Sister’s Boyfriend

Part 1 | Part 2

Shaun had his glass of water but held some in his mouth when he returned to Judy. She had turned to face the ceiling and legs were close enough for him to pull her panties off. So, gathering all his courage, he patiently tugged at her waistband as she moved in her sleep, until it was off her ankles. It was close to 2am when she finally resumed her bolster hug position facing the wall and had provided Shaun enough space on her bed to climb onto.

Dripping a few drops of water on his hand, it had been warmed for being too long in his mouth and gently, he applied some to Judy’s pussy. After making sure she was wet, he pushed his pinky in and that jolted her awake. Quickly, he pinned her hands together over the bolster and pressed her head with his onto the bolster as well. Already arching over her body, he forced his dick into her virgin pussy and began stroking her insides with his rod. As much as Judy struggled, it had been pretty quiet and controlled. There wasn’t anything she could do at all. After she started sobbing, the struggle had stopped and Shaun had full control of her body, just pumping in and out of her.

Taking her phone by the bed and browsing through while still fucking the poor girl, he saw some SMSes from the boyfriend about her great blowjob and the threesome he had with his friend. Quickly making a mental note of his number, he put it back down and continued until he was about to cum. Pulling it out of her, he covered her in blanket and made things very clear to her.

Shaun (whispering): ‘Let me warn you, if you tell anyone, I will expose this to your sister that you had been involved in a group sex. And you’re only 16.’

He went back to his bed while Judy quickly put on her panties again, crying herself asleep under the blankets. Standing by the bed, he kissed Jade awake and pushed his juice covered cock into her mouth, which she guessed he was still horny and sucked for a good 5 minutes before he came for the second time with a similar amount of cum and she swallowed without a word and hugged him to sleep.

From that night onwards, the period of time from 2 to 3am would be a secret rendezvous in the kitchen toilet with Jade’s sister while he fucked her brains out of her sweet young body, gradually increasing her addiction to submissive sex.

Part 1 | Part 2

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