Meth Equation

Boss: ‘Welcome home.’

On the glass coffee table, was a line of meth on a medical cutting mat and a paper straw. Josephine had just reached home from work and she immediately dropped her bag once she saw the treat. Bending over the table in front of Boss who was sitting naked on the couch, she snotted the line up her nose and waited for the effects to kick in.

Her white short skirt was raised up to her hips and he proceeded to plug his dick into his personal sex slave, driving it into her semi-wet pussy. Josephine who was in a trance did not bother about his entry and let her knees fall slowly down on the floor, allowing Boss to thrust his thick juicy cock into her. Moans and groans were soon filling up the living room and she was getting high from the drug. The tremors in her hands did not affect his domination over this addict and he just kept going.

Soon, she was grinding him on the sofa while facing forward, fucking the dick to get her orgasms out of him. Boss then took a thin 6 inch dildo, and gave it a lick before sticking into her ass, where she groaned in pain to the rare occasion of being fucked in both holes.

Josephine: ‘Boss, let’s go to the room.’

He turned her around and let her mount on his dick, carrying her to the bedroom while connected to each other. Dropping her limp body on the queen-sized mattress, he remained kneeling and continued to pound the breath out of her. The disorientation was somewhat making her hornier and she had knocked Boss onto the bed, climbing over him to ride the stick that was pushing all of her buttons. Her strapless top was unzipped and he fondled her boobs by squeezing them and torturing her nipples till they were swollen and red.

Meth did its job of turning her on and the high purity of it kept the effects lasting. In no time, she was growing tired and collapsed onto Boss, where he had to do the work of thrusting upwards into her cunt.

Boss: ‘Feeling good?’
Josephine: ‘Yes. Thank you Boss.’
Boss: ‘Before you sleep, suck me till I cum.’

She got up very lazily and went into 69, without needing Boss to lick her. She let his hips guide the piece of cock into her mouth and jerked her body back and forth, fucking his dick as deep as she could go. At times when she slowed down due to the mental exhaustion, he would ram it down her throat to wake her up. Nearly five minutes later, Boss tugged on the dildo in her ass to make her go faster. She pressed her lips together and went down till her throat was gagging. Knowing how Boss liked her deep throat, she kept up for the last sprint without a break.

Boss: ‘I’m cumming Josie.’

Mmm~ She could only mumble that word as his dick thickened slightly, before a pulse worked its way along his shaft, channeling his semen into his little slut. She kept his pee hole at her lips to let her tongue play with it, while making a light suction to extract the essence of him. After a minute, he was done with her and she rolled to the side, drained of energy and filled with cum.

Boss: ‘You take a nap first. Put this on.’

He handed her a silk blindfold and went to the TV in front of the bed once she put it on. Taking the camcorder he placed by the table, he transferred the videos to his laptop and applied some automatic editing to it. The professional looking video clip was then played on the TV, going on a repeat mode.

After some time, Josephine was awakened by her legs spreading, and the familiar sized dick poked slowly into her. Knowing it was her Boss, she did not remove the blindfold and let him did what he wanted to her body. Just that, it wasn’t her Boss inside her this time. It was the supplier of the meth, Mr. M. He had dropped off a kilo of the white powder at his place as Boss wanted, and he was invited to fuck the loyal user of his ‘prescription’.

Taking the lifeless girl in missionary, he went all out at her while grabbing at her soft breasts, playing with them to get her to moan louder.

Boss: ‘Flip over.’

Josephine did as commanded without letting the cock inside exit, and her ass was soon feeling the dildo going deeper from the thrusts of Mr. M. He simply couldn’t get enough of her tight pussy and did not take any breaks in between. The familiar dick went on without stopping for almost ten minutes before the slow-down came, and she knew he was at his limits.

Boss: ‘Are you on the pill?’
Josephine: ‘Yes.’
Boss: ‘Okay. I am going to cum inside you.’

She grabbed the sheets tightly before it even began, and waited for Mr. M to increase his speed. Slapping sounds echoed loudly in the room as he pounded her fiercely, sending her two orgasms in a row before he froze deep inside her. The huge load of cum flushed into her pussy and it kept going till it flowed out of her plugged cunt. The dick then left her body and she fell to her sides, panting and catching her breaths from the intense fuckathon.

Smiling, she peeled the blindfolds off and her eyes widened when she saw Mr. M, a thin, muscular guy wearing a geeky pair of spectacles, zipping his pants up.

Josephine: ‘Did he just fuck me?!’
Boss: ‘Yes. Look beside you.’

She saw the packet of white powder labelled ‘Mr. M’ and knew what was happening. Not wanting to destroy the mood of the supplier of her medicine, she covered herself with the blanket and waited till he left.

Boss: ‘Here, take another dose.’

He brought another line of meth to her on the bed and she inhaled it in the same manner, through her nose. Falling back onto the bed, Boss tucked her in before returning to the camera, where the second episode was completed with the help of Mr. M. She knew she was being filmed, but it did not affect her one bit as long as Boss took care of her.

Beautiful sex or love story? It seemed to be none of them. But as long as they enjoyed themselves, who is to say they are in the wrong?

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