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Just as I almost dozed off in the ferry headed for Batam, a hand next to me woke me up. The girls, one in a black dress and the other in t-shirt and shorts, looked at me with much eagerness.

Girl: ‘Are you Singaporean?’
Me: ‘Yeah. What can I do for you?’
Girl: ‘Oh! Same here. We are just wondering if you can accompany us for our short vacation there. Have you made any plans? Like meeting your friends there or anything?’
Me: ‘Nope. I’m going there alone, for about 2 nights? Haven’t made any plans yet.’

I could spot the excited hand of her friend nudging her legs, and the t-shirt girl continued telling me about their 2-night stay there, which consisted of mostly shopping and some relaxed activities. Since I was going there for similar reasons, the three of us decided to stick together throughout.

Cindy, the girl who spoke to me, was the adventurous type that didn’t think much about trying new things or speaking to strangers, making her a little scary with her enthusiasm. Sarah, on the other hand, was a quiet person whom followed Cindy around, cool and composed at the emotional level. They both had similar figure, skinny waist and curvy hips for the average trendy twenty plus year olds.

Upon arrival, the second time visitor, which was me, led the way to the pick up area where my driver brought us to a higher class hotel. The girls were cool about paying for the expenses and we bunked in two separate rooms, right next to each other. They dashed into my room after they placed their stuff and hurried me to bring them out.

For the rest of the day, I sat at the only cafe I know of while they shopped and did their sprees, brandishing their prettified nails, permed hair, revitalised skin (which I can’t tell any difference), along with bags of clothes. We went for a sumptuous seafood dinner recommended by our driver before heading back to the hotel, where Sarah popped into my room after a while.

Sarah: ‘Do you want to go for a swim?’
Me: ‘I didn’t bring my trunks.’
Sarah: ‘Just swim in your underwear?’

The first burst of laughter came from her and the relaxed side of her finally appeared before me. I replied a ‘fine’ to her and followed her to the pool, empty except for the guy working in the small, quarter-island bar. We bought a cocktail each and I entered the pool first.

The only salvation of wetting my only underwear would be the sight of her stripping her dress off, revealing a set of bikini that exposed the rims of her boobs. After I helped her into the chilly pool, she never let go due to her slight fear of water.

Sarah: ‘I’m very lousy right? Appearing so strong until I touch water.’
Me: ‘It’s alright uh. No one is rushing you here.’

My fingers were crushed together when she tried to wade around, finally settling for a corner where we unknowingly went into. Swimming up to me, the touch of her soft skin went around my neck, and she clung onto me like a baby ape.

Sarah (whispering): ‘are you getting hard?’
Me: ‘Duh. Look where you are grinding on.’

She gave a giggle and made me hug her with a gap between us, freeing her hands that shocked me by wrestling my cock out from the urinal-access gap.

Me: ‘Hey! I don’t want that.’
Sarah: ‘Why not? You got hard to me. That shows that you’re not gay right?’
Me: ‘I didn’t agree to join you girls to get this.’
Sarah (whispering): ‘But what if we asked you to join because of this?’

I couldn’t let the hydrophobic girl drop into the water and only moaned when she fondled my cock, thick and hard from her teasing. Her bottoms faded deeper into the pool after she undid the knot, to place her pussy right under my shaft.

Sarah (gasping): ‘Fuck.. I’m already so wet.’

Still hanging on to her waist, she did all the work of descending over my dick, followed by a mesmerising embrace that I would never forget as part of my pool experience. We locked our lips and dived for a moment, letting our free-moving bodies shift my cock around inside her.

In our little corner, the resistance of the water slowed my thrusts enough to her tempo, pumping her pussy with heat and vigour until she came. The lights around us went off suddenly and the bartender gave a ‘high five’ signal to me. Sarah did not look nor ask anything about that and we just continued frolicking.

Me: ‘Can you go to the daybed? Cover yourself up with the towel.’
Sarah: ‘Mmm-hmm~’

I let her step on my palm and lifted her, catching a glimpse of her waxed pussy from under. I then fished her thongs out of the pool and went behind her, duplicating an upright-kneel position before sitting down on my calves. She fitted snuggly well on my lap, and she rested her hands on the mattress for balance.

Me (whispering): ‘Ready?’
Sarah: ‘Hurry up!’

The white towel on her thighs slid off as I thrust wildly at her rear, unleashing an attack that would warm both of us up. Slowly, we went into doggy style for a deeper penetration, and her moans were barely audible in the rustling of the foliage above our heads. Everything was so beautiful then, fucking right out in the open under the starry sky

Sarah was as wet as she needed to be and there was no shortage of cute, tiny trembles from her sensitive pussy. All I could felt was her getting tighter, and my hips losing control.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m going to cum!’
Sarah (moaning): ‘Me too! Go all the way for me!’

Our loud gasps of air echoed in the silence of the night and we climaxed together, groaning in sync to the explosion that we both felt inside her. My cum pumped relentlessly into her contracting vagina, filling her up with such intensity that made her quiet instantly.

Picking her up by her boobs, our wet bodies touched as we kissed again, imprinting the most awesome sensation deep into our minds. When we were completely drained, she lifted her ass off me and leaned forward, to feel the cum that was leaking out of her.

Sarah: ‘I think I might get pregnant even with birth control. See how much you came!’
Me: ‘Shhh!’

I tucked my cock back to where it should be and crumpled her thongs in my hand. Walking back to our rooms with towels around our waists (and clothes in our arms), I could hear excited screams coming from her room.

Wait! Her thongs!

Whatever the case may be, it was impossible to return it to her right then. After exchanging goodnight wishes, I went to bed first, though it was hard falling asleep to their noisy chattering.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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