Three Little Babes

After the filling buffet dinner at one of the five stars hotel, Katy and I went up to our room with her two best friends, Alexis and Liting. Her two friends were invited to celebrate my birthday as they had not been to such places for meals before, and from the looks on their faces, they had eaten quite a lot as well. Katy, making my day by wearing a long denim coat and a sexy outfit that showed between the top few buttons, was my girlfriend and she had gone out of her comfort to wear the outfit I asked.

Katy: ‘I brought this bottle of wine for us today. Have a drink.’

She held the cup before me as I came out of the toilet, to see the girls waiting on the bed with their bags. So, the night had ended for them and just began for some actions between my girl and I. I emptied the wine glass and laid on the bed, while the three girls took some photos of themselves before they separated.

Just as I was listening to the TV, my eyes suddenly got very heavy and my mind went black after a few minutes. Not sure how long I was asleep for, my eyes were blindfolded when I woke up, sitting on a stiff chair. If I had remembered correctly, and was still in the same room, it was the wooden chair that sat before the study table.

Me: ‘Katy?’
Katy: ‘Shhh.. ‘

The straps around my wrists were tight but they did not hurt too much. My bottoms were bared but the buttoned shirt was still on. I had no idea what was happening with the soft ruffling of clothes around me.

All of a sudden, I felt someone going between my legs and my dick had a hand over it, stroking gently without signs of rushing.

Katy (whispering): ‘It’s a surprise for you.’

A smile broke my worried thoughts when I heard her voice, knowing she was still beside me, safe and sound. Feeling her lips wrapping around the tip, her tongue came to tickle the pee hole before sliding down my shaft. Relaxed and horny, I let my breath tell her how good I was feeling. The slipperiness of her mouth was lubricating the blowjob and my mind was in the heavens when she sucked really hard.

The blindfold was removed after she took a break and I did not open my eyes immediately. Only when a camera beep came, did I saw who was around. Alexis was holding my compact camera while Liting sat on the bed with just a towel around her chest. Katy was removing her panties then and her friends waited patiently for her to get started.

Me: ‘Katy, I don’t want to be shared.’
Katy: ‘No. That’s not what you really want. Even if you don’t want, they would still want. It’s their personal birthday presents.’

My girl stood with her legs opened and lowered her pussy over my groin, sitting down as my dick entered her in the most graceful manner possible. The camera was aimed at our privates as Katy moaned during the penetration. When everything was in place, her hips grinded on my dick up and down, thrusting willingly at the restrained me.

She was surprisingly tight and I couldn’t stop groaning when she increased her speed. Liting had gone behind her while our bodies were slapping loudly, pair of hands on my girl’s breasts while she rode cowgirl crazy.

The bondage sex lasted for about five minutes before Liting helped Katy off, pumping my dick with her hand after it appeared wet and hot out of the pussy. Liting was the innocent and single girl, who was thought to be less.. playful than this. As she took her time to examine my dick, her fingers were rubbing every area to get a verbal response from me.

I had held myself back till she touched my sensitive balls, where a ‘no’ came out unexpectedly. From there, she took my dick into her mouth and kept rolling those testicles in her palm, driving me crazy as her learning mouth applied pressure along the way down my dick.

Somehow, the inexperience-ness, if there was such a word, made me extra horny to a point I almost came if she did not stop in time. After sucking me for a short few minutes, I was the one out of breath as she went to the bed, masturbating herself by my side while Alexis stood with her back facing me.

Katy was her support pillar as she bent her ass over my dick, one hand holding it in place while she planted her ass down. Of the three girls, she was the smallest in size who was attached then, but clearly was not bothered by that. Once my dick was in her unbelievably tight hole, she grabbed Katy’s arms tighter and began hopping, sliding my dick in and out without hesitation.

The moans from Liting was making her hornier and she joined her in expressing their lust quickly. The overwhelming pressure on my dick was unbearable but she wasn’t holding herself back at all, not afraid that I might accidentally cum inside.

One of her legs soon went to the tiny space by my hips on the seat, and her pussy was seen spreading while her body continued slamming down on me. Grunting helplessly, Katy had her hands on Alexis’ boobs, squeezing and toying with her nipples while I was in despair.

Me: ‘Katy, I can’t take it anymore.. ‘
Katy: ‘Alex, slow down and sit on him.’

