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Beng: ‘Eh bro~ Today I got lobang for you. Since you always help me out, this time I help you out. Choose choose.’

Raymond had been helping out a friend, that doesn’t exactly do legal businesses, but since it was that easy for him, he had many times hacked the police’s database and retrieved information Beng wanted. On one hand, there was the good guy Raymond looking for a challenge to test the system, and Beng, the bad, to always give Ray challenges. That special day, Beng brought Raymond to his workplace, actually, more of a private terrace than work, to play. In front of them, were three girls, local, Chinese and authentic.

Beng: ‘Ray, these three girls had owed us enough money to get membership to work here. So, as brothers, feel free to pick one. They are all GND type.’

Raymond had no intention of going for that kind of casual sex but since he needed company that night, might as well. Peering over his glasses, the girl in the middle caught his eyes. Shy, brown haired, with those big contact lenses, a spaghetti top and a sheer skirt, it wasn’t that hard to see her black thongs. Pointing at her, Beng pulled the next prettier one and ask the both of them to make Raymond happy. Surprised by the extra head, the two of them led him into the a room and Beng’s singing voice echoed away further. Raymond requested the other girl to take a seat in a corner as he intended to spend time with the brown-haired one.

Girl: ‘I’m Xin Ru.’

Her head was kept low as she spoke but Ray wasn’t in a hurry. Clicking on his iPhone, he selected a fast paced song and requested her to do a striptease. Under Beng’s instigation, she was not to reject any requests as long as it didn’t involve pain. So she danced. Her body loosened up to the music after a while and she was peeling her clothes in rhythm. As she got to her skirt, which was the last piece since she removed her panties before it, she helped Raymond to his feet and removed his clothes too. Once naked, she jumped onto him but Ray gently put her down on the bed.

Raymond: ‘Let’s take it slow.’

Suddenly, the door knocked and Beng came in, holding a box and a sachet.

Beng: ‘Bro, this is for you. Legal one, safe. And this packet is for her, medicine.’

The box contained Viagra, from a clinic with its name on it. And the sachet contains three yellow pills. He popped a pill with water and proceeded to climb over Xin Ru. Her eyes were on the pills by the table, resisting the urge to ask, but Ray knew it was drug, which she was addicted to already. Taking a pause, he took one out and fed it to her, and passed some water with his mouth to help her swallow it.

Her pupils dilated quickly and rolled behind her long lashes. She wriggled herself down to his groin and took his dick into her mouth. It fitted her mouth perfectly and that was all she could take too. Sucking faithfully on it, Raymond’s hip started moving and it was as though he was doing her missionary, except it was her mouth he was using. She was using her tongue to tickle his shaft while he continued ramming it down her throat, making him even harder with the warmth and saliva. It was going fast and smooth, yet without any repulsive gags or chokes.

After a few minutes, Ray got off her and adjusted her back to the pillows. Xin Ru was already high from the drug and murmuring nonsense with random arm movements. Plunging his stick into her wet pussy, it was the tightest he had felt in a long time. Her muscles were contracting and relaxing randomly, while he tried go faster beyond his speed. With the help of the Viagra, he was far from cumming and he might even need the girl in the corner to relieve the pressure in his shaft. Receiving the double dose of pleasure, Xin Ru was close to blacking out but as the first orgasm neared, her eyes returned to normal and screamed as her pussy tightened so much that Ray used it to pump faster, till her climax subsided and her juices flowed.

Holding her shoulders down with his elbows, he thrust harder and deeper into her which sent her into another orgasm shortly after the first. As Ray continued fucking Xin Ru in a state of high, it didn’t take long for her body to give in and the moans softened, and her pussy returning to normal tightness.

Raymond: ‘Come, lie on the bed.’

Drug free and sober, Alicia was a little turned on by his performance and how he made her friend scream in ecstasy. Having cleared the wet and wild ride, it was time for a slow and relaxed one. He lay on the bed in exhaustion and Alicia came over to give him her blowjob, hoping he would be satisfied and not complain to Beng for being bad in bed. As his eyes closed for a rest, his little head was swelling from the teasing of his pee hole by her tongue. Like a little girl subduing a big lollipop, she licked the shaft diligently until pre-cum pearled on the tip. She then swallowed his huge red monster and forced herself to go deep on him, making the fit Raymond moan.

