Payment Modes

(Woman’s voice) ‘Rick? Can I talk to you for a minute?’

‘Yeah sure. Oh. You are.. OH!.. his mum. What is it?’

Besides catching me off-guard outside the swimming pool I conducted my classes at, I was more surprised at how I never noticed the able-bodied mum of a student under my wing. Given how she was slightly glowing with perspiration, I could only conclude that she went for a run at the stadium opposite the pool, while her son was swimming.

The first thing she suggested was to go over to the stadium (with her son), so we wouldn’t cause any unwarranted rumours for other parents of my students. Being a coach for a while now, I understood her concerns and went to the spectator stand of the stadium, so we could address her problems.

‘In case you have forgotten my name, I’m Cassie, Jordan’s mum. I just want to thank you for extending my son’s payment for the lessons. It really helped. Thank you for that.’

‘That’s fine. If you need more time with the payment, I can do that too.’

‘Umm that.. is what I want to talk to you about today. I don’t think I can continue to pay for the swimming classes anymore. The books he need to buy this semester costs a little more than I am prepared for.’

‘Oh.. then you can pay me next semester? It’s just two more months before he takes his test. I actually have parents paying me every three months.’

‘You don’t understand.. I mean that I might not be able to pay you anymore. And that’s not fair to you, and the other parents.’

‘I’m sure things will get better. I mean, look at him. I don’t mind finishing up the last two months first, then address the money issue later.’

(Mum speaking to son) ‘Jordan, can you sit here for a while? I need to talk to your teacher in private.’

That cute little boy gave us a nod and she signalled me to follow her down the staircase leading to the storage areas, perhaps to reject me more aggressively. I had already made up my mind then.

‘Rick. Look, I already owe you two months. I don’t have anyone to rely on. His father.. just left us, and he doesn’t know it yet. I don’t know how to continue this.’

‘Well, you can just pay me two months for four.. HEY!’

The petite, athletic, slim mother of two suddenly pushed me into the doorway of a heavily armoured, steel door, out of sight from any passersby. A quick flip of her wrists raised the sports bra underneath her tank top to reveal a pair of perfectly perky tits, to which I had no interest in. Even if I was that desperate, I wouldn’t prance on a helpless mum who..

who just stuck her hands into my pair of inappropriately loose, beach berms that had an inner lining in place of the need for an underwear. The speed at she descended caused me to grasp somewhere so I could stop her, with my hands ending up at her boobs I clumsily grabbed.

(I whispered loudly) ‘Cassie.. please stop. You don’t have to do this.. I am fine.. fine.. ahh.. oh god.. ‘

Her mouth, had made its way over my overly-imaginative, erecting cock, devouring it as how it liked to be served. The heavenly blowjob I was getting, coupled with her toned, youthful-looking figure, topped with a hair tied into a ponytail, was all my mind could endure after a long day at work. On top of that, the pair of yoga leggings she wore left little to imagine since they were tightly wrapped around her slender, proportionally-long legs.

‘That’s enough Cass.. that’s.. enough.’

(As she panted) ‘You.. you didn’t cum.’

‘Yes I didn’t. Let’s go back to Jordan.’

(She whispered fiercely) ‘Oh hell no.. I haven’t came across anyone that didn’t cum with my mouth.’

‘Wait. What? No! I’m probably just tired.’

She put me against the pivoting side of the doorway (imagine the letter ‘n’ as the door, and I am leaning against one of the longer side), turned her back towards me, slid the not-so-tight-tights down to her knees, and pinned my groin down with her naked ass.

As quickly as it happened, she used one hand to tuck my cock, that was clamped between her thighs, right between those soft, meaty folds. It didn’t even take her more than five seconds to slip me right in. My mind instantly went blank as her bodily heat soothed my frenzied mind, with no need to wait for any lubrication since my cock was still covered in her saliva.

A few backward thrusts of her hips initiated my engines, desperate to make good of this random tryst since it theoretically cost me a few months of diminished income. I jabbed my hips forward to make my ‘stand’ known, to which she understood obediently by sticking her bum out further, and lowering her back for me.

It was then I realised, I was fucking a mum with her son just waiting a few metres away. How much more despicable could I get?

While my mind wandered, my body did not. I could not believe how distinct every throb of my cock was when buried in that overwhelmingly tight cunt. I only have those naughty students to thank for tiring me out so badly, that I managed to last this long inside of her. Without further ado, my mighty thrusts wrecked her pussy so good that she had to cup her own mouth shut, letting little squeals escape as my long dong slid across all those sensitive bumps along her vagina.

I just kept pounding her until she clenched her fists into a ball, before releasing them as she rocked her body back to stump me. That glorious, orgasmic moment then surfaced in my mind, as her vagina milked my unwavering manhood of steel.

(She asked weakly) ‘You are not.. cumming yet?’

‘I think soon. Or never.’

‘I’d prefer.. never.. ‘

We stumbled onto the ground (still at the doorway) and the sudden descend only made things worse when my pipe had to hold up her collapsing inner walls, that was crushing around me harder. In that position where her knees were tucked within mine, I didn’t know what to expect if I started moving.

Everything just went a notch up in this doggystyle that had me trapped in her already-climaxed-once-therefore-tighter pussy.


‘Yes. You can cum inside me. I got myself sterilised after Jordan was born.’

Since I was already going to hell, might as well go all the way. My hips started going at it again, this time going slower but making swifter strokes. I was so sure I reached her deepest end when she threw her arms back around my forearms, gripping them so hard my fingers went numb. Nonetheless, my perseverance needed no extension when I felt a choke in my shaft, before taking another jab at her cum-welcoming pussy.

It all ended with a huge load entering her vagina, where she sighed so gladly for until I had no more to offer. To think she would want more from me, going as far as sucking me till he turned into a withered sausage, I had no more opinions about her repayment methods.

Once we got dressed, we returned Jordan whom had fallen asleep. Cassie was more than happy to let me help her carry Jordan, while we boarded a cab to her place. In the sparsely-furnished house that couldn’t seem more empty, a teenage girl aged around twenty years of age popped out to greet me.

A step-daughter from Cassie’s husband’s previous relationship.

I can only imagine, or I might not have the need to.

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