The Other End

(WhatsApp video call) ‘Leon? Are you there?’

(Leon) ‘Yeah. Is that your room?’

(Maeve) ‘It’s not. I’m at his place.’

(Leon) ‘Oh? Then why are you calling me?’

(Maeve) ‘So I can show you this.. ‘

(Leon’s bewildered voice) ‘This?’

His face moved closer to his front-facing camera to see Maeve raise my cock upright, stroking it up and down as she poured some coconut oil over her clasped fist. The bewildered look on him needed no explanation, being filled with jealousy and lust at the same time.

Feeling her soft palm pumping on my rock-hard erection, it didn’t take him long to lean back and display an orgasmic expression, as if he was helping himself out too. Slowly, Maeve lowered her head and stuck her tongue out to give my shaft a thorough lick, from bottom to top, and around in both directions.

A playful peck on the tip marked the beginning of her trademark blowjob, swiftly enveloping my cock into her mouth in hunger. Apart from holding my groans in, I was struggling to keep my trembling to the minimal, since the phone was perched on my belly.

No matter how hard I tried to stay still, her signature deep-throat-plus-high-speed-thrust combo got the better of me, shaking the camera for the poor onlooker on the other end. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her cheeks that were getting filled by my meat over and over again. I figured that it was time I did something, to help our guest on our watchful participant.

With the remote of the wireless vibrator in my hand, I made sure he got a glimpse of it, as I clicked on the ‘ON’ button thrice, to put it in the fastest vibrating mode. Maeve broke the eerie silence immediately and drooped her head further down my shaft, devouring its entirety to my blissful demise.

(I whispered) ‘OH FUCK.. THAT IS SOOO GOOD!’

She draw a deep breath of air through her teeth, creating a hissing noise before tucking my dick head into her lips, then pumping my shaft so fast to relief the tension I was causing inside her.

(She snarled) ‘I can’t take it anymore. I want you inside me now.’

A futile attempt to sit upright was easily overwhelmed by her forceful shove, stumping me flat on the bed while she climbed over my thighs, with no regards to the phone I was trying to hold steady. In a flash, she had slipped my overly-stimulated cock into her pussy, grinding me to a pulp with her skilful hip-thrusts.


I laid helpless as she drained my masculinity from my groin, taking pleasure literally straight from the source. Given how fast, furious and hard she was riding me, I was barely holding it in, let alone the phone in my hand.

Within minutes, I sensed her vagina tightened to a dangerously, climatic width, further driving me crazy at the lack of a condom between us. I couldn’t tell then if it was the fear of impregnation, or sensation that my body was losing control to. She was milking me for what I was worth, at the precise speed and tightness my mind succumbed to.


She slapped a hand over her pussy and began rubbing rapidly on her clit, when all I could do was to hold her hips down, for I was about to unload all of my baby-making serum inside her.

‘I’m about to cum.. I’M ABOUT TO.. I’M CUMMING NOW! CUMMING.. NOW.. ‘

My mouth let the most embarrassing groans escape at the same time she climaxed, expressed in the manner she collapsed on my chest, yet still rocking her hips to empty me of any cum.

As abruptly as it ended, she sat herself upright, took the phone from my hand, aimed it at her pussy (where my cock had shrunk out of) and gorged deep for my cum that clinged to her fingers.

‘Mhmmm.. ‘

Mouths after mouths, she scooped out as much cum as she could and swallowed them wholely, licking her fingers down to the last drop. She then slid her ass backwards, sitting on the bed between my legs, and got started cleaning the remnants out of my flaccid pipe.

(Maeve cheekily whispered) ‘That’s all for you Leon. beep

For me, while lying exhausted, she managed to get another erection out of me, and proceeded to let me fuck her crazy in doggystyle. The second round lasted way too long for my own good, but it was all worth it when little Maeve took it all down her throat in front of my weary eyes.

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