Quick Question

Girl: ‘Hey, can I ask you something?’
Me: ‘Yeah?’
Girl: ‘If guys shoot on a girl’s vagina, will she get pregnant?’
Me: ‘It’s possible if the semen gets inside.’
Girl: ‘See! I told you!’

She said out loudly to the shocked girl who was in disbelief, confused at the fact that she had been wrong all along. They turned their bodies to face each other and continued their small talks, oblivious to my existence. Anyway, it wasn’t like I knew them. After the two girls hugged each other farewell, one of them who was the ‘worried’ one walked willingly around the corner, out of my sight. A minute later, she appeared again and headed for me this time, with her hands shivering.

Girl: ‘What if I wash it away immediately?’
Me: ‘Did you? Or did you just wear your panties back?’

Covering her mouth, my rhetorical question actually hit the right spot.

Girl: ‘How did you know?’
Me: ‘I think it is a turn on to wear a sperm-filled panties.’
Girl: ‘Shit.. ‘
Me: ‘Did you miss your period?’
Girl: ‘The incident happened a day after my period ends.’

Thinking it must still be within the ‘safe’ period, I assured her that nothing bad will happen and she sat beside me, while I continued writing the essay due for the next day. The moment she wriggled her butt a few times on the chair, I knew something was bothering her, and it had to be related to what we just spoke about.

Me: ‘Wishing your panties to be soaked with some man juice?’
Girl: ‘You can tell?’
Me: ‘You seem uncomfortable.’
Girl: ‘I.. I don’t know.’
Me: ‘Let’s go somewhere to fix your problem.’

Now, any normal girl would have ran away or given me a slap, but she was different. As though her mind was not hers to control, it was easy to get her to listen to me. We went up the block where she lived and stopped right at the highest floor, in the end of the long corridor, where a unit was locked in chains. She stood at the railings looking over the main road and I went behind her, raising her zigzag dress so her bum was exposed.

I did her a favour by pulling her undies down to her thighs, only to see a sticky strain linked to her pussy. Was she that wet already? I didn’t just jump onto her but went beside her, staring at the passing cars.

Me: ‘When did you get so wet?’
Girl: ‘When my friend approached you?’
Me: ‘I see.’

Well, that was what I wanted to hear from her. I returned behind her and dragged her a step back, before bending her body back onto the rails. She opened her legs automatically, as if inviting me to do my job. Knowing anyone could just walk in on us, I hastily lowered my shorts and retrieved my dick from the quick-access hole. In I went, to the depth of the stranger who was a nymphomanic. I took a few seconds to enjoy her body squeezing my rod excitedly, and proceeded to fuck her fast and furious.

Girl: ‘I’m not too tight for you?’
Me: ‘It’s alright for me. Why?’
Girl: ‘My boyfriend cannot go as fast as you.’
Me: ‘Then it’s a treat for you.’

I pounded her harder than ever to let her head fling backwards, hands holding onto the ledge tightly. Her pussy was contracting fast and it was overwhelming the nerves on my dick. Soon, she started trembling and a steady jet of fluid shot onto the wall. Lasting for almost a minute, she got so unbelievably tight that I could not go on anymore. The end just hit me so suddenly.

Me: ‘I can’t take it anymore.’
Girl: ‘It’s not safe to shoot into my panties right?’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

She turned around and squatted over the small drain where her juices were flowing towards the pipe. Her mouth went over my juicy-looking dick and slurped hungrily on it, shoving her head into my groin as though she wanted to kill me. Going non-stop, her lips relaxed and clamped as she tried to go deeper. My eyes shut themselves as my senses went numb, totally into the mind-blowing oral sex she was performing on me.

Me: ‘Cumming.. ‘

A ‘Mmm‘ came and she parked her lips right on my hood, where her tongue took over and circled around the tip till the first wave emptied into her mouth. She then sank her lips down my shaft and triggered the powerful second shot, shooting right into her upper jaws. Her tongue parked under my dick and glided gracefully as she milked every bit of my lifeforce, draining the energy in my knees at an alarming rate.

Me: ‘Stop stop.. ‘

No, she didn’t. She just kept sucking till I went limp, and my little one hiding under the foreskin did not deter her at all. After three minutes or so, she finally had enough and left me to recover. Leaning on her body against the wall, her arms were around me and face buried in my chest.

Girl (whispering): ‘It feels awesome. I feel so satisfied now.’

I hugged her tightly until she needed some fresh air. Seated at the steps of the chained door, she used my fingers masturbate herself to another orgasm. It was so discreet that no one would suspect even if they walked past. While I was checking the time on my phone, she snatched it from me and input her number, but left her name blank. I had seen the time and did not pursue her about her name, keeping it into my pocket once she was done.

About an hour later, it was time for her to go home and she landed a kiss on my cheek, giving me a squeeze over my pants.

Girl: ‘My name is Sarah. Thanks for the happy time today.’

She turned away and headed down the stairs, where I lost sight of her while waiting for the lift. Storing her name with her number, I sent her a message so she could get my number. A day after our little romp at the block, she was asking for it again, this time, in her house where her parents were out for work. Time to get busy!

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