Tied Up Wife

After work, Mich returned home to find the dining table clean and his dinner missing. Thinking that his wife, Joanne, had gone out, he did not call for her and placed his bag down before heading into the master bedroom. There, he found her in plain white cotton bra and panties, lying on the bed while looking at him seductively, sushi laid across her belly and chest with all except one of her limbs untied.

Joanne: ‘Dear, I can’t tie the last knot. Help me?’

He couldn’t stop smiling knowing what she had planned for him and stripped down to his underwear, crawling over to wrap the scarf around her free wrist.

Mich: ‘So this is my dinner? Did you buy or make them?’
Joanne: ‘You haven’t gone to the kitchen? I made them k?’

He shook his head thinking she could simply bought them and he would still be as happy. The matching lingerie portrayed her as a little school girl, fitting her small built perfectly and it had turned him on even more knowing she remembered his fetishes after so long into their married life.

Taking one sushi at a time into his mouth, her legs wriggled excitedly as he finished them without any complains. Once he was done, he wiped her body down with a towel and went to kiss her soft lips, looking so ever beautiful no matter how old they get. Their tongues slowly came out of hiding and initiated an intense make out session, driving her body hornier as he intentionally held himself back from touching her.

Joanne (whispering): ‘Like your surprise?’
Mich: ‘Very much. You’re making me super horny.’
Joanne (whispering): ‘Be gentle k?’

She was this faithful, unhappening wife who did not have much hobbies herself. Usually staying home or shopping with her best friends once in a while. Being her husband, there was nothing more he could ask for as he knew she did not have any seductive or sexy clothing, plain t-shirts and shorts being her casual outfit whenever she went out.

After breaking free from her mouth, he reached around her back to unhook the bra and pulled the halter straps out of her neck. In no time, her nipples were hardened and poking at him, begging for some attention. He covered his mouth over one side and flicked continuously, stirring her body to give off a shiver as he sucked. Alternating between two sides, his hand was sliding down her tummy to dig into her panties, where a shaved pussy was waiting for him.

With the drawstring knots at the sides of her panties, she had even considered the convenience of totally removing the last piece of clothing from their intimate session.

The straps around her ankles were Japanese ropes he had bought a long time back and were adjusted to the frames near her head, raising her knees into the air.

Joanne: ‘Slowly k?’

The serious look on his face did not change as he leaned his hips into her pussy, spreading those moist folds of meat as his dick pierced into her sweet hole. A little pain did come but did not stay for long, disappearing once he started moving his dick in and out of her.

The demure wife struggled helplessly as he increased his pace, slapping their lower bodies together. Entering the intense phase of their love making, Joanne couldn’t stop moaning as his dick tore deep into her, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her spine.

Unlike their normal intimate moments, she could not hold onto him nor pinch her nipples to ease the high speed. It wasn’t that her husband had forgotten she liked her nipples to be teased, but he was so much into the sex that he could not keep his eyes opened.

Joanne: ‘Dear, free my hands. I want to suck for you.’

Still ramming, he reached over her head to untie her hands and she repositioned herself into doggy, mouth facing his dick that was dripping juices. As soon as the tip entered her mouth, he used both his hands to keep her head from moving and thrust carefully, feeling her tongue dart around his manhood while the suction increased the sensitivity at the top.

Taking him deeper than usual, he could not bear much of this new blowjob position and let her go after his dick almost came.

Mich: ‘I think I’m cumming. Sorry for ending so soon.’
Joanne: ‘It’s okay dear. What’s important is that you enjoyed it.’

She waited for him to go to the pillows, where her knees were still tied and immobilised. Taking her in the rear, her body jerked violently as he rammed hard at her. Feeling her body going into adrenaline mode, she knew she was about to climax as well.

Joanne: ‘Let’s cum together.’

A series of loud moans and groans came as he buried balls deep into her, thrusting so forcefully her mind went blank before the orgasm. Lasting for a long two minutes, his dick was slurping in and out so fast she could not balance herself anymore.

Clenching her fists on the bedsheets, she squeezed her pussy tight as he sent the last stroke in, filling her pussy with his seeds while her vagina started the milking motion from the climax he gave.

Hearing his grunts of pleasure, she closed her eyes to indulge in the joyous moment of her husband planting his precious juice into her. How she wished he could be inside her all the time, or was it actually easier to do than she thought? The cream remained deep inside her after he shot and kept her warmed in place of his dick. It was just so soothing and calm to be loved by every part of the man she would be spending the rest of her life with.

They got off the bed to rinse each other in the shower, before drying and hiding under the warm blanket from the air conditioning. Hugging closely, they took deep breaths of each other’s scent to remind themselves of how deeply are they in love.

Joanne (whispering): ‘Dear. Can I sleep with you inside me?’
Mich (whispering): ‘Help me get it hard first?’

A naughty grin appeared across her face when her hand touched his cleaned dick, stroking slowly to wake it up from the exhaustive sex they just had. Climbing onto his thighs, his dick slipped easily into her still-wet pussy and he thrust a few times against his body’s wishes, since they were supposed to sleep.

Their night had came to an end and his dick was in a different blanket. Waking up to his morning wood being ridden, her moans was his alarm and her pussy slurped wetly, going up and down his long rod.

Joanne (whispering): ‘Wakey wakey.’

He sighed as he opened his eyes to the beautiful wife he fell in love with, and went about the room getting ready for work. From the moment he showered alone till he wore his socks in the bedroom, she was masturbating herself with a dildo – Clone-a-Willy.

That was the only thing she used to keep him near her during those long hours of loneliness. After he left for work, she went into the living room to watch a few hours of TV, with the dildo thrusting inside her non-stop.

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