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Cindy: ‘Hey! Don’t snatch!’

My jeans were off in a battle of the two ladies, and I was still underwear-less. Sarah pushed Cindy away before she could lay her mouth on my cock and took the lead by going down on me, gagging noisily as she tried to go as deep as she could.

I was helplessly weak from the alcohol and kept groaning to her deep strokes, legs shaking non-stop from my sensitive prick. Cindy caught up with her quickly with her passionate French kiss, exchanging saliva while my voice went into her lips.

After a few minutes of the heated ‘exchange’, the girls removed everything but their panties, both looking so sexy in their choice of laced underwear. Cindy’s face was full of jealousy when she saw the open crotch design clinging onto Sarah’s waist. They swapped places to compare their skills and I was so sure they excelled in their own areas when it comes to their tongues.

One was sensual, and the other was mind-blowing. If only they both worked together.

Me (shouting): ‘Hey hey! I’m not your sex toy k? Can you two be nicer to each other?’
Cindy: ‘Haha. So you think we are really fighting?’

Sarah stopped with her kisses and went to my dick as well, taking turns to share the organic toothbrush. My mind simply went numb to their joint attacks and had to be guided to their pussies while they continued sucking.

Sarah: ‘You first?’
Cindy: ‘You first. I had him earlier.’

So, I WAS still a sex toy to them. Sarah mounted over my hips and slammed her pussy down on me, shocking me into louder groans. The volume of the sex happening was quickly silenced when Cindy sat over my mouth, forcing me to express my ecstasy with tongue action. Sucking and flicking her clit continuously, she almost suffocated me when she let herself go too far.

Sarah’s seductive cute moans comforted me as pleasure shot through my spine, transforming into the vigorous licking under Cindy. If I was thirsty when this started, I was long quenched then. The girls exchanged places after a while and it was another few minutes of female dominated sex, until I was so close to blowing my load.

In an upward thrust, I flung Cindy onto the bed and they knew what my worries were. The two of them took up missionary style with the quieter Sarah under, and I parked my meat into Cindy. Ramming deep into her, the girls voices made the room so happening.

Me: ‘Cindy.. I can’t hold it in anymore.. ‘
Cindy (whispering): ‘how?’
Sarah (whispering): ‘i’ll get him later.’

Having long past the delay of the second shot (of the day), I was given the thumbs up by Sarah under Cindy. Releasing the beast within, I hammered for a measly few times before I buckled under the orgasm, spurting the unknown amount of cum into Cindy waves after waves. My spirit momentarily left my body when I came, dropping me like a dried leaf on the bed.

Sarah: ‘Poor boy. Are you okay?’
Me (panting): ‘Still alive.’

She flipped me flat on my back before kneeling in 69, Cindy sitting listlessly after she rubbed herself to orgasm after I came. This time, the limelight were on Sarah and I, as I ‘owe’ her a shot. I couldn’t be more ashamed of how sensitive I was when she did CPR on my little one, sending me into agonising wails while trying to suck me ‘up’. To make up for my guilt, I put in extra effort into licking her, though her squeals were never be able to make me feel any better.

Cindy: ‘Oh my god.. ‘

I could barely feel my dick when she exclaimed to herself. All I knew was that Sarah was running her lips down my shaft, and it felt longer. She kept working her mouth till I was grunting again, and we locked arms for a time-out kiss.

Sarah (whispering): ‘I want you inside me in doggy, just like that night.’

She pulled me up like a baby and my charged up mood was ready for her. Forcefully realigning her hips at the right height, I grabbed her waist and slammed her pussy over my cock, still growing thicker as we started. Changing my grip to her shoulders, I yanked her down on me with every thrust, sending my tip right to her abyss that caused her to scream.

Pumping like bunnies, her confused arms just kept switching objects to grab. Her chest was firmly planted on the bed as I went Hulk mode, hammering her like never before. Her tight pussy had no effect on my overused cock but he did not let me down either. Standing tall with pride, I shoved my way into her unwilling body.

Sarah (screaming): ‘You’re tearing me up! Stop stop! Please.. ‘

When she tried to break free, I pinned her sideways on the bed and packed her knees to her chest, before resuming my acts of no mercy. Her vagina had gotten so hot, and it was returning the pleasure Cindy sucked out of me.

Me (groaning): ‘Just a bit more!’

I rolled her on her back and thrust my hips really hard, putting it into the ‘abuse’ category if not for her state of nakedness in the room. My dick raped the life out of her and sent her into a trance, scaring Cindy with her paranormal murmurs.

Me (shouting): ‘Fuck!’

I jammed my cock in long, delayed strokes to force every drop of my cum out, and into the over-confident girl. By the time I was done, I was really done. None of us could move after the threesome and we dozed off right till morning.

Our driver had informed the hotel to wake us up at 8am, giving us a few hours before our boarding time. For the third day, we were closer than before, going about doing our last round of shopping before heading home. On the journey to the terminal, the driver professionally gave us our own space, to fondle and make out till we reached the jetty.

Driver: ‘See you all soon! Bye!’

On the dreadful way back, we exchanged numbers and photos, promising to meet up again. Since then, the two girls have never given me more than two days off in a week. Don’t I just love being a sex toy (pun intended)?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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