Her friend did as instructed while my hands were freed. With my dick still inside, I was led to the bed while Alexis climbed onto it in doggie. Liting had laid in front of her head while Alexis’ mouth found its way to her pussy, flicking the clit before her while I pumped at my own pace. Katy, to get herself prepared, kneeled over Liting’s head to get her pussy licked as well.

The foursome was going out of control when Alexis suddenly blacked out from the hard thrusts I gave, shocking the girls to get her ‘back-to-life’. As the rest of us took a break, Katy fished a double headed dildo out of her big handcarry to hand it to Liting.

Katy: ‘Ting, use it with Alex?’
Liting: ‘Okay.’

She stuck the thinner end of the dildo into herself while the other side disappeared into the drowsy Alexis. Katy arranged ourselves to take the side of the bed next to the two girls and gave my dick a few slurps before getting me to go missionary on her. Side-by-side with Liting, our dick(s) went into our partners and the same rhythm was used to pound the resting girls.

Moans turned into groans and love turned into pure sex. The four of us did not hold ourselves back this time and really rammed the brains out of each other.

Liting: ‘Kat.. I don’t want this. I want your boy inside me.’
Katy: ‘Huh?!’

Liting immediately yanked her end of the dildo out and left it motionless inside Alexis. She laid on top of Katy and my dick was pulled out, only to be replaced inside Liting.

None of us had predicted her to be this wild, and when I was waiting for Katy to give the approval to fuck her, she began jerking her body backwards on my rod. At this point in time, I had enough of being fucked and did not want her to dominate anymore. Holding her waist and pushing her body down on my girl, I rammed my heart out at her till she was climaxing with a powerful shiver across her body.

Katy hugged her while she recovered and Alexis had turned her head to my knees to get her share of fun.

Alexis: ‘My turn.’

She reached towards Liting’s pussy to get my dick out and tugged it forcefully to her mouth. Lying on a pillow, she forced her head back and forth as she sucked me fast and furious, leading to a slight thrust that my body was urging me to do.

Katy: ‘Boyfriend! You’re not suppose to let them have you.’

As Alexis’ mouth was raped, her fingers were slurping in and out of her pussy. Katy was still pinned down by Liting who was excited about me being taken by someone else apart from Katy. There was a bit of jealousy among the girls as I was seen to be the perfect boyfriend, never had a quarrel too big nor given her any sadness she had to confide in the girls.

While my dick got too wet from the saliva, I gave her a final few thrusts throat deep and she had to let me go to catch her breath.

Me: ‘Katy. Are you ready?’

I flipped Liting away and she was smiling throughout the whole ‘takeover’ thing. Katy got on her knees and I plunged my dick back into her, sending a scream into the air as my dick tore her pussy to its end.

Pounding her loudly, the two girls placed their mouths underneath her breasts and sucked and bit on her nipples as I banged. Feeling the closure in her pussy, I knew her orgasm was coming soon. I was out of control of my own body when her vaginal opening shut around my dick, locking it at the hood to keep me inside.

Pumping with the last bit of energy, her mouth opened, screaming silently as the huge wave of orgasm flushed through her body. Her besties and I felt a jet of cum spray onto our legs and they kept sucking to extend her climax till her body gave in. My dick was erupting the biggest explosion felt in my life after being teased by three pussies, and the amount inside her was unimaginable. Some of my cum even landed on the girls’ legs after looking at what came out of her.

Collapsing on the bed, the girls got her safe and sound under the blanket while I made a call to the housekeeping.

Me: ‘Hi. I’m calling from room. 4XX. Can I get a male housekeeper to bring a fresh set of blanket?’
Staff: ‘Sure. Please wait for a while.’

The two girls ransacked my second duffle bag for some nighties and slipped them on before the housekeeper came, shocked at the pair of nipples looking at him from under their dresses.

The girls gave him S$2 each as a tip and sent him to the door, where they accidentally flashed their shaved pussy without realising those night dresses were more for ‘bed fun’ than walking around in.

As shocked as they were when I told them about it, Katy was slightly regretful when she asked them to spend the night with her in the room. My tired girl only got to enjoy the moments when I was about to cum, covering her body with my sperms while the two girls took turns to fuck me, or let me do them.

After we checked out, Katy was angry at me for not giving her enough orgasms while her friends got to own my dick for more time than her. With her birthday coming up just two weeks after mine, I think I had a plan in mind already.

Alexis would be coming with her boyfriend, and Liting with a guy she fancied, for the ultimate gangbang Katy would never imagine. Sounds good? Or should I open the invitation to you guys to get the male-to-female ratio up?

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