Loving Siblings

‘Eh kor. Do you have anything on today?’

‘Nope. Why?’

‘Oh. I’m going a classmate’s birthday party. And they say everyone must bring a plus one. As you know, I don’t have many guy friends.’

‘Must be a guy?’

‘Yeah lah. That’s the rule. Plus one person of the opposite sex.’

With three more hours to the party, I was rushed to take a quick shower and leave early so she could buy a new outfit for the event. As her partner for the day, I wasn’t too concerned about her choice of a men’s long sleeved checkered shirt, and shorts so short they didn’t seem to exist.

After a light dinner, we made our way to the chalet where about six more people gathered, for some drinking games that didn’t quite seem to lighten the mood. Being the ambitious and ‘sociable’ me, I quickly took over and set the bedroom on fire, unleashing insanity and craziness within a few rounds of high-paced games.

With that done, they dispersed one by one to numerous corners. Some to smoke, some to calm themselves down, some to catch up with another. As for me, I went outside to have a puff, soaking in their youthful spirits that I let slipped years ago.

(Cindy saying) ‘J, I want to thank you for helping me out tonight. I am glad Janice brought you along, the one adult who knew how to make a party right. I think this is the first time most of them got so high.’

‘Don’t mention it. I just wanted to give you guys what my friends gave me – a good time. That’s the least I can do for you since I didn’t bring any present.’

‘Oh you did bring me a present.’

Without warning, she planted a kiss on my lips and groped my crotch, in that tight, white dress that flaunted her athletic body. That breath of smoke I inhaled was still in my mouth, and not only did she not break contact to let me exhale, she sucked it out of me and blew it through her nose.

That slick move definitely impressed me at a whole new level. In seconds, we advanced to a more intense French kiss, which brought us back into the room where a few other couples made out. Nothing else mattered when we toppled over one of the two beds, giving her the chance to climb on top of me.

While another one of those copulating couples followed suit, my sister actually came closer to watch us. My shirt was the first to come off, then came the slightly more tedious task of removing my jeans. Not only could I not not focus with so many people around, my sister actually helped Cindy undress.

‘JAN! Can you like.. ‘

‘Like what?’

She grinned at me as Cindy cupped her mouth over my dick, standing so shamelessly upright and hard. I lost my cool when she slid her lips up and down my shaft so seamlessly, letting saliva drool all over me.

(Sister whispered) ‘Cindy.. can I touch you?’

‘Umm-hmm.. ahhh You don’t have to ask leh.’

That happy-go-lucky girl immediately went behind her and wrapped her hands around Cindy’s waist, reaching for her boobs and pussy at once. Motivated by my sister’s input, her suction grew harder and her pace increased as well. It didn’t take long for me to start moaning and sighing so loudly for all to hear.

(Cindy asked aloud) ‘Condoms anyone?’

It was during that momentary frenzy that I realised the guys were outnumbered by the girls, at the ratio of 3:1. Besides the one (girl) that was too dumbfounded by what was happening, the other two girls got engrossed in their new-found love for each other. The only couple bounded by love used the other bed, and I was left to my own right beside them.

The girls stopped making out and tore the smallest present in the pile open, for a 12-pack that would be shared. Cindy and Janice took their time to figure out the use of a condom, before putting them on – together – for me.

I had no idea how much more of my gullible sister could I go through in that one night.

Cindy crawled over my body and let Janice hold my cock upright, so she could slowly let herself down over it. As soon as she began grinding, I knew I was done for. Unsure of where she learnt to do it, she was rocking her hips so skillfully, keeping her body straight throughout the ride.

The victimised me was just flailing my arms, kicking my feet, gasping for air and grunting in desperation. The thing that really got me was her ability to clench her vaginal walls as she wished.

(I groaned) ‘CINDY! Urgh! I’m gonna cum!’


To my despair, she got up and away from my throbbing cock to let my sister join her in bed, then ripping the condom off for some sick show I could only imagine.

(Cindy daring Janice) ‘You said you will do it one ah.’

‘Argh. Me and my stupid dare.’

With that, my sister wrapped her fingers around my cock and Cindy enforced her grip with her hand. They both jerked me until my body couldn’t take anymore of it, and erupted all over their hands, my sister’s and Cindy’s.

(Cindy playfully saying) ‘Come. Ahhhhh.. ‘

A small ‘fluid fight’ (instead of food fight) broke out between the two girls, who managed to smear my cum over each others’ face and bodies. In the end, it was that one person I least wanted, my sister, who brought me to the bathroom so we could take the most awkward shower of our lives.

It did however, show me the feminine side of her, when she soaped and scrubbed me like an older sister to a baby brother. In return, I lathered and rubbed her down like an older brother to a baby sister, who couldn’t keep her voice down when my hand reached her pussy.

No one had to guess what happened in the bathroom.

Cindy couldn’t be more happier at our openness (or closeness) when we came out naked, and took our spot on the pull-out mattress.

(Sister whispered) ‘It was my dare for her to fuck you. And her dare for me to love you. Did I pass?’

(I whispered) ‘You can use your hand to feel the answer.’

Our progress went so cautiously, doubtfully, and uncertainly, but from her careful handjob, to my gentle rubs between her legs, our bodies broke free of all morals and values for the unhealthily-desired, laws-unapplicable act of passionate sex.

Since that night, apart from having to satisfy Cindy’s sexual craving (by her despicable means of blackmailing us), we continued making wild, unrestrained love at all available time, at any places convenient for us.

It was as if, we were made for each other, by the same parents.

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