Japanese Neighbour

Waking up in sweat, Inori panted as she made sense of the dream she just had, being fucked by two men whom faces she could not remember. Earlier in the day, she was on the last bus home and two older guys boarded while their eyes kept glancing at her. Seated opposite her towards the back of the bus, she tried to keep her legs as close as possible but could not figure out why they were so busy with their phones.

Now awake and restless, she wore the pair of white satin bottoms that was bought with the thin night spaghetti top. With a cigarette, she stepped out of her house and into the corridor, where cars were still zooming past in the late hours.

The door towards the end of the corridor opened and a man in just his boxers appeared, smiling at her while he lit his stick too, standing a meter away.

Man: ‘You can’t sleep too?’

He glanced at her from the corner of his eyes but did not stare for too long, knowing that she was braless and possibly pantyless in one look.

Inori: ‘Yeah. Bad dream.’

The neighbours had a good impression of her as Japanese working in Singapore, often bringing in local dishes for her to try whenever there were festivals. He too, had baked cakes for her and greeted each other when they went to work in the day.

The man was focused on his phone reading up on something when she noticed him stepping back to bend his body forward. A bulge in his boxers was getting bigger and he had to angle himself away so not to ruin their quiet time alone.

Inori: ‘What are you reading?’
Man: ‘Just some stories.’

Her barefeet allowed her to step close to him and peered over his arms, to see him reading intensely at some text. The horniness in her was still burning slowly and the guy was not too bad looking too. Unlike his knowledge of girls to be shy, her arms reaching around his waist surprised him, further opening his boxers to stick her hand in.

He was still trying to ignore what was happening and did not say a word, till a groan came when she stroked him from the tip all the way down, slowly as she could.

Man: ‘You’re quite daring huh?’
Inori (whispering): ‘I have my needs too.’

She stripped the only piece of clothing on him and turned his body around, squatting down to take a whiff of that beautiful pink stick that was throbbing wildly in her palm.

No matter how hard her mind told her not to, her opened mouth approached him and took the tip in, swirling tongue teasing to a point his phone was left dangerously on the ledge. His hands went to her head and guided her deeper as her tongue slipped underneath to stroke him naturally, enlarging him to the maximum size.

Inori: ‘I thought Asians were not that big.’

While her main door was opened wide, his was closed and there was no risk of anyone stepping out of her place since she lived alone. But on the man’s mind, his sleeping wife was the only thing that kept him from just picking her up and banging the brains out of her.

Inori: ‘Let’s be as quiet as we can. Don’t want to wake your wife up.’

She shut his gates quietly and bent over the railings with her legs apart. The vivid images of those men raping her was still ringing loudly, especially the part where their balls slapped against her clit when they were at it.

The man took his place behind her and stuck his dick in, pleased with the wetness that was there before he even laid a finger. Sliding his thick manhood in, her pussy relaxed to the entry and she continued looking out at the trees, savouring the pleasure that was causing her body to float.

The silent sex began once he started thrusting and she did not make a sound as their privates slammed together. His balls were tapping her clit so swiftly the double attack of pleasure drove her high in no time. After some time, her legs shivered and he was too distracted to feel what was happening.

The bleached haired girl just breathed faster as the orgasm built up in her pussy, going over the limit as she had not had sex for almost six months since her deployment to Singapore. His dick was long enough to stimulate the deepest spots in her vagina, rubbing along her walls till a tiny amount of juices squirted against the wall.

Normally, she could not take more than one climax but the man was still banging her, taking no breaks while he tried to go faster. Just as the second orgasm was coming, she sensed the decline in speed and straightened her back, unwilling to test his patience in case anything happened.

Grabbing his strong arms, she placed his fingers on her clit and it quickly disappeared into her, fingers thrusting as fast as he fucked her. The second wave of climax came like fireworks into her body and her knees gave way that moment, sliding her back against the wall till she almost sat down.

Not wanting to leave the man high and dry, she used his legs to pull herself into a squatting position, spreading her sexy lips to let him used her mouth. This time, she kept her jaws wide open and he rammed mercilessly into her. Having trained herself to eliminate any gag reflex, it was initially done for her husband-to-be. But now, it was a friendly neighbour to get a taste of her deep throat that was happening so discreetly without any noise.

Man: ‘I’m cumming soon. Inside your mouth?’

She gave him a wink while her hands moved to the wall to hold herself stable. Her head was jerked violently till a warm serving of cum poured into her stomach, warming their way down as she swallowed by contracting her throat.

In that position, they took a minute to calm themselves down before he quickly put on his boxers, and her adjusting her loose sleeping shorts.

Man: ‘Thanks for that. It was wonderful.’
Inori: ‘Shhh.. Don’t worry about it. I had fun too.’

He went back to his house while she returned with another cigarette, now feeling at peace after she had her desires fulfilled. Would she be looking for him if she needed ‘help’ again? Let’s hope so.

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