With Much Gratitude

Zi Rong: ‘Why did you agree to come so far to meet me here?’
Kailing: ‘Cause I needed to borrow money from you? So I figured I should be the one making the trip.’

She had met him at the stairs of his house as planned to retrieve the few hundred dollars she needed to tide through her family’s financial burden. They had known each other for some time and Kailing is a quiet girl who is known to spend very little due to the low income her parents bring in, but her friends will not let her fork out a single cent when they went out together. This time, her dad, the only breadwinner, had suffered a small accident and he could not make any deliveries, at least till he recovered.

Zi Rong climbed to the step behind her and took a wristlet from his bag, handing it to her unzipped. She checked the contents and saw the few pieces of blue notes, along with a few S$10s.

Kailing: ‘Why got extra?’
Zi Rong: ‘For you to spend lo. Don’t need to pay that back.’
Kailing: ‘Huh? Really? Why you so nice to me?’
Zi Rong: ‘Cause I know you’re a good girl. It must be tough for you.’
Kailing: ‘Thanks.’

After packing his bag into a corner, he placed his arms over her shoulders and she stayed still without hiding away. His hands then went into the collar of her shirt and dived straight into her bra, reaching for her nipples and giving them a squeeze.

Zi Rong: ‘You’re fine with it?’
Kailing: ‘Yeah. You can play with it if you want.’
Zi Rong: ‘Why?’
Kailing: ‘Cause you’ve done so much for me.’

He almost stopped himself from the guilty act but she did not struggle or show any signs of unwillingness. In fact, her head laid on his chest as he continued to fondle her breasts, till she was moaning in short, soft purrs. Zi Rong’s body was responding to her voice and his dick grew longer, poking against her back. It was only a matter of time before he needed to ask her to do something.

Zi Rong: ‘You want to remove your shorts?’
Kailing: ‘Okay.’

She stood up and stripped her shorts off, leaving the plain nude coloured panties to cover her privates. He made her sit beside him and sat one step lower, going between her legs for the next part. Pushing her panties to a side, he found her clit by sliding his fingertip upwards her pussy and she groaned as the finger circled with a light pressure. Her hands went to his arm to hold him down but she wasn’t resisting.

Zi Rong: ‘Feels good?’
Kailing: ‘Yeah.’

Moving on, he pushed his finger into her wetting pussy and her body fidgeted to his gradual thrusts. With his fingers getting drenched from her juices, his dick was throbbing so hard, reminding him to go further to get his urges satisfied. But in his head, he was fighting from taking anymore advantages of the innocent girl.

Kailing: ‘Do you want to have sex?’
Zi Rong: ‘You want?’

A yes would have sufficed, but she left the decision to him, clearly showing him that it was his call. At that point in time, how could anyone say no. He removed his shorts and let his dick poked out of the opening of his underwear, giving Kailing a good length to wrap her fingers around. Pumping with her inexperienced hand, he shut his eyes to enjoy the rough handling of his dick that gave him a feeling of being with his first girlfriend again. Those wide eyes stared at him to monitor the expressions on his face while she stroked him.

Zi Rong: ‘Come, lie down on the steps.’

She moved to the center of the step and placed her body down, lying with her legs opened for him to do anything he wanted. Zi Rong kneeled on the concrete floor and leaned his body closer. Kailing held his dick towards her pussy and let him did the rest of the work, sliding his cock slowly into her wet hole. Inches by inches, it disappeared into her filling her up with lust and Zi Rong groaned to her tightness over his shaft.

Kailing: ‘Okay?’
Zi Rong: ‘Yeah. You’re too tight. You’ve done it before?’
Kailing: ‘With my ex. You’re the second guy inside me.’

The moment she said that, he almost came. She was truly a decent girl who did not know much about love making, and even let her gratitude control her into giving him her body for the moment. Slowly, he began moving and the pace picked up, dripping her bodily fluid onto the floor under their genitals.

Kailing wasn’t holding back her moans and her voice rang sweetly in his ears, driving him faster in the most pathetic struggle between not cumming and cumming. After a few minutes, he got her to flip over and she went into doggie, ass stuck out at the kind hearted guy. He did not waste any time and sent his dick back into her, where her head suddenly flung upwards.

Kailing: ‘I’m cumming!’

He went faster and her pussy tightened even more. In less than a minute later, a stream of liquid flowed onto the steps and went between their legs to the stair landing. Zi Rong went crazy when his dick was thrown into an overwhelming squeeze, as though in a different world.

Zi Rong: ‘I can’t move anymore. I might shoot anytime.’
Kailing: ‘Take it out first?’

He slumped back down on the step next to her and she squatted with her face in his groin, barely balanced while on just a narrow step. He was sitting upright with his hands just under her arms to hold her and she had her hands on his hips as well. Taking his rod into her mouth, she made a little bounce to start the momentum and the urge in his dick died off a little.

Now, all it took was time before he came. The hardworking girl kept going to suck on his dick, wriggling her tongue all over the place. Until about five minutes later, he held her head still and let his hips did a shallow thrust. Kailing knew what was happening and sucked on the pee hole till a groan came from him.

Thereafter, streams and streams of milky thick cum sprayed into her mouth and she kept teasing his dick for more. After the few squirts, the firing ended and she emptied the rest in his dick by making her way out while vacuuming real hard. Still in front of him, she swallowed his cum and smiled happily, knowing her saviour was satisfied and pleased.

Zi Rong: ‘Come, let’s wear our clothes back before anyone comes.’

They got dressed and spent the next hour on another flight of stairs, clean and free of cum and juices. Before they parted ways, she gave him a warm hug to thank him, and all he could do was to whisper something she would not accept.

Zi Rong (whispering): ‘You don’t have to pay the money back.’
Kailing (whispering): ‘I have to. But for the interest, we can meet when we’re free and I will do my job.’

Will he use her pleasant attitude to get more sex out of her? I can tell you the answer now, it’s a no. That was the only one time they met for sex and the last time they did it, was when she returned the money to him a year later. Friendship and sex isn’t all that far between, but no sane minds would abuse gratitude with personal gratification, right?

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