Shocking Surprise

As soon as the door opened wide enough for me, I dashed into the hotel room where Maeve told me she was in, to see at least eight, well-dressed men standing around the room. I didn’t wait a second more to jump into the king sized bed, to cradle the spent little girl in my arms.

Still lying in a curled-up state, she blindly reached around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss, that assured her of my presence in the scary-looking situation.

(Random man said) ‘She reached out to one of us, and asked for a price he would pay to fuck her. He said five hundred for a solo session, and six hundred, from each men, if she dared to do a gangbang.’

(I asked) ‘Did you really?!’

The nod from her literally broke my heart.

(Man continued speaking) ‘The money is at the night stand. Four thousand eight hundred, all accounted for.’

They then walked out of the room in a single file, leaving us alone in the room they had supposedly paid for. I couldn’t imagine what might have happened in the short, three hours since they checked in (assuming it was 12pm). The sun was still up, but she looked so worn out like at the end of the day.

(Maeve asked) ‘You didn’t run away.’

‘I couldn’t have. You need me now more than ever.’

‘Aren’t you disgusted at me? I asked a stupid question, and gave in to temptation. I had planned to ask you over after I cleaned up, but.. but I needed you earlier.’

She got out of the bed with my help and we made our way to the bathroom, where she sat over the toilet, and dug out all the cum they had left in her. The whitish, sticky marks on her body told me of what I didn’t want to hear, but a long shower took care of that.

Upon return to the bed I had straightened out, I wouldn’t let her do anything else but collapse on it. The small bottles I bought for her some time ago came in handy as she got a little tipsy on it, to hopefully help her recover some strength, or sleep, which would work too.

(Maeve asked in her weary voice) ‘Can you put it inside me?’

‘What? Now? You should be resting.’

‘I want you inside me. It will help me sleep.’

I made space for her to roll onto her back, and took up my position between her legs. A brief session of cock-tugging brought me up to length and it was buried into her as soon as I could, clearly relieving her spirits as she let off an erotic moan into my neck.

(She whispered) ‘I miss this. Will you make love to me? I want your seeds inside. All of it.’

‘Then I’ll just be like one of them!’

‘No. You are nothing like anyone that has been inside me.’

Unsure if it was lust, or simply following my duty to fulfil her request, I began thrusting my hips anyway. By the way she pulled me in for kisses, my dick hardened while I stoked her vagina incessantly, till she was wide awake and moaning ecstatically. She was tighter than usual, but I was also lasting longer due to my mind’s inability to ignore what happened earlier.

Given all that I was experiencing, it didn’t take me long to pump her full of my week’s load I had saved up for her, relieving her overused pussy instantaneously.

(Maeve asked while we rested) ‘What time is it now?’


‘Okay. If someone rings the bell, will you open it?’

‘Wait. Who else is.. ding dong

I jumped out of bed and threw a blanket over her nakedness, going straight for the door to hide behind it as I opened it.

A man, dress in a polo t-shirt and jeans, uttered the word ‘Maeve’, and I didn’t have to guess any more. He let himself in and got naked as quickly as he could, joining her in bed like he belonged.

To my disbelief, she put him under her curvy figure and pecked her way down to his bush, where a stump was rising in excitement. I couldn’t bring myself to join in in the madness and just sat at the world desk, watching her closely as she slurped him high.

The same maneuvers she went down on me with, had resulted in a largely different reaction from him. Beyond the groans and twitching in his legs, his teeth were grinding so tightly together. It merely took her three minutes, to get him so worked up that he instinctively held her head down as he came.

Once he loosened his grip on her hair, she proceeded to suck every drop out, before climbing forward over his lap. Without any rest in between, he was slipped into her pussy, and rode for the wrath of his remaining life. His body was fiercely ravaged by her bouncing hips, vagina painfully squeezing him for whatever is left.

A little more than five minutes was all she needed, to extract the rest out of that pitiful soul, into her pussy that sealed everything within. It was somewhat interesting to see that man crawl out of the bed, and even losing his balance more than once when he put his clothes back on.

While a thin stack of hundred dollar notes were pushed into my hand, Maeve tended to her phone. I certainly did not expect another man to enter as the previous guy left, but neither did I expect her to engage in any of these.

As if Maeve already knew what he wanted, she placed on her knees at the edge of the bed, butt sticking out for the taking. The next man didn’t even remove his clothes, except for the undoing of his pants, and promptly took Maeve from behind.

Like a joke, he found time to whip his wallet out, threw the agreed amount on the bed, and went ahead to grope Maeve’s luscious DD cups. He lasted well over five minutes in that fast-paced, continous humping, before depositing his first load deep into her.

Maeve swiftly flipped herself over, lowered herself to the floor (with the bed frame against her back), and obediently let him stick his dong into her mouth. Both hands holding her head very still, he thrusted carefully and seamlessly into her jaw, going for less than a few minutes before pleasurable moans escaped his lips.

She had just made him cum twice in a row, using the still-sensitive sensation from the first round. At the end, he left as hastily as the ‘first’, and another two men entered.

(Maeve explained) ‘They just asked for handjobs. I’ll do my best.’

They placed her back onto the bed and sat on each side, hands easily reaching her pussy and boobs, as she jerked them off. Using her new-found knowledge to moan sexily, they took ten minutes off our time together before releasing their juices all over her palms.

Three hundred dollars in total, just for that.

No one else came in through that door, and I figured it was my turn to punish this crazy, horny girl that hurt me so good with jealousy and spite. We had after all, more than twelve hours before check out time. Though I wasn’t exactly sure if she could get any sleep with the chastity belt I brought, to be used with a vibrating dildo built into it.

I doubt she could ever forget this staycation other men had paid for.

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