She Happened

‘Goodnight J.’

‘Goodnight.. ‘

I knew I couldn’t even finish my sentence before drowsiness overwhelmed my body, shutting me out of my mind that wanted to say her name so badly. The Maeve I knew didn’t waste that chance to wriggle her way into my arms, just so she could steal more kisses while I was in that vulnerable state.

Little need to be said when I woke up to her fidget, and found myself revitalised from last night’s endeavour to make love in every possible corner of the room. From how her bodily scent whiff into my nose, I knew that she couldn’t be far from me.

If my memory proved accurate, she told me of her way to wake me up, and my sheer anticipation of it has already done half the work. There seemed to be no room left to make my day any better, now that I could feel her knees sinking into the mattress between my legs. The twitching in my loin was already ringing in my head a few minutes ago.

Just as I tried to raise my arms to rub my eyes, I felt a tug at the wrists. And it wasn’t just my hands that were restrained, my legs, the ones I was too lazy to move for her, were tied to the corners of the bed as well.

‘Maeve? You.. ahhh.. ahhh.. ‘

By then, her mouth had already began work on my cock, winning controls of my speech as well as any resistance in one single move. My mind simply gave in to her thoughtfulness for me, fully aware that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.

Although it was difficult to relax knowing that I couldn’t stop her if she sucked me too forcefully for my liking, it could be her chance to dominate me for once throughout the course of this staycation. I almost didn’t think about how she managed to tie me down until she shoved her face down my shaft, and sucked and gagged till I was too sensitive. No amount of struggling would free me from the tight bounds.

Even though there were momentarily breaks from her strong, violent suctions, she was actually waiting for me to let my guard down so she could torture me more. By the end of her blowjob, I was more exhausted than before I slept.

(Maeve slyly asked) ‘Are you ready?’

‘Ready for?’


In a bold move, she stood over my hips, squatted down and very slowly sat over my cock. For the first two minutes, she just hopped up and down to pleasure herself, up till she climaxed in that unconventional position. It didn’t seem logical that she would get herself off in that pose, unless there was more that I should be fearful about.

True enough, she planted her ass comfortably down on my groin, embedding my dick so deeply into her pussy, and proceeded to rob me of my soul. Using her well-trained waist, she rocked her hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her vagina, stroking those sweet, sensitive spots of her that would bring about more orgasms.

If you have never felt the insides of a woman leading up to an orgasm, I would say excruciating. I could not keep my mouth shut once she started growling in pace with her grinding motion, looking all determined to ride this one out till she came. My cock was silently screaming as her soft walls encased my hardness in pleasure, stroking it in an inescapable grasp that was so wet and hot.

I lost all sense of time during that ferocious cowgirl ride that drove her mind crazy as well, until she abruptly paused. Her orgasm hit the both of us so hard that I edged so close to ejaculation, and she grabbed that opportunity to exercise her observational skills.

More ass grinding and hips slamming got me so uptight that my body began flopping involuntarily in the opposite direction, to no avail! All it took her was a few more seconds to cock my rifle, and easily pulled the trigger for the most powerful orgasm I had for that staycation.

My cock just kept pumping loads after loads into her throbbing vagina, surrendering all of it to her wit. That spiteful girl continued grinding even after I came, ignoring the fact that I was begging for her to stop.

My mind, body and soul departed all at once, into the only part of my body still connected to hers. There was nothing left in me, and of me.


That scary laughter had little effect on me when she dismounted her stallion, taking her own time to suck me dry and clean me up of any leftovers. The fight that I initially had was gone, and I have to give it to her for her effort.

My mind slowly recovered as she toyed with my manhood, showering it with kisses and massages until I felt nothing. No longer breathless, and just calm. That, that was the starting line she was looking for, and following that was another long, fruitful path to another erection.


‘I’m tired.. ‘

‘I’m not!’

With that, she turned herself away this time and went for the reverse-cowgirl stance, gleefully bouncing her ass for my eyes to feast on, and my cock to lose itself to. The second round started off well with less detectable sensations along my shaft, having expendable most of its stamina earlier.

Her continuous, self-absorbed riding gifted her two orgasms before my erection went completely numb, an effect I suffered from on random occasions. When her back was turned, she undid the restraints around my feet, and freed my hands too when I fell silent.

I wasn’t just tired, I was overused.

(I asked) ‘Do you want to try doggy? It might take a while though.’

That cute little one didn’t even say a word and bent over for me, ready to be loved by me. The arduous journey began blissfully as I picked up speed, thrusting in long, deep strokes until I regained sensitivity, and finally ending it with a smaller load inside her.

When we checked out, let’s just say that I looked like I didn’t get any sleep last night, while she was all jumpy and cheerful. It wasn’t when we reached my place, that she admitted to using her prescribed sleeping pills, to knock me out so she could knock herself up with me.

Morning-after notwithstanding of course.

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