What’s Your Price?

Wearing a black front-zip bra top and matching short skirt, Alice’s heels did not make a noise as she strolled along the crowded streets along Geylang. She was there to meet her friends for dinner and eyes were staring at her hungrily, in contrast to those trained streetwalkers whom were looking for their customers.

Men along her path had been blaring numbers at her from forty, to hundred, but she knew better to ignore them than to even give them a second look.

Man: ‘一千五百。’
Translate: one thousand five hundred

She suddenly slowed down and went deep in thoughts as the man she ignored followed a few steps behind. Finally, the men around her saw her turned around and he opened his wallet to show her the notes in denotations of thousands and hundreds.

Alice: ‘会很久吗?’
Translate: Will it take long?

Man: ‘那一千。半小时。’
Translate: For that thousand, half an hour.

A thousand in thirty minutes?! Nothing like that would ever come again and he walked in the opposite direction after telling her to follow. They made their way to a hotel where more prostitutes waited at the lobby, front-desk ah bengs waving to him like a regular before they entered the lift.

Man: ‘我是这里的老板。别紧张。’
Translate: I own this place. Don’t fret.

She went into the room at the highest floor, interior unlike anything she had imagined these sleazy hotels to be. Standing in a royal themed bedroom, gold and silver furnishing made her felt like a princess, though more like a whorish princess who was doing it for the money.

Man: ‘My name is Dave. You can start now.’

His English was near perfect totally different from the China Chinese he conversed with her in. Seeing that the door was locked and the lights were dimmed to a comfortable brightness, she began unzipping her top and let the straps fall onto the ground. As she was wearing nipple stickers, they too were removed quickly and her skirt was gone before he took a second look at her.

Dave: ‘Keep your heels on. That is what I like about you.’

She shyly covered her waxed pussy as he pointed at his khaki coloured shorts. She had kept her head turned as she stripped his bottoms off, leaving him bottomless since he did not wear anything else.

Dave: ‘I know you’re not a hooker. But can you start with a blowjob?’

Feeling assured that he would not treat her like those familiar whores, she nodded and climbed onto the bed, resting on her knees between his legs. Taking that piece of grown-up dick in her hand, she pumped her fist up and down slowly, careful not to rush or hurt him with her manicured nails.

Seeing how relaxed he was, a thought came to her to get things started before he took control. Right next to the bedside lamp was a box of Okamoto Crown condoms, and she helped herself to cap him on.

Climbing over his groin, his eyes were still closed as she slowly lowered herself over his dick. Now, feeling his dick split her always-unsatisfied pussy stirred something in her and her hips began moving before she was ready.

Her boyfriend was much smaller due to his age but this dick inside her was too much to resist. Riding herself happily, Dave did not make a sound while his eyes opened occasionally to see how she was doing. Instead, he grabbed his phone by the pillow he was lying on and dialled a number.

Dave: ‘Siao eh. Remember the girl I brought when she leaves. If she ever comes again, let her into my room.’

Moaning sensually, her pussy was grinding his dick that was poking at her g-spot with ease. Her nipples were pink to a red and she was rubbing her clit to get herself high.

Dave: ‘If you ever need money again, come and find me. My staff will call me. I’ll be here for you.’

It was such a quick offer before she even finished her job. Not wanting to show any signs of dependance on the quick cash, she pressed her hands on his chest while bouncing harder, slamming his dick all the way to her deepest end.

Dave: ‘Come. My turn to do some work. Doggie.’

Like a command from her master, she dismounted and went on her fours, enjoying the moment he guided his dick into her. His hands went gently on her waist but the hard pounding she took was greatly in contrast to the gentleness he showed.

As her orgasm came and left, those principles she held onto so strictly suddenly left like the breaths she panted out. That intense session drove her mind so high she was more addicted to the dick inside her than the money.

Dave: ‘How many times did you cum?’
Alice (panting): ‘Three.’
Dave: ‘Good. Can you suck me off? I need to rush off to somewhere else. Don’t want to hold you up any longer.’

It was almost twenty minutes into their encounter and he was letting her go? She let him lie back on the bed and removed the condom, covered in her own juices that made her shy about how wild she was.

Taking his dick in more willingly this time, her head shoved at his groin and made him groan when she accidentally went too deep. Choking and sucking, those tears in her eyes did not bother them one bit. He had never once forced himself on her and she was totally grateful to his kindness.

Dave: ‘I’m cumming. Standby.’

He got up on his knees and let her lie on the pillow, plunging his dick into her mouth from the side. Thrusting shallowly, she pushed her lips together around the sensitive dick head and waited. About a minute later, a strong gush of cum filled her cheeks and he was holding on desperately to the bed while she used her tongue to tease his pee hole, smearing his cum as the waves continued.

Dave: ‘You can stop now. Suck hard when I pull out.’

With that, his dick was as good as new while her mouth was flooded with his cum. He carried her into the bathroom and helped her get her heels off before placing her into the foam-topped bathtub.

Dave: ‘Take a shower before leaving.’

He did not close the door when he left and returned with a piece of thousand dollar note, along with a few blue notes she couldn’t count accurately from the tub.

Her ‘boss’ left her to herself and she rinsed thoroughly from her neck down, not wanting to mess her make up. Leaving a thousand dollar plus richer, those guys at the front desk gave her their boss’ phone number and showed her more respect than she could ask for.

Walking across the lobby, none of those girls dared to take one peep at her, knowing she had done better than any of them could to please the man that kept them in the business. While eyes kept staring at her on her way to the restaurant, her friends (all females) were all bitching about what prices they have been offered, not knowing that one of them actually took it.

Will she ever return for the sex or money? Only time will tell. Do you girls have a price too? As high as it can be, leave a comment for those who can afford it.

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