Pantyless School Girl

Me: ‘You were pantyless the whole day?’
Shermin (whispering): ‘shhh.. Can don’t say that? I’ve been wet the whole day thinking of you.’

After 6pm, we had the whole school to ourselves after most of the students and teachers left, leaving us in the privacy of a classroom we always met in. She took her seat on one of the grey plastic chairs and I stood before her, letting her remove my pants and lowering my underwear just enough to whip my dick out. Stroking it a few times, I got hard real quick at the sight of the school girl no one could imagine to be so slutty, especially when she started a habit of not wearing any panties when she attended school.

Once I got big enough, she gave the tip a lick before landing a kiss, making out with it till her mouth enveloped the whole thing. Her soft, warm tongue couldn’t feel more soothing as her head bobbed up and down. Those pink lips of hers just slide along my shaft so easily even without much saliva, making me dizzy from the gentle waves splashing in my head.

I reached for her buttons to expose her bra and wriggled my hand into one side, pinching and rolling her nipples between my fingers. Her moans always aroused me no matter how many times I’ve heard it, as though a cat purring to pats. Picking her pace up, she left more saliva on my rod before ending her blowjob, prepared to be loved by this sweet stick she made hard.

Shermin: ‘What position you want?’

As hard as I could, I couldn’t come up with anything new. She pulled two tables together and sat on one of them, while waiting for my next instruction. Recalling that she was in the gymnastics CCA, surely my ideas should have some challenge for her.

Me: ‘Lie sideways on the table.’

She curled up with her skirt at her hips and I stood behind her. I picked one of her legs and straightened it across my chest while her other was left dangling over the edge of the table. Going raw like usual, I stuck my dick into her slowly while her pussy opened to my entry, splitting those soft flesh apart with my hard rod. A sudden relaxed state from her signalled me to start and I thrust my hips into her pussy.

Filling that hole up with my life, her slim waist was something I couldn’t get enough of. Holding her down, I rammed faster at her till she climaxed after just a few minutes. I knew she could cum easily especially with a dick of a matured man. The length and thickness was just perfect to touch every part of her on the inside. She was soon jerking her body on her own to get me to go deeper, while I tried to focus on the view in front of me.

Shermin: ‘You’re touching all my sensitive spots. Can we change to another position?’

‘Sure’, I replied, not knowing what she was planning. She turned her body around to face the ceiling fans and the basic position was missionary. I held her ankles and raised them into the air, while banging her body on the table. Instead of some difficult stance, she chose this? Just as I was enjoying myself inside of her, she grabbed her knees and pulled it to her chest. Giving me a constipated look, I paused for a moment to feel what she was doing.

She was using her vaginal muscles to squeeze me in a milking action. Her hands were on my abs, nudging me to move herself while I stood motionless. It was like the girl taking control in missionary. I was free from doing any work as she kept moving her body, though in small motion, but the main actress was her pussy that was swallowing me.

Shermin: ‘I’ll try to make you cum in this position k? Don’t move.’

She reached her arms at me to help herself up and we hugged tightly while she tightened and loosened her legs around me. Supported by the table, I felt a little girl fucking the surprised dick that was imagining to be fucking her. We spent a slightly longer time in this position till her pussy suddenly loosened.

Blood rushed into my dick like a collapsing dam and the tip suddenly got super sensitive. She pushed me back and bent her back to an astonishing angle to take advantage of the wet throbbing piece of meat. It felt as good as being in her pussy though it was only her mouth working. A man could only take so much teasing and my end was nearing fast.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum soon you know?’
Shermin: ‘Then put it back inside.’

We held each other in our arms and her pussy slipped easily over my dick. This time, I picked her up and bounced her up and down, moans going into my ears as her arms stiffened around my neck.

Shermin (whispering): ‘I’m going to climax too.’

Her arms suddenly gave way and I had to hold her while she made a last squeeze on my thickened dick. The final blow came and I jerked my hips all the way into her, filling her up with my cum as she trembled gently in my embrace. Panting together, we stayed like this for a few minutes till she recovered.

Placing her carefully on the table, I pulled out of her to see a super swollen red dick. Not that there was any blood on the outside, but the pressure she applied on it was causing a massive clot in my dick. Though it was nothing serious, the concerned girl massaged it till it returned to its normal pink shade, and she dressed me up like a king.

Shermin: ‘I have CCA tomorrow till 5. We meet here again?’
Me: ‘Nah. Don’t want here. I’ll pick you up behind the blocks opposite and we will go somewhere else.’

We walked to my car in the school compound and I was treated to a roadhead while driving her home. It was just her method of ‘payment’ for the favour that would get her home without being in a crowded bus. How could I risk anyone taking advantage of her horny and pantyless state right?

That night, she sent me a video and a few lewd photos of her masturbating, moaning my name so sexily that I had to sleep early in case I jerked off to her.

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