Sexual Orientation

Jacky: ‘Okay, as the class chairperson, I asked my good buddy, KC, to stand guard outside while the game begins. Girls, once the lights are out, walk to your partner and don’t do anything till every one is on the floor. Have fun guys!’

A mandatory orientation camp was planned for the freshmen and for the past two days one night, all of them had been participating in games and talks, wearing their mental energy out till they were given a free night to bond better within their class. In the empty classroom, the only light sources were from a battery operated lantern someone in the class had brought. The floor was covered by sleeping bags and the night of fun was just about to begin with this game thought up by the adventurous guys and girls. I shall let you guys figure out what it was as the story goes along.

One by one, the girls walked to their ‘ideal’ partners, the guy of their dreams, and sat next to them, waiting for the rest to find their spots. Once all movements stopped in the darkness, Jacky shouted out ‘Let’s begin’, and one by one, the couples laid down on the sleeping bags, generating ruffles and smooching sounds from every direction.

Loren hid under the silky covers with Alex and she moved her hand to his pants, to find a mountain between his legs. He was the few that bought an inflatable pillow and they shared the bouncy headrest, making out in gentle pecks on each other’s lips. Kneading that bulge of his, she felt his hand slide under her black skirt and she turned herself to face upwards. Soon, her white blouse were unbuttoned and the noises began to get louder. With his hand squeezing her bra, Loren moaned sensually to the touches of the unfamiliar partner, roaming up and down her body like a wolf.

Alex (whispering): ‘Take it off.’
Loren (whispering): ‘You too.’

They removed their bottoms and placed their hands on each other, rubbing her wet and stroking him hard. As the night came, she felt his pre-cum leaking and smeared it over his dick with her thumb. Knowing he was ready, she stopped the handjob and waited while he shifted to her pussy. Loren kept her pussy opened with two fingers and closed her eyes to feel the incoming dick, spreading her moist pussy lips apart and sinking into her body. Once he was snuggly fitted into her, he began thrusting to send the gentle shivers up her body. All Loren could hear was the moaning from other girls, and she did not hold herself back anymore.

As he rammed deeper, her legs went around his waist to bring him closer, and the two of them continued making out.

Alex (whispering): ‘Let’s change to doggie.’

He pulled his dick out of her and left her pussy gasping for more. Quickly flipping herself around, he plunged into her again and made her scream out sharply. A ‘shhh’ silenced her cries and the fun resumed, slamming their hips loudly against each other. With a naughty grin to herself, she pushed her vaginal walls together and drove Alex wild, sending his cock harder and deeper into her.

Suddenly, someone cried out he was cumming and Alex fell over Loren’s back, whispering that he was cumming too. She was glad he did not just came inside her and they took their initial position, missionary. She placed her palm open between her legs and he let her hold onto it, before her thighs closed and let his dick get squeezed between her fingers.

Loren (whispering): ‘Just imagine you are fucking me. Go all the way.’

He grabbed her knees together and drove his dick at a impatient fast speed, immersed in the mind-blowing sensation of a handjob that felt like he was still inside her. Alex did not hold himself back anymore and went all the way till he went out of synchronisation, squirting his cum over her body between the buttons of her uniform. Loren was delighted at how much he came as she felt the warmth from his cum landing on her belly.

After his body stopped jerking, she gave him a few strokes to get the last drops out and he stood up to get back onto the sleeping bag. He used his towel to wipe the cum off his one-night-stand and then led her to the toilet to let her wash him up. Once they were comfortably back in the class, they were too tired to care about the noises that other couples were making. Right after his watch beeped the midnight notification, Loren’s hand found its way back to his dick.

Alex (whispering): ‘You want somemore?’
Loren (whispering): ‘Nope. But I want to try sleeping with you inside me.’

The moment she finished her sentence, she climbed on top of him and sat over his dick, to the random flashes of lights from the phones of their fellow classmates. His dick slipped easily into her and she laid on the stiff chest muscles after pulling her skirt to hide their sexy sleeping posture, closing her eyes to rest after that eventful night.

Alex (whispering): ‘Goodnight.’
Loren (whispering): ‘Sweet dreams.’

Alex did not even manage to catch any sleep when he felt her body moving up and down on his dick, stirring it into full size in his exhausted state. How would any guys be tired of sex right? They went for another round in cowgirl and fell asleep halfway, without knowing who saw them or what the others did.

After the camp, the two of them became school ‘flings’ like the few others, and continued their escapades in the school compound whenever they felt like doing it. Who knows an orientation camp could have such activities if not for the horny minds of the pent up generation?

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