Sexy FBTs

I did not notice anything different about Baby till we reached the hotel room, where she pulled her tank top off and appeared braless in front of me. It wasn’t anything surprising since we were in an enclosed room, but the curtains were undrawn and she went to pull them together. For me, I removed my shorts to give it some air and we were soon in bed cuddling in the rare privacy we had.

Baby: ‘Baby, play down there?’

I reached my hand under her blanket and went to her FBT shorts, slipping my fingers under to touch a bare pussy that was smooth without those prickly stubble. Never had I seen her so horny and I guess it was normal as we were finally getting some quietness we seldom enjoyed. Her shorts did not have any netting under and the moment she told me she went waxing for this day, I felt my dick twitching with excitement.

Baby: ‘Like it? Waxing is painful lo.’
Me: ‘Haha. After I play with it, it won’t be so painful le right?’

My cute girlfriend stuck her tongue out at me playfully and I rubbed her clit faster, while she dived into my underwear to whip my dick out. After a few pumps of her hand, she went under the sheets and a sense of love flooded my mind when she took it into her mouth. Lying on my stomach, she sucked on the tip real hard till it ached, but the quick descend of her lips took the discomfort away. Moving her mouth up and down, my thighs were twitching uncontrollably to the mind-numbing blowjob.

Baby went the extra mile to do it longer than usual and I couldn’t stop groaning, all the way until she stopped. Giving me a peck on my cheek, she pushed my head down and I knew she wanted something I wasn’t allowed to give her. My body rested on the part below her legs and my mouth went over her pussy, sliding my tongue up and down a few times before her body started arching upwards. I knew how to give a good lick, but she had always been shy about it. This day, I gave her a piece of mind with my non-stop flicking of her clit, sending chills up her spine till she couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: ‘Want to take off your shorts?’
Baby: ‘No. I want to do it with it on. Where’s your camera? I waxed for you eh. Don’t want to take pictures?’

Of course I wanted. A few snaps later, she rolled the condom on for me and I went to her groin, with her legs wide opened. Very carefully, I guided my dick into her and she wrapped her legs around me.

Baby (whispering): ‘Baby, it’s not painful today. I don’t know why. You can put it in all the way.’

A nod came from me, and I sank my dick all the way into her, forcing a moan out of her sweet face. Once it was in, I did not hold back and pounded hard at her pussy, slurping sounds filling up the room from her unusual wetness. We were in each other’s arms as my hips continued slamming on her body, kissing and refilling our love through sex. Only after she came twice, I decided to pull out of her and she asked for a break.

Why not? Perhaps I was really too hard on her. She stripped her shorts and we hid under the blanket enjoying the air con, then a knock came to the door.

Me: ‘You ordered something?’
Baby: ‘Nope. A surprise for you.’

A guy shorter than the both of us entered and Baby whispered something to him. He immediately changed to his bathing suit and went into the toilet for a wash.

Me: ‘Who’s that?’
Baby: ‘Johnson, my best friend at work.’
Me: ‘Oh. Okay.’

I couldn’t be happier when she remembered that I have always wanted a threesome, often asking her to bring her trusted male friend into it if she agreed. Johnson appeared with droplets on his body and I shook his hand, asking him to parallel against the headboard while I got Baby into doggie.

Baby: ‘What should I do now?’
Me: ‘Suck him first.’

She placed her head on his stomach and went down on him, sucking him in the same manner while I stuck the black thin dildo we left unused for a long time into her pussy. While I jerked the toy in her, she went faster on him till he was groaning in agony. Seeing how wet my girl got turned me on to the max and I proceeded to sink my condom-wrapped dick into her, jolting her senses and sending her mouth all the way down his dick. Choking a few times, her oral sex resumed to my thrusts and Johnson was looking at me go.

After a few minutes, I pulled out before he got bored and asked Baby to lie on top of me. As we made out, Johnson capped his dick with protection and proceeded inside baby. The loud moan from her signalled his size to me and the energetic guy went all out on her, pumping her so hard and interrupting with our kissing. I could tell how high Baby was from her rolled eyes and clenched fists on the pillow behind my head.

Johnson: ‘I am shooting.’
Baby: ‘Shoot inside me.’

He listened and perservered, pounding the life out of Baby while he grunted as his load filled the rubber up. After he was done, Baby and I continued making out while he pulled out of her, and went into the showers.

Baby (whispering): ‘It’s your turn now.’

She reached between her legs for my dick and plugged it into her. Changing into cowgirl position, she was hopping on top of me to the watchful eyes of Johnson who was freshly showered.

Baby: ‘Can you send yourself out?’
Johnson: ‘Okay.’

He gave me a thumbs up and I waved to him. Baby then squatted over my dick and bounced harder, till she came from the deep reach of my cock.

Baby (whispering): ‘You want to shoot in my mouth?’
Me: ‘Can?’
Baby: ‘Yupp.’

She collapsed onto the bed and I kneeled at her face, sinking my dick into her mouth while pinning her head down. The condom was gone as we changed position. Thrusting hard and deep down her throat, she was tearing as I went, but her fondle on my balls told me she was okay. As my biological timer started, I laid down on the bed in sideways 69 and comfortably used her thigh as a pillow. Sucking on her clit real hard, she moved her head in the opposite direction of my mouth fuck. We lasted for about two minutes in this position before her legs clamped my head tightly, and her mouth went all the way down to my balls.

I came, and filled her mouth with my love seeds. Her pussy leaked juices to show she came as well and we were locked in that position till I was done. Slowly, she pushed me away while drawing the last sip of my man straw, and I licked some of her juices to quench my thirst.

Laying in my arms, we couldn’t stop the tongue fight and got a taste of each other. It was truly love making in the most romantic manner at the right place.

Baby: ‘Let’s take a nap first then do it again? I’m still horny.’

Not wanting to let her sleep with her hormones raging, I went to her legs and let her sleep sideways. Once I was up and hard while toying her pussy, I used the second condom (or the third) and plunged into her. She was motionless on the bed when I began the second round and the times she stirred in her sleep was when she climaxed. I lasted longer then and went on till the rubber was filled with the little bit of cum.

Sure enough, she was worn out by then and no longer horny from the occasional use of lubricant while I was inside her. We slept till some time into the night, before I woke up to a warm, sliding tongue working on my dick under the blanket. What would the next morning be like? I won’t know, and couldn’t think straight with Baby milking me down under.

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