Not planning to strip naked, her choice of a tube and a normal denim miniskirt helped him imagine he was doing a quickie with her, even though things had been happening slowly. Her short hair wasn’t one that was unkempt, but instead was professionally layered and cut. She was basically a sex doll for him. Like Xin Ru, she had removed her panties before jumping into bed with him, and already braless from the start.

Her pussy was getting wetter by the seconds as she knew he was enjoying it, moaning in her mercy. Still resting, Alicia had taken charge and she slid up his legs, until her pussy was right over his dick. Slowly sitting backwards, she managed to position it outside her slit and it was after a deep breath that she sat back and engulf his monster inside her. Damn! It was a totally different feel from Xin Ru, her hole was softer and less warm, but Ray could feel much more inside her.

She began moving her ass up and down his groin, savouring the living meat stick as the veins and mushroom head brushed along her vagina. Every groove of his dick could be felt and it was making her even wetter. Even with more juices flowing as lubrication, Raymond could feel her close fitting flesh on his. Increasing the pace, it was no longer Alicia that wanted him, the little devil in her had taken over her body. The grinding continued and the two was enjoying a sensual love making session. And true enough, it lasted for a good ten minutes before Raymond gathered his energy.

Changing to doggie style, Alicia’s pussy was moving on its own to plead for his fat cock to be once again in her. Pushing in with care, her closed thighs provided an even closer fit for him. Raymond went to start pounding her butt with his pelvic, shoving her so hard she was sure her pussy would be sore afterwards. With the extra energy, he kept up his tempo and sent her into a series of orgasms, that continued to attack her small body. Her skirt was well out of the way since it was short enough, and didn’t hinder the sex.

Drips of cum was dripping out of her hole and staining the sheets, with Xin Ru sleeping soundly beside. With a slap on Xin Ru’s thigh, she woke up grudgingly and Raymond shifted Alicia over her. He used Alicia’s legs to hold up Xin Ru’s legs as he shoved his dick into Alicia, with the two pussies conveniently located for his thrashing, he hammered the lives out of the two girls and they kissed each other in the midst of excitement, making out passionately as Raymond enjoyed his reward. Beng had pushed the door ajar and watched his good brother enjoyed before returning to his room to his girl.

As the night ticked away, his balls were screaming to shoot but somehow, the little blue pill had worked well. Fifteen minutes of frenzied sex later, the girls were drained of energy to move but continued kissing as the orgasms kept coming at them. Nearing his end, he forcefully rammed into Xin Ru’s (the girl below) pussy. Xin Ru wrapped her legs around him and pushed him deeper as she was approaching climax.

Although Raymond was high, he knew he would not cum into any of them, fearing they might get pregnant. Finally, his gun cocked and Raymond slipped out of Xin Ru, he forced his dick deep into Alicia for the final few thrusts and unloaded his rounds into her, filling her womb till it dripped cum onto the pussy of the girl below. Excited by the warm cum, the two hugged each other tightly as their orgasms overpowered their endowed bodies.

The three of them fell like dominos on the bed and panted hard. With his last bit of energy, he took the two yellow pills and passed it to the two girls, which they swallowed hard without water. As he took his rest for the night, the two girls were recharged by the pills and they continued pleasing their master. Alternating between blowjobs and cowgirl riding they had energy to play late into the night until tiredness caught up with them and they asleep all over the bed,

Sunlight broke the darkness of the room after a long time and Raymond woke up, finding his dick inside Alicia, the girl with the small body. Realising the two girls will not be waking up soon, he positioned the two of them to face downwards on the bed and took his time to fuck them, switching the moment each of them received an orgasm, which he could feel with their drenched and tightening pussies. Squirting whatever cum left on their bodies, he tucked them in nicely and got dressed.

By then, Beng had woken up and cooked a meal with his ‘slave’ for the three of them. Shortly after, the girls woke up and cuddled with Raymond till it was time to leave. At the door, Beng handed a thick wad of notes to Raymond. Thanking him for his help these years, and that he would be giving him brand new and more challenging tasks. The two girls came to the door too and broke a little news to him.

Xin Ru: ‘Actually, Alicia is my younger sister, and to be frank, we had the best sex with you although we had not served many guys. Come back when you’re free. I think Beng will let us service you again.’

Looking at the shimmer of hope in their eyes, Beng just shouted ‘They’re yours bro!‘ and disappeared behind the door. The two girls sent Raymond off and he left the workplace as a satisfied rich man with a legitimate box of Viagra.

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