Open for Closing

(Jolie asked) ‘One more for you?’

(I declined) ‘No thanks. I’m working tomorrow.’

‘Okay then. One more for me.’

The day-one staff poured herself another shot of vodka and emptied it as quickly as the first, tipping her off balance as the alcohol hit her twice in a row. Having survived a Saturday night with Jolie, a new hire I worry would bail knowing that we were the only two staff, I had nothing but admiration for her.

While I leaned against a two-door fridge for support, she squeezed into the gap between me and the bar counter.

(She asked) ‘So you are just heading home now?’

‘Yeah. Yourself?’

‘If you are not going to drink, then yes.’

‘Haha. You know I have work tomorrow right? You’ve been awesome today anyway. You should rest.’

Thinking back, I was initially sceptical about her outfit of a bralet and high-waist shorts, but I was later so overwhelmed that I completely forgot about warning her against it. Now that she was standing so closely to me, I realised how her clothes had blended her in with the guests.

(She whispered) ‘You.. ‘

Along with that, her hands were running up my belly to my neck, something I had experienced with drunken customers but not colleagues. Just as she brought them back down to my stomach, my thoughts of it being over was clearly wrong.

As soon as she fiddled with my belt, I instinctively stopped her.

(I said firmly) ‘No.’

‘Let me impress you more.’

‘You’ve done enough.’

Unable to see past the determination in her eyes, she maneuvered her arms out of her bralet and pushed everything downward to her septum piercing. Braless, perky and erected, they told me everything of the mood she was in.

(I reiterated) ‘No.’

I grabbed her wrists and put them on the counter behind her, to which she snarled at me spitefully.

‘FINE!.. no hands.’

She did a little hop to sit atop the counter, squeezing her breasts together to raise them to my mouth-level.

(She suggested playfully) ‘Milk milk?’

‘Fine. No hands.’

I granted her wish and suckled on those hard nipples, giving my work principles the finger. As my face got buried in her voluptuous chest, my hands had already gone to work to free my willy.

Minutes later, I rose breathlessly onto my feet and surprised her with my twitching cock. Seeing how our hips were not aligned due to the height of the table, she slid off the counter and went all the way down on her knees, hands hovering around my groin while recalling the ‘no hands’ clause.

Her luscious lips immediately went over the tip and took half of it into her mouth, lubricating my pipe as she shoved her face deeper. If not for the music still blaring from the speakers, it would have been so awkward to hear myself.

Constantly gasping at the depth she was face-fucking me at, my knees, arms, mind, were all in a mush. To top that mind-blowing sensation off, her tongue remained relaxed under my shaft as she sucked me faster and harder, increasing at approximately the same pace my urge was building up.

(I exclaimed) ‘Jo! Stop now.. ‘

(She inhaled deeply) ‘AHHH!’

She bounced back up to show me the mess I caused around her lips, at the same time guiding my cock to the other mess I stirred below her waistline. In a swift move, she plopped one bare feet onto the edge of the fridge behind me, revealing the most exotic position I had ever come across.

‘Still no hands?’

(I replied) ‘Yes.’

I stood upright before her and did a few squats to find the sweet spot. Once I located the entry point, she shifted her feet to widen the gap so I could.. slide right in.

(At the same time) ‘AHHHHH.. ‘

I instantly slapped my palms on her ass and let her raise both feet, so I could begin hammering my nail. Thanks to the sturdy furniture, and music, we went at it like long-lost lovers, experiencing the unbelievable sensation of plunging a hard, thick cock into a tight, wet pussy repeatedly without mercy.

Jolie was just clawing me all over my back, while I kneaded her C-cups into a pulp. There was just no stopping us as we ravaged the souls of each other through our genitals.


Three more thrusts delivered the hardest squeeze of her vaginal muscles I had ever experienced that night, along with unrestrained squirting of her nectar onto my groin. Loud dripping noises brought satisfied grins to our faces, but I was not yet done.

(She requested) ‘Wait wait.. let me down.. ‘

I yanked my cock out and let her crumble onto the floor where I suspected was wet, before watching her stuff her face full of my cock. Her hands signalled for mine and they were firmly placed behind her head.

She made herself clear.

Without further ado, I helped myself to her mouth and pumped her relentlessly. What disturbed me the most was actually her hands that were on mine over her hair. She had kept them pressed no matter how badly she choked, shoving her face forward if I even paused for a second.

Combine that with a constricting throat, I lost control of my voice just as I felt the inevitable arrive. The hardest pull (into my groin) came as I fired my load, presenting the rewards of my ‘hard’ work right down her throat.

At last, I released my grip on her and I joined her on the floor where she sighed so many laughs.

(I asked) ‘You alright?’

‘You’re alright. Good too.’

We took a moment to rest as well as get dressed, before heading our separate ways for home. Somehow, what we did earlier spilled over to a ton of sexting and short clips to keep me desiring her.

(Text from boss) ‘Had a good time? I’ve put her on schedule tomorrow.’

Of course, the thrilling, twenty-minute long clip of my tryst with Jolie, that came attached to that text, came from a strategically-placed CCTV.

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