Perfect Hideout

Carlie was in the toilet when Marcel walked into her, still on his phone with his business partners. He was a successful 28 year old who bought a studio apartment at The Sail, where he kept his Russian girlfriend of 20 years old who was an executive of her own clothing company. She wrapped her hand around his dick as he stood before her, and took it into her pink glossy lips, sucking on the 8 inches of candy cane. While Marcel tried to end the call, it wasn’t as easy as there was something serious to be settled before the trading started.

About five minutes later, the line was dropped once he made the necessary arrangement, and they left the toilet with him carrying her in his arms. Dropping the small bodied girl on the sofa, the TV came on automatically and a scene of a guy doing a girl came on screen. Carlie laid on his lap still with his dick in her mouth, wetted from her saliva her lips was spreading all over his shaft. As you guys could imagine, it was the perfect lifestyle all of us imagined to have.

Marcel: ‘Let me lie down for a while.’

She excused herself to let him lie on the Italian built leather couch and climbed over him in 69, returning to work her mouth over his manhood. His tongue was out as well, swiping along her hidden slit that seemed so young and delicious. Slurping on her clit, she was soon releasing juices to lubricate her pussy for his use. He ended her blowjob after some time and made her sit on him, watching every inches disappear into her hips that was wide opened for him.

The ride began shortly and gentle moans were escaping from her, while his dick rubbed along her vaginal walls in an increasing pace. Her breasts were not left ignored though, they had his hands over them and kneading them like soft dough, pinching her pinkish nipples occasionally to tighten her pussy.

Marcel: ‘Come, your turn to lie down.’

She waited for his legs to spread and sat on the couch, before falling on her back. Marcel raised her legs high and kept her knees together, almost touching her chest as he stuck his rod back into her ever-succulent looking slit. Having been with her for close to two months, he was used to her body and nothing was too tough for him to handle. A click on the universal remote drew the blinds and the TV went blank, swapping the mood for a sensual one with music playing through the overhead 8.1 surround speakers.

At a steady tempo, he plunged his dick over and over again into the fair skinned lady, admiring her face that was blushing with lust. The short, white silk nightdress did not interfere with their intercourse and his eyes closed slowly as pleasure lightly filled his mind up like a simmering pot of water. Carlie definitely knew how to please a man although she was young, Marcel had been training her throughout their cohabitation.

Carlie: ‘Can I flip over?’
Marcel: ‘Sure.’

She rolled in the narrow space of the sofa and brought her ass down on his dick, without him doing any work. The sex-hungry girl then slammed her pussy down onto his dick and did the job of fucking herself in doggie, though slightly too hard for Marcel’s liking. Something else was on his mind then and he did not stop her, letting her go on till she climaxed. Once she had her fun, Marcel’s iPad beeped the alarm for a meeting that was about to commence an hour later.

He straightened his body and held Carlie’s waist firmly, sending his dick deep into her mind. The loud shrill she gave off was negligible in their private apartment and he was picking up speed quickly. Burying his dick at her deepest spot, her body was shaking uncontrollably from the orgasms that came waves after waves. Marcel pushed her ass together to squeeze his dick further, and the oncoming urge was building up like a bomb on a timer.

Marcel: ‘Ready?’
Carlie: ‘Yes.’

He brought his dick outwards as he thrust, changing to a ‘dick-head fuck’ to get the most out of the sex that was ending. As his balls tightened between his legs, he kept his shallow dips going till his mind was overwhelmed with pleasure, driving his dick all the way into her womb as the first wave of cum fired through his pee-hole. For the rest of the ejaculation, he made sure it all went into her and Carlie took over the controls to grind him dry of every drop. They would always have at least one creampie a day and it felt so intense and satisfying no matter how often he did it.

Marcel: ‘I’m done. Help me prepare for work.’

She got off the sofa first and went to the bathroom, started the heater and went back to Marcel, who was waiting with his legs apart. She went down to suck him clean before leading him into the tub, where she lathered and rinsed him clean, especially the part where she got her orgasms from. Still hard, he did not need anymore relieve and let her dry and clothed him.

Exchanging a minute long kiss at the door, he was smelling fresh and looking smart for the meeting he was going for.

Carlie: ‘I’ll be cooking tonight. See you hun.’

He left her alone for work, and the rest of the day passed without any desires to bother him. Isn’t that how we wished things were? To have a girl who would take care of all our (men) needs so we could focus at work? When Marcel returned home, Carlie went up to him naked for a hug and began undoing his pants, going down on him while she fingered herself. Dinner was ready, and he just needed to give her the appetiser before he was allowed to eat.

Wow, coming home to a horny girl and greeted with a blowjob. I assume his morning alarms must be, blowjobs too. How I wish it was me.

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