after waves of cum, while she collected the load of sperms.

After finishing with the last wave, he exited her mouth while she sucked the remaining juice out of him, showing his precious gifts to her swirling in her mouth before swallowing it. The two would then cuddle and kiss wearing only their top and underwear for their bottoms.

Judy knocked on the door and entered. For the first time, the 16 year old wore a translucent piece of shirt over her strapless crystal studded bra and a short cotton skirt. Even Jade was surprised and found out that she was invited to a friend’s birthday party in a club, so had to dress this way to fit in. Shaun was immediately turned on by her small figure and bearing a look a little older for her age. She was basically a doll that any guy would love to abuse and control. Her boobs were around 34B, small, but full under those bras, a waist that probably he can wrap his two hands around and slim legs, super slim legs. Jade on the other hand was more balanced since she was older, but it was the urge for something different that sent Shaun’s thought’s running about.

Judy then exited the room with her sleepwear to change into. Jade and Shaun snuggled under the bed and continued making out while Judy did her own things until 11pm, which was her usual sleeping time.

Lights went out and the touchy touchy actions resumed for the couple until Jade fell asleep. Shaun, sleeping opposite her, whispered that he needed a drink and left the bed. He stood beside Judy for a while and admired her body, which her nightdress accidentally lifted up to her butt which exposed her loose worn out panties. She was hugging her bolster in her arms and it was so peaceful to watch her sleeping like a child.

Part 1 | Part 2

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