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Cindy (shouting): ‘GOOD MORNING SLEEPY HEAD!’
Me: ‘Whatttt? How did you get in?’
Cindy: ‘Orh hor! Someone is having morning wood.’
Me: ‘Cocks rise and shine earlier luh.’
Cindy: ‘The cleaning auntie let me in de. Not my fault. Let’s go for a massage together?’

The morning ‘alarm’ kept me uptight throughout my preparation for the day, until we wre at the lobby where Sarah waited.

Sarah: ‘Ready? Let’s go!’

The perky voice was completely unlike yesterday, but I figured it was a good thing for her too. We went for the traditional Indonesian breakfast consisting of rice, eggs and veggies, served in nice chinaware just to rip a few more thousand rupiahs from tourists.

Our driver brought us to a massage place well known for their bone-cracking wonders, naturally ‘clean’ since there were girls following me. We took two different packages between the three of us and fixed a time for pick up. All of us were led into a huge room, divided into one large and one small section separated by curtains.

Staff: ‘Cindy, J, inside here please. Sarah, here.’

As if it was normal for them to host very opened guests, Cindy was fine with stripping down to her lingerie, and I had to find a corner to change into the shorts they provided. Well, I couldn’t wear the wet underwear from the swim last night right?

Cindy (whispering): ‘Eh. Why didn’t you wear underwear?’
Me: ‘I went swimming last night?’
Cindy: ‘With Sarah? Did anything happen?’

The wink she gave felt like a double-edged sword. I couldn’t tell if she already knew or if Sarah kept things under wraps. For safety’s sake, I whispered ‘nothing’ to her before our masseurs came and loosened our joints.

Apart from laughing to each others’ groans, the two of us were actually stripped naked while lying on our chests. The oil massage next really worked my muscles well, so well that I didn’t catch the masseurs leaving.

When I felt a soft pair of boobs touching my back, did I jolt awake in shock. All Cindy showed me was a finger over her lips, and a few other hand signs to tell me she asked them to leave with some money. I was made to flip over and she did a thorough job wiping the oil off my cock, not that anywhere else mattered.

Needless to say, I was hard as rock from her touching and she wheeled her bed next to mine, climbing onto it in doggy before she lowered her head over my cock. With ample space to reach between her legs, I stroked her clit as my lips were pressed tightly together. Her mouth, was drawing air out of my lungs with every deeper reach, and she was slippery down there with oil.

The blowjob lasted five minutes and it was apparent to me when she laid on her back on her own bed. I crawled over the dangerous pieces of furniture (on wheels) to her and let my hips down to her groin. The grinning, lip biting expression really threw me off my feet, especially when she gasped on my entry.

Not as tight, but definitely soft, like cotton soft. I began moving my waist to ram those small cameltoe apart, and felt the most unbelievable sexual relief on my fierce tool. Why so worked up?, those were the only thoughts when I slammed into her swiftly, trying to understand the huge contrast in our biological structure.

Her thin legs went around my hips as I moved faster, summoning more violent shivers (compared to Sarah) to the orgasms that was plunging my dick into desperation. The tighter she got, the longer my stamina went. It didn’t take me long to appreciate the sturdiness of the massage bed as I mercilessly pounded her pussy, almost causing her to scream at certain points.

I knew what she was trying to say when her head shook left and right, in small but quick movements. I grabbed both her boobs and kneaded them hard, ready to cum after I burn my last bit of energy. Our oily bodies slid against each other as I rocked back and forth, sensing her vagina ready to give up anytime.

Me (whispering): ‘where?’
Cindy (whispering): ‘inside.. ‘

Her hands on my back barely stayed still as I arched my hip into her, panting as forceful as my cum that jettisoned out of my shaft. The soft vaginal walls milked me for every drop’s worth and we couldn’t move after the act.

Our curtains whined ajar after a while and the massage ladies were kind enough to help us get off their beds. They have probably seen worse stuff in this same room. With towels around our bodies, the three of us took our showers before driven back to our hotel.

Tired (for Cindy and I) and well rested (for Sarah), room service was all we were capable of ordering. That night, we drank and watched TV over dinner, ready to ‘ton’ the night before we head home next morning.

Sarah: ‘Why don’t you crash here tonight? We’re not sleeping right?’
Me: ‘I’m fine if you girls are.’
Cindy: ‘Of course! We are two-nights stands buddies ma.’

Stomachs filled and lethargic, the girls playfully cuddled with me in the middle, and the alcohol effect suddenly activated.

Cindy: ‘Sarah, did you do anything with J in the pool?’
Sarah: ‘No.. why did you ask?’
Cindy: ‘Cause I saw your thongs in his room! Don’t think I don’t know.’
Sarah: ‘Fine.. we had sex in the pool.’
Cindy: ‘And we did it in the massage room. One one each.’

A hand went over my jeans and the crackle of the zip was an unmistakable hint.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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