Little Rachel

As if Rachel’s body had its fill of rest, the gentle glow of incandescent light warmed her sight in red, opening her eyes to the comfortable dim room she stayed in for the night. Between the seams of the thick, blackout curtains, a single line of daylight lit her vision with minimal light.

Her mind had begun cycling through the itinerary for the second day of her visit, but something she bought had prevented the excitement from escaping her drowsy state. Something that caused her to lengthen the ‘night’ from yesterday.

Reaching into a shopping bag on the bedside desk, a brown box contained her much-anticipated spoils from the previous day of shopping. Where she came from, women were glared upon if they were ever spotted entering those shops. But in Singapore, no one could be bothered with anyone unless they themselves would be affected.

A deep purple object came into her sight as she popped the clamshell packaging, taking out the ‘wellness’ aid with an unseen delight. In the same paper bag, a pair of batteries were included and she twisted the end open, dropping one of them into the magic wand of pleasure.

Sleeping in her bra and panties had already made her felt extra sexy, given how much freedom she had travelling alone. Now, seeing that battery-operated toy right in front of her, she could sense her heart pounding loud enough to be heard. Running the cold tip across her belly, she stuck it into her panties only to be stopped by the ‘angel’ inside her.

‘Slowly’, her consciousness reminded her and she slid the palm-length rod along her panties, pressing hard on her cameltoe to awaken her if-not unaware mind. A click of the button right at the rear sent the vibrator buzzing loudly, but she knew better that it was the physical contact that made it seemed so ‘loud’.

For the first time, a continuous wave of pleasant sensation shot through her nether region, quickly getting used to the rhythm in just a minute. Moving the tip up and down, the difficulty of sliding it soon became apparent to her – that she was getting wet. A tiny crease on her panties elevated the sensitivity of her clit, putting a little stiff, soft spot right where she was weakest.

No matter how she moved the toy, mind-blowing electrical pulses were blasting through her spine, clouding her clear mind with guilty-pleasures she was certain was addictive. Another inquisitive click on the power button increased the strength of the buzz, but two more quickly changed her moans to a silent, hoarse one.

The programmed alternate pulses took over the occasional change in pressure she applied on her clit, and even though it had a rhythm, her body just couldn’t predict how her lovely pussy would perceive it. One moment, it was relaxing, the next, her belly was raised and tensed. Rachel pushed the button once more to get a mode she found to be most suitable, and let it rest directly on her clit for a while.

Her panties were unbelievably wet then and her first toy-aided orgasm was coming. It had taken much longer than if she used her fingers, but there was no denying that she was closer to the edge of insanity. ‘Fuck fuck fuck’, those words kept repeating as she whispered her distressed signals for no one to hear.

Her underwear had provided some cushion from the overpowered vibrator, extending her journey to the same outcome of an orgasm. Somehow, it was the toy that showed her a different perspective of sex, and challenged her beliefs that size might actually matter, just like the motorised tool she used.. A compounding effect suddenly sent her legs trembling erractically, panties soaked to the brim as her vagina tightened for an amplified effect.

Holding the tip perpendicular to her pearl of love, her thin thighs slammed shut as her back sank deeper into the mattress, forcing her to turn sideways so she could curl into a ball. The fingers holding the toy held the power button until it turned off, Rachel thanking herself for reading the user manual. Tiny shocks sent her legs twitching, and one of her tucked arms went under her bra for a relaxing massage.

*Knock knock*

The exhausted traveller sat up with a blanket and went to the door, letting the friend she made yesterday into the room. He was the salesman that was respectful and helpful with her purchase, getting her room number as naughty dare for a ‘product demonstration’.

Seeing her flushed face and used toy lying on the bed, he knew better than to ask her if she still needed help. ‘Do you want to accompany me for a walk?’, she asked the quiet boy who was clueless about what to say next. Upon hearing her words, he nodded with an okay and caught the blanket she threw in his lap, admiring the sexy back view walking towards the bathroom.

Did Rachel actually got to it with that guy?